It’s time for Tom Brady to ride off into the sunset. To pack it in. To retire. To spend the rest of his years enjoying his wife, children and anything else he might want to do, except play football.

Without issue, the greatest professional football player ever. Even at 44 years of age.

His exceptional talent was obvious again yesterday by the fantastic fourth quarter he had. I sometimes think he has a guardian angel helping him.

Tampa was down 27-3 at half time. Tampa lost to Los Angeles 30-27 at the end of the game on a field goal by Los Angeles with no time left on the clock.

Brady seems to have reached 44 with no significant injury. He should not press his luck. He does not know what another year will bring. Anything can happen. He should not gamble.

Professional baseball has been using robot umpires in the minors for several years. The robots have worked their way up. This year they will be calling balls and strikes in Triple-A ball.

The majors are next.

No one should have a heart attack over it. Robots have been operating on people for several years. If a robot can operate on a person’s brain, heart, kidney, etc, he most certainly can call balls and strikes.

A rare occasion when snow falls in the Saudi Arabian desert. It did several days ago. Over a large expanse of the desert and did not melt for a couple of days.

Even rarer is a hail storm in the same area. It happened at the time of the snow storm. So rare that experts describe the hail storm as “historic.”

Key West’s cold spell continues. An off and on thing this month. Fifty nine degrees last night. Heat and a blanket required for sleeping.

Tonight will be 61 degrees.

The high today 66 degrees. Tomorrow, 76 degrees. Evidencing how fickle Key West weather can be on occasion.

You will recall about 10 days ago, a pig’s heart was transplanted to a human. The human’s body did not reject the pig’s heart. The recipient alive and still thriving.

So excited has the medical profession become, a second group of doctors at the University of Alabama performed a similar surgery. This time however it was the transplant of pig kidneys to a human.

One strange quirk to the operation. The man operated on has been brain dead since September. Machinery has kept him “alive.”

The doctors apparently performed the surgery to determine if a pig’s organs could be successfully transplanted a second time. It was. The recipient’s body has not rejected the pig kidneys thus far.

Hadrian! Who was he?

He was Roman Emperor from 117 AD to 138 AD.

Roman Emperors have not been treated well by history. Understandable. However 5 are considered to have been “good” emperors. Hadrian one of the five.

Today is the birth date of Hadrian. He was born this day 76 AD. He died 138 AD.

I have visited Greece several times. One of my favorite places.

I have visited Hadrian’s Library several times. It sits at one of the entrances to Playka.

The structure has always moved me. I love straight lines. The Library is a perfect rectangle two stories high. Not large as Greek buildings of old can be. Its length roughly 100 feet. Its width less than half that number.

Visitors not allowed entrance. The Library is surrounded by a black metal grate fence at least 7 feet high.

The building’s exterior strange. The stone smooth. Aged only by its grayness.

Greek buildings of old appeared to me to be constructed with marble or concrete. I am not sure which was used in the construction of the Library.

Now comes the strangeness to all this.

There is a Hadrian’s Library on top of Acropolis. You will recall, I made it to the top just short of a heart attack. Climbing up to Acropolis was as bad as the volcano I tried to climb off Santorini.

Only once did I go to the top of Acropolis to visit Parthenon, etc. One trip as enough!

There is a Hadrian’s Library on top. Built on the north side of Acropolis.

There is much to see on top of Parthenon. I am not sad I missed a big one.

Did a bit of research this morning. The original Library atop the mountain was destroyed early on in some war. Partially replaced by 3 churches. Since I did not see, I have no recollection of that area nor the three churches.

I could not find on a quick review any reference to the Hadrian’s Library I discovered near Playka. A copy of the big original topside? Perhaps. It sat alone as an historical structure where it was located next to Playka. Playka is “old Athens.”

Amelia King is a “hot headed” Virginia mother who refuses to have her children wear masks to school.

At a school board meeting late last week, the issue of mandated masks arose. Masks are mandated.

Mother King shouted, “No way!” Not her kids. She continued, “My kids will not come to school already with a mask on…..That’s not happening. And I will bring every single gun loaded and ready to…..I will call every…..”

The end of her statement choppy. She had been cut off at that point because of a 3 minute time limit. She still got a few more words of warning in: “I’ll see ya all monday morning!”

King was arrested bcause of the gun threat. Then released on $5,00 bail.

Too many people with vinegar in their blood re the mask issue. I do not understand. I suspect those opposed such as King are expressing their personal rights rather than concern for the safety of their children.

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  1. Amazing how guns are everybody’s first choice for defense of everything and anything.

    And why is it that the more guns with less regulations we seem to have in our citizens hands have caused a a significant increase (explosion, if you will) in both crime, and violence and in gun related deaths across this country, rather than reducing that, as always promised by those who fav+or fire arms and law and order.

  2. The wife of a Supreme Court Justice cohosted an event featuring a man now charged with criminally seditious conspiracy.

    That Supreme Court Justice was then the sole vote characterizing as illegitimate the Congressional investigation of that seditious conspiracy.

  3. I am certainly not against wearing a mask. But check your oxygen saturation level while wearing your mask. Much reduced. Wear a mask when warranted.

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