Another Texas massacre. At an Allen, Texas mall.

Love these Texans. They always express sorrow. Always “pray” for everyone involved. That’s it, however. Merely lip service. They do nothing to actually stop the shootings. Instead continue to make it easier for people to get guns.

The “line-up” by officials to share news re yesterday’s shooting typical Texas “nothing bullshit.” Deep sorrow and prayers. No facts.

Texans, wise up! Vote these deviant Texas Republicans out of office. You need to do so in order to straighten your out of control/no control gun laws. Fail to do so will result in the next person killed being a member of your family. Perhaps a child. Too late for you!

I do not recall a scenario similar to this year’s Kentucky Derby. 

Seven of the entrees died in the week leading up to the Derby itself. Five prior to the day, two more euthanized the morning of the Derby.

Five horses scratched also. One was the favorite Forte. Scratched the morning of the race. I mentioned yesterday that friend and Key West snowbird Reiley McDonald owns a piece of Forte. Forte stumbled on the track Thursday. Sustained a bruised right foot. State veterinarians concurred in the decision to scratch Forte.

David Taylor is an old Key West basketball friend. We used to watch Syracuse and Kentucky play. Not necessarily each other. We sometimes went  to Jack Flats, sat at the bar next to each other, I watching Syracuse on one TV set and he Kentucky on another.

Several years ago, David and his wife tired of Key West, sold and returned to Kentucky. We still communicate, however.

David sent me an email yesterday. He attended the Kentucky Derby once. Never again. His position being the experience could never be equaled.

It was 50 years ago. He was a college student in shorts, tennis shoes and a short sleeved T-shirt. Partied and watched from the infield. Cheapest admission. 

Three reasons why it was his one and only.

The first, Secretariat won. He wrote he was unable to get to the rail, but did see his legs go by.

Second reason, there was a “streaker.” A bold, courageous young idiot who shed every thread of clothing and climbed to the top of the Churchill Downs’ flagpole. They had to wait till he came down on his own. He captured the world’s attention.

Final reason, when the race was run and the party over, his shoes and shirt (which he had shed because of the heat) were gone.

He had to walk barefoot and shirtless back to his car. All he had were his car keys and a few dollars.

David closed his email with: “Why would I ever return? What could top it?”

He further admonished the best seat in the house is in front of your TV. There is no issue with parking or finding a bathroom.

Signed: “It’s all good – David in Kentucky.”

The Coronation was impressive. Emotional. A bit of tradition every 70 years does not hurt.

I visited Westminster many years ago. Overwhelming. A must see for anyone visiting London.

American millionaire Alfred Vanderbilt died this day in 1915. He was only 38 years old.

He died a hero saving women and children aboard the liner Lusitania which was sunk by a German U-boat. Lives lost totaled 1,198.

Ronald Reagan: “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”

One in three Americans have done jail time. Between 70 million and 100 million.

The number disgraceful. Highest in the world. We “arrest and jail” for everything.

Assistance following discharge equally disgraceful. We make life difficult for persons with “records.” Thereby guaranteeing they will be involved in another criminal act(s) in order to survive. Having even a minor criminal record, such as a misdemeanor or even an arrest without conviction, can create an array of lifelong barriers that stand in the way of successful re-entry.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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