For years now, the America I knew and loved has been eroding. The hole got bigger when Trump became President.

All hope for my America was gone. Not only Trump, but also his minions. The elected officials in the Republican Party who follow him blindly for whatever reason.

Congresspersons, non-Congressional Washington people, candidates for the Supreme Court, etc. The Corey Lewandowskis, Jim Jordans, Chairman Nunes, Ambassador Sonlands, Mitch McConnells, William Barrs, etc.

Trump’s Cabinet and appointees prove the point. They are inept smart asses who serve as the President does. For his and their own selfish ends.

Now come the public Impeachment Inquiry examinations.

Three people this week impressed me no end. I did not think such people still existed. I refer to William Taylor, George Kent, and Marie Yovanovitch. My neighbors, friends, and even locally elected officials.

They were me, my parents, etc. Normal. Not self seeking.

I thought what I perceived as the good people of America were gone forever, no longer existed. Therefore America was on its way out. Sliding into an abyss from which there was no return.

What happened to the people who did serve in higher positions? Honorable God fearing persons. Doing good for the sake of good. Doing good because that is what is expected of a person.

There was a time I thought the underlings, the bureaucrats, the civil servants, were the cause of government going downhill. I was wrong. Yovanovitch, Taylor and Kent prove it. It is those they work under and report to that are screwed up.

Any of the three could be President.

Trump did it again! Stuck his foot in his mouth. His tweet where he knocked Yovanovitch while she was testifying. Chairman Schiff interrