Boris Johnson is Great Britain’s new Prime Minister. A friend of Trump. Actually both are fond of each other. Birds of a feather in their ways of thinking.

Dominic Cummings is Chief Special Adviser to the Prime Minister. He has been advising Johnson re persons for  high profile appointment. He said he would stock the offices with “misfits and weirdos.”

Cummings is a man of his word.

Andrew Sabisky has been appointed Adviser to Johnson. He is 27.

Sabisky advocates eugenics, mandatory contraception, and giving children mind altering drugs.

His motivation behind eugenics is that such would help breed a “good class of people.” Mandatory contraception would assist in stopping the creation of a “permanent underclass.”

The use of mind altering drugs on children is to improve their mentalities and make them acceptable to government teachings. Sabisky recognized that the use of such drugs might cause the death of one child a year. His opinion, “Worth a dead child” once a year.

Sabisky also has a problem with the ladies. As to the female gender, “Women’s sport is more comparable to the Paralympics than it is to men’s.”

Stopped by Lisa’s yesterday afternoon to have my new cane adjusted. It was 2 inches too long. Most canes are sold with the understanding that the purchaser might have to shorten the cane.

Corey did it for me. Not easy.

Now I have 2 canes. A metal one and a wood one.

I suspect I will purchase 1 or 2 more. Different styles. To wear with different attire or in attending different events.

The cane has become a mainstay in my life. I should have begun using one 2 years ago. I fought it! From my perspective, a concession to old age.

So I continued falling.

I finally gave in. Better the cane than a fractured hip or skull.

I have been religiously using the cane for 2 months. Love it! Sorry I did not begin earlier. I have not had one occasion of even a sense I was going to fall.

The cane is my new best friend.

Decided to skip Hot Dog Church and the Gardens. Went home.

Last night I watched the new Washington mini series on TV. I love history! Not sure yet how enamored I am with the series. I will know better after I have viewed the next 2 parts.

Washington’s history up to the Revolution interesting. I learned things I did not know. It may be the mode of presentation that I dislike. Slow and boring.

Tourist frequently visit the Key West Aquarium. Especially those with children. One of the features is a small round pool containing small sea urchins. Like star fish and small alligators. The children are permitted to touch. In certain instances, remove from the pool and hold.

Robert and Ally were thrilled each time they attended in their younger days.

Today is the Aquarium’s birthday. Eighty five years old. It was on this day in 1935 the Aquarium was opened.

May Johnson’s diary entry for February 17, 1896 interesting.

As to dentistry, shows how improved procedures have become.

I can recall my first visit to the dentist. I was probably 4 years old. The dentist hurt me! I jumped out of the chair and ran out of the building. Refused to go back!

Pain was part of the process in 1896 also. May went to the dentist. She had 4 teeth filled and was to return in a few days to have another done.

May’s comments” “Horrors. How it did hurt. It really killed me.”

So it was.

The pain apparently went away or subsided. May went to La Brisa in the evening. She danced every dance with numerous young men. Miguel not mentioned, however.

Tino wrote he worked only 2 days last week. Big hours! Fifteen one day, 12 the other.

Note Tino gets paid for every hour he sits and waits and does nothing. Not a bad deal.

No photo today. There will be 2 tomorrow. And a surprise.

Police and child sexual abuse quite common. Not knocking the men in blue. Merely stating a fact.

Last wednesday, a Louisiana State Police Trooper was arrested. The charges involved producing child porn and distributing it to his own network.

The officer is Jason Boyet. An 18 year veteran.

The pain of it all: Boyet was Louisiana State Trooper of the Year in 2018.

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appeared before Congress last wednesday. He basically admitted the economy was in a bad way. Described by some as “screwed.”

Powell advised low interest rates were baked into the U.S. fabric. They cannot be lowered or raised if a problem occurs. Raising interest rates would topple the economy. The government would be forced instead to print more money. A bad move in itself.

Present economic conditions have been created by the banking industry since the recession of 2008.

The banks again!

The repo market is in full use. Healthy only for a short time, however.

Since June, central bank has been purchasing short term Treasuries and mortgage backed securities to save the overnight repo market from imminent doom. The size of the repo generations has exploded since the start of 2020.

All a clear indication that something is wrong with the financial system.

Smaller banks are in the worse trouble.

The market may be booming. The economy is not. I am not an economist. However as I have been saying for more than a year, bad days are ahead.

The U.S. Supreme Court in 1964 decided Wesberry v. Sanders. The decision held Congressional districts within each state had to be roughly equal in population.

In spite of the decision, the unfairness problem continues to exist. Gerrymandering and outright fraud the reasons.

Election fraud is an issue in this year’s Presidential election.

Do not forget Aqua Idol wednesday night. At Aqua, of course. Lynda Frechette’s baby for 14 years. A major fundraiser for Waterfront Playhouse. A fun time. Don’t miss it.

Tonight for sure, Dueling Bartenders. Followed by dinner somewhere.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Louis,

    A very timely post today on your blog.  As I was emailing you this morning about your canes, I got a call from a friend back in Iowa.  Our good friend and neighbor, fell the other night and struck her head on a piece of furniture.  She died.  Wasn’t found for 40 minutes but by then already gone.

    We spent our last night with her and her “boyfriend” before we left Iowa this winter.  She was quite active and very sharp.  She had a party for her 93rd birthday just a month ago.  She resisted using a cane because it would make her look old.

