Dueling in Key West was a popular confrontation in 1829. It was based on a code of honor brought over from Europe.

Its purpose was not so much to kill. Rather, to gain satisfaction for a wrong done.

A duel took place in Key West in 1829 between Charles E. Hawkins of the Mexican Navy and William Allison McRea, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida. McRea and Hawkins’ wife were engaged in a meretricious relationship. Hawkins saw McRea leaving his wife’s bedroom via the window.

Hawkins challenged McRea to a duel. Guns were the weapon of choice.

Both men were poor shots. Hawkins was wounded in the wrist, McRea in the thigh.

Rents across the U.S. continue to skyrocket. They are at an all time high.

Key Westers do not have to be told. Rents were extremely high even before the recent surge.

The Ottawa truck convoy protest deserves close watching. I wrote about it in yesterday’s blog and spoke at length last night on Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.

I write again today. The world was initially told the truck protests were against mandated vaccines. It did not take long to determine such was not really the case. Ninety percent of Canadians had been vaccinated before the protest.

The news has leaked out in a very few days that the protest is  planned by extremist groups. The same type extremist groups involved in the U.S. on January 6 and many European nations and and Australia.

The convoy protest began saturday in Ottawa. It has extended in 4 days to the Ambassador Bridge connecting travel between Canada and the U.S. Travel is being blocked.

Two thirds of Canadians do not approve of the protest.

Australia is in its eighth day of a truck protest. More such protests are planned for London and Dublin.

The purpose of convoy protests wherever held is to “undermine and overturn democracy.”

A one day minimal protest was held sunday in Alaska. One hundred attended. Alaska’s Republican U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan attended in support of the protest. Trump and Florida Governor DeSantis have already expressed their support.

China is exhibiting their newest robots at the Olympics.

They are bartenders, have the capacity to mix drinks. They deliver ordered food to tables in restaurants. The food is dropped onto tables from above in the hands of robots. They are also being used for mundane purposes such as mopping floors.

Syracuse won again! Their fourth straight win. Beat Boston College last night 73-64.

Lord, let Syracuse’s success continue!

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5 comments on “THOSE WERE THE DAYS…..

  1. Two thirds of Canadians do not approve of the protest.

    Well, DON”T COME HERE Canadians – our system elected a sedition loving buffoon by minority vote so majorities do not do well here either.

  2. The purpose of convoy protests wherever held is to “undermine and overturn democracy.”

    We aren’t concerned here in the good ol’ USA, we don’t have a democracy to overturn.

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