A comment in Citizens’ Voice this morning: “The traffic on this island is insane.”

Who am I to argue? Truth is truth. Fact, fact.

Thirty years ago my decision making process was down to two different communities where I would buy my vacation home which in time would be my retirement home. Naples and Key West.

One reason Naples lost out was the traffic. Horrendous!

At the time, traffic was so minimal in Key West that the question would arise…..What traffic? Traffic was sedate as was Key West’s life style.

Key West won.

The tune…..What a difference a day makes, etc. In this instance, thirty years. Key West traffic abominable. Its lifestyle anything but sedate.

The old way was better.

It is becoming apparent Key West and its adjoining communities have become home to a pagan motorcycle gang. The Sheriff’s Department has arrested its third member this year.

In 2019, there was an indication a pagan group was on the rise. First indication was a Facebook comment by a Big Pine member of the pagan motorcycle gang. He wrote, “Sons of the Fire God are coming to a neighborhood near us.”

Gas prices are the highest in Florida since 2014.

Recently, gas prices jumped $.12 in one week. Twelve cents again the following week. A total of $.24 cents a gallon in 2 weeks.

Last week, the average per gallon cost in the State was $3.47. Expected to go higher.

The price of crude rose $6 last week. Expected to soon rise to over $90 a barrel.

If this upward move is sustained, it is expected to trigger a $.15-.20 hike in coming weeks.

The irony, joke, in all this is whereas the State’s average presently is $3.47 a gallon, Key West’s is $4.25.

Things never change!

The Ottawa truck convoy situation has completed its first week. Still going strong.

Havoc and chaos taking over. Authorities have wasted no time labeling what is occurring while deciding how to handle the problem overall.

The Ottawa Mayor said, “This is a nationwide insurrection.”  He declared a State of Emergency” declaring the truck convoy an “occupation.”

Good show! Call it for what it is right away. No pussy footing aound.

The Police Chief immediately recognized the problems confronting the police in how to deal with the truck convoy saying local law enforcement was “never intended to deal with a city under siege.” He further decried the lack of resources and legal authority to disperse the protest.

The overall situation is reported to be “mayhem.”

The trucks are jamming blocks and blocks of streets curb to curb. They have not moved since arriving. The trucks have taken on an image of a city within a city.

They appear to have settled in for the long haul. Food and water in limited supply. Fuel desperately. It is winter in Ottawa. Snow covers the trucks and streets.

Normally, the tractor portion can be kept warm by running the truck’s motor. A problem has developed. Trucks are running out of fuel. The City has passed a law prohibiting fuel being brought to the trucks in any fashion. The law went into effect 2 nights ago.

Arrests have already been made of those seeking to bring in fuel. The police have even begun making arrests for any breaches of law covered.

It appears from videos and investigation that January 6 was a day of violence. The new politics of violence.

Republicans refuse to accept the fact.

The most recent example being the body of the instrument upon which Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were censured last week by the National Republican Party. Its wording referred to January 6 as “legitimate political discourse.”

How can purportedly responsible people refuse to see the truth surrounding the day? Sewer politics at its worst.

We live in a world today where information, entertainment, etc. is readily available via TV, radio and the internet. There was a time such was not so. In fact, the radio was a big thing.

Such evidenced by the notoriety then and historically today that on this day in 1922, President Warren Harding had a radio installed in the White House.

Tonight my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time for a fast moving half hour show. I rant and rave about everything.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You people in Key West think you have it soooo bad with traffic. I’ll bet it’s no better in Naples or Miami. I live in Jacksonville and drive twelve miles to work. That takes me a ralh hour at best and likely 45 minutes most of the time. It’s an hour during rush hour.

    • Naw, that’s a group that is always pissed off on their own. So would you be, of you listened to right wing radio on you phone all day?

        • Ha-Ha, no, I’m married now 13 years and he works for the Hi-Vee here in Davenport. I work at the I-80 Truck stop, which is considered the Worlds Largest Truck Stop. We call this place the “Red Sea” because of all the people with MAGA hats. If you think these guys are anything but a nasty bunch of disgruntled complainers, come on up here and spend a couple of days. But keep your mouth shut on anything or you WILL get punched out.

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