  2. We now have one more good reason to hate Jeff Bezos. He has now pledged $10 billion to help fight climate change. What a jerk.

  3. I can’t see anything serious being done about climate change unless it is an asteroid hitting the Earth. Then we can start the whole business over again with what’s left.

            • Yes, unless these climate crazies are willing to go to war to force the largest “polluters” to get in line with their scheme, nothing will happen. “Setting an example” for the rest of the world, sounds all daisies and buttercups but those other countries only understand and respond to power.
              you will never get them to get in line. and therefore, you will never get the results you hope for.

              But don’t worry, it’s all a scheme to drag down the U.S. as the largest power, they can’t beat us militarily so this is the result. We will be just fine. Take note of Obama and Gore, and their seaside mansions, and their private jets. You’re being swindled.

              • Nonsense, you don’t know what you are talking about and ALWAYS try and change the subject so that you can think it makes you look good. Too late, you are looking like a fool.

                We need to fix the problem everywhere, NOT deny the problem. Los Angeles was almost unlivable due to pollution, which China had nothing to do with. WE fixed that because a few good people said we could, while you fools denied it could ever be done. That had NOTHING to do with China.

                China is fixing their problems instead of denying the problem. You may have to go to China eventually just to breathe because everywhere else too many people denied there even was a problem.

                We’re not being swindled. You are however being foolish with seaside mansion and private jet stupid and delusional arguments.

                • You sir, or madam are a moron. A report out last week from your darling United Nation’s International Energy Agency, the USA saw the largest decline in energy-related CO2 emissions in 2019 on a country basis. CO2 emissions in the good ole’ USA are now down almost 1 gigaton from their peak in 2000. Meanwhile “80pct of the INCREASE in CO2 emissions came from Asia, and that China and India both contributed significantly”.

                  This reduction came without the Paris accord, without crippling taxes and DURING the great economic expansion under President Trump!

                  Now take a deep breath. (Just not in China). It’s going to be all right.

                • You are an idiot. Your so called global warming and city pollution are two completely different things. My god you people are stupid.

                • What is foolish about the leading global warming spouters, living in seaside mansions and flying on private jets? Can you not see some issue there? Does it not bother you in the least that they don’t seem to be concerned about “rising seas”?
                  Does it not make you feel duped? Are you introspective at all? Have you ever had an original thought?

                  • No, that’s all bull sh*t and smear, say nothing of mostly NOT true as well. My God man, can’t you think for yourself and stop with the FOX News talking points and other off reality nonsense.

  4. Giving Trump ANY credit whatsoever for the advancements and improvements in global decline of energy-related CO2 emissions is insane. These improvements are happening despite him and NOT because of him. This happened are a result a worldwide effort to actually do (and NOT deny) something about the problem with things like the “Paris Accord) which WE pulled out of (it is still ongoing everywhere else) and shows that deny the problem is NOT the way to go.

    We all know that the only MORON in this debate is you and your attempt to suggest to ANYONE that there is no problem and nothing should be done about it anyhow.

  5. What is a matter with these climate deniers? Do they think we’re stupid? First they deny that climate change is real, then when that’s obviously not true they deny that we can do anything about it. Now they are denying the improvements, specifically because of things put in place to help improve climate change causes, as proof that the climate has gotten better (apparently on it’s own?) and doesn’t really need any help.

    Help works, they are now trying to deny that too, apparently. These are not only arrogant and foolish people, they are evil too.

  6. Ok, it’s hard to make a point with an idiot. I will type slower. Mentioning Obama and Gore and their private jets and seaside mansion, BOTH of which are documented facts, is part of the subject matter when discussing global warming. They are hypocrites, trying to get us to change our way of life, but not their way of life.

    You are correct on one point. China has nothing to do with pollution in L.A. Never said that it does. What I said was China will not stop contributing to “global warming” just because you think they should. Take another look at the Paris accord, and check what China was willing to do…possibly…in 2030. Does that sound like China is on board?

  7. WHO CARES about Obama and Gore, as hypocrites? It is meaningless when you find Bush, Cheney, virtually every employee at Goldman Sacks, City Corp, and Chase, etc., doing the same thing as those two, all the time publicly denying climate change because that will hurt their bottom line and getting you to then repeat their nonsense for them. Who’s the idiot?

    You might at least have SOME credibility and look a little less like the real idiot if you were to include the real culprits rather than always Obama when you try and create your personally biased list of offenders. Obama’s sins on the subject are personal and will only effect his own well being. Only an idiot or compliant tool would try and make him the problem.

    And forget trying to wiggle out of your Bull Sh*t China argument, that is just another attempt at trying to wiggle out of the argument. We (you) are the deniers, not China, they are doing some things and not trying to tell the world that Global climate issues don’t exist and need not be any kind of issue. You deniers are the problem and as such the real idiots.

    And telling me you are typing slower is a perfect example of an arrogont as*hole, as Lou might say!

    • You do know that Al Gore does NOT own a private jet and mostly flies commercial, only sometimes chartering flights when necessary. Furthermore, he strives, at his own expense to be as carbon footprint neutral (offsets) as possible. The nonsense about him being a hypocrite on this is not true and mostly Sean Hannity’s obsessive pipe dream. You shouldn’t be so quick to repeat debunked falsehoods, just to make your political points.

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