The 24th PNC sponsored golf tournament is being held this weekend in Orlando. Stars of yesterday and today playing with a member of their family. A son, daughter, brother, sister, father, etc.

Tiger Woods played with his 11 year old son Charlie. Charlie has been well trained by his Dad. The word impressive does not adequately describe him. The kid is outstanding!

Close to being as good as his father. Charlie struck the ball with confidence all day. His drives generally down the center. His putting excellent.

He made the first eagle of his life. Causing father and son to share a moment of jubilation.

The young man exhibited nothing but humility. He made no remarks. Did his job. Respectful at all times.

Tiger should be proud of the young man he has raising. Not just the golf. His overall demeanor.

If you get a chance this afternoon, find the PNC Tournament on TV. You have to see Charlie play!

By the way, he is not tall in structure. Short. Perhaps the right height for an 11 year old. With his tiny body, he hits the ball with power and precision.

The fruit dos not fall far from the tree.

As the Nation is now aware, there has been a delay in distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine. What began with a fool proof plan, fell before the week was out. States were complaining the follow up deliveries were not being received. Reason: The plan for delivery was somewhat remiss with what Trump and the General in charge Gustave Perna had said.

Like the true soldier he is, Perna went on national TV yesterday and made clear several times that the fault was his and his alone.

I don’t buy it. I suspect the General took a hit for the President.

General Perna is an authority how to move things around in a timely fashion. His primary responsibility for years. He could not have been responsible for the screw up. Rather, he was the good soldier taking the hit for his superior.

Only a Donald Rump would permit another to take blame for something for which he might have been responsible.

I graduated from law school 60 years ago. Never heard the word treason spoken in class. Conspiracy, yes.

Assume for the moment Trump and his associates are charged with treason or sedition. There would be an additional charge. Prosecutors as a practical matter generally throw in a “conspiracy” charge. Conspiracy to commit treason, conspiracy to commit sedition.

My knowledge re treason and sedition is extremely limited. Conspiracy not.

A charge of conspiracy requires what is called an overt act. To merely talk about blowing up the Empire State Building for example, is not a crime. The conversation is required plus further steps. Like buying the explosives, renting a truck, etc.

I took a brief glance at the federal treason statutes this morning. A treason charge under U.S. law requires 2 persons to testify in open court as to the overt acts. An outright confession in open court by the wrongdoer alone would suffice. So says the statute.

A reason for the brief dissertation thus far.

Trump and some of his associates keep making remarks that border on treason or sedition, or actually constitute them. The most recent example was the Oval Office meeting friday involving Trump, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Counsel Pat Cipollone, former General and National Intelligence Director Michael Flynn, Rudy Giuliani, and Sidney Powell a member of Trump’s “legal team.”

You have been reading the news. Flynn was lucky Trump pardoned him. Now less that a month later, he is spouting privately and publicly Trump should declare martial law to obtain possession of the voting machines, and for whatever further use federal troops might be.

Sidney Powell has been part of the legal team briefly. She was Flynn”s lawyer when he was pardoned. She is a conspiracy theorist. She see conspiracy under every rock and crevice. She wants the voting machines confiscated. She appears to support Flynn re his martial law call.

Others in the room friday were not supportive of either Flynn or Powell. The conversation turned into a “shouting match.” Powell wants to ” scorch the earth.” Flynn wants Trump to declare martial law.

Note also that the issue of Trump appointing Powell as Special Counsel to investigate the election arose.

Flynn and Powell were on one side, the rest in the room arguing against their positions. Understandably. The utterance were basic treason and sedition. Not a crime yet. Recall no overt act.

Trump was irritated. He appeared to like Powell being appointed Special Counsel. He said he needs the argument she would pursue on national television so the people would understand it.

Even Rudy Giuliani was against the Flynn/Powell approach. The first time I have seen Giuliani used his legal brain in the past several years.

The reason actually is if somehow the Oval Office argument resulted in overt acts, everyone in that room could be charged with conspiracy.

The meeting was further described as “deranged, ” its participants “yelling and screaming.”

We live not in exciting times. Rather, in a dangerous time. I cannot believe Trump would take the way out suggestions pushed by Flynn and Powell. Even he cannot be that stupid. He could end up with serious criminal charges brought against him. Do not forget, Trump will no longer be President January 20. No person, even Trump, would want to face treason and sedition charges. His get out of jail free card will be gone.

So much news to discuss this morning. I am going to briefly run through the balance of my notes.

Forty eight years ago, Joe Biden’s first wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident. Biden and wife Jill visited their graves yesterday. The anniversary date of the accident. Trump’s supporters mocked the grave visit as a “photo op” and “rallying up deceased voters.”

They forget Trump’s visit to the front of St.John’s Episcopal Church during the BLM protests in Washington. Unwarranted. Could have developed into a matter of serious consequence. Trump’s visit was described as a “photo op.”

One valid. The other pure bullshit.

Some countries enforce coronavirus restrictions. A Cayman Islands happening a perfect example.

An 18 year old girl was visiting the Caymans. She was required to be quarantined for 14 days because she came from another country. I am not sure as to the boy friend. I suspect he was under no quarantine.

She broke quarantine to spend 7 hours watching the boy friend compete in a local jet ski race.

She and the boy friend were arrested. She for violating the quarantine and he for assisting her to so do.

The trial judge found them guilty. Their sentences a fine and community service.

The prosecutor appealed. He thought the punishments too lenient. Stronger ones were required as a deterrent to others.

The appellate court agreed. They are both now doing four months.

What makes me laugh is we can’t even enforce a wear your mask law in the U.S. My philosophy has always been throw violators in jail for a short period. More will then happily wear masks.

I do not want to hear that Key West is a vacation spot tourists want to visit. Businesses will be hurt if people are jailed. What are the Cayman Islands? Similar to Key West. A vacation spot attractive to tourists.

Trump yesterday “encouraged protests.” He wants his supporters out in D.C. on January 6 when the Electoral College votes.

Trump tweeted 96 times this past week. At no time did he mention the cyberattacks or Russia.

Syracuse beat Buffalo yesterday 107-96 in overtime. Syracuse was down 16 points with 14 minutes to go and rallied.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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