This is the third time in less than a week I am writing about the Ottawa truck convoy problem. The truck convoy is rapidly expanding. Beyond Ottawa. Its effects being felt even in the U.S.

So far, the truck convoy’s activities can be labeled successful.

A most recent update. The auto industry is being affected.

Ford maintains an engine plant in Windsor and an assembly plant in Oakville. Both experiencing part shortages and production lines are dramatically closing. Toyota has 3 Canadian plants. Part shortages, again. The plants are incapable of manufacturing anything.

The General Motors plant in Lansing, Michigan cancelled its second shift at its midsize SUV plant.

Canada is the U.S.’s biggest trading partner. The primary connection between the 2 countries is the Ambassador Bridge. Twenty five percent of all trade between the U.S. and Canada passes over the bridge. It is blocked at one end.

Recall this past saturday when the truck convoy problem commenced, it was to protest mandated vaccines.  The only mistake the truckers appear to have made since saturday is their concocted excuse for the convoy protest. Canada is 90 percent vaccinated.

The cry now has been expanded to “end all COVID-19 restrictions.”

Canada is fighting back. Not enough yet. They are still trying to figure out necessary steps to take.

A new ordinance was passed over the weekend making it a crime to bring fuel to the trucks. It is being enforced. Food is scarce. Police are arresting persons attempting to deliver food to the truckers.

The trucks are stopped blocking roads. The damage that is being done to commerce and normal traffic movement growing. The auto industry one example.

There is no end in sight yet to disruptions protests of any nature in Canada and elsewhere.

I clearly recall last summer when the pandemic appeared to be shutting down. Mask removal in many jurisdictions was permitted. People started going out. Even me.

I lasted 4 weeks. Such was the amount of time it took me to realize the numbers which had been down had only diminished for a short period. They were on their way up again.

History repeats itself. Things are supposedly getting better again. People are anxious “to live” again. Politicians heeding their cry. Mask mandates are being removed.

No one seems to recall last summer. A sudden drop in infections, masks off. Play again. Then a surgence and all the COVID restraints in force again.

I believe politicians are listening to the cries of their constituents and not taking into account what is in the public’s best interest. The numbers wil swing up again in the next 30 days.

The politicians seem unaware all states are still in the red. Means the COVID problem still significant.

Foreclosures are on the rise. Dramatically.

The numbers tell the story.

Foreclosures the highest since March 2020. They are up 139 percent from a year ago. One hundred thirty nine percent no insignificant number!

It has been reported Bob Saget died from a head trauma. He must have banged his head when he fell. The head trauma resulted in a brain bleed.

A brain bleed is a serious occurrence. I know from personal experience.

I have been on blood thinners for years because of my heart condition. When I began falling big time, my primary and heart physicians warned that if I had a hard head bang, to contact one of them immediately. Tests had to be made immediately. Death could occur within 24 hours with no outward symptoms of warning.

Before the cane became a part of my life, my falls were frequent. Severe head bangings involved in a few.

I heeded the doctors on 6 occasions. Medical attention was swift. First x-rays. A couple of times another test. Perhaps a cat-scan. Each medical person I was involved with along the way, warned me to be available whenh is or her results became known. The doctors coordinated. Everyone kept tabs on me.

The bottom line was that if a brain bleed was indicated, I would be on the operating table without delay.

Everything was done swiftly. Final results available in less than 2 hours each time.

Fortunately, never a bleed.

If Saget had a brain bleed and was unaware, I can understand why he died.

Ron DeSantis has indicated he is anti-gay and is proud of it.

He immediately lost the votes of the gay populations living in Key West, Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

DeSantis’ head continues to be in his ass. The only way I describe what he does.

Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin wrote an interesting article concerning DeSantis’ recent proclamation titled “Ron De santis Signals He’ll Be Open To Making Florida An Anti-Gay Hellhole.”

He supports the Don’t Say Gay bill which would ban talk or gender identity and sexual orientation in Florida’s primary schools. He recognizes what he describes as the fundamental rights of parents to make decisions regarding upbringing and control of their children.

He believes in the right of parents to take legal action against school boards if they think their “fundamental rights as parents have been violated.”

School boards are elected by the people to represent parents and children. If parents have the right to overrule by private lawsuits decisions of school boards, why do we have school boards at all? Let chaos reign. Let entire communities decide the propriety of issues made by school boards.

A new term in the media: Trump’s Toilet Dump.

New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman reports in her forthcoming book “Confidence Man” that “printed words of paper” frequently clogged a particular toilet in the White House. Staff believed Trump had flushed pieces of paper down the toilet each time.

Winston Churchill described Russia as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.”

Nothing much has changed that would alter Churchill’s opinion of Russia. Putin is Stalin reincarnated and runs Russia in the same fashion as Stalin had.

Weather cold today. Sharp. High 60’s. High will be 7o degrees. I cancelled a doctor appointment. Too cold to go anywhere.

Enjoy your day!









  1. Remember how Republicans always try and warn us about the Caravans from Mexico and other Latin countries were coming to our borders and how bad that was, that we should be afraid, very afraid/

    Well, it looks like the Caravans in Canada, all supported by right wing activists (all Republicans) are really the problem and causing more real havoc that those phony caravans at the southern border ever really did!

    But no outcry from Republicans now!

  2. So Marjorie Taylor Green has publicly (on video tape) accused Nancy Pelosi of using “Gazpacho Police” tactics to spy on Americans!

    Now that’s cold.

  3. Lou, I think if the BLM movement, or any other liberal leaning group, had anything to do with this Truck Caravan thing, Republicans EVERYWHERE would be screaming they (the trucks and people connected with them) be forcibly removed immediately and anyone involve be prosecuted.

    • No doubt, double if the attackers on Jan 6th were Dems. The GOP didn’t lose their way, they didn’t truly have a way to follow.

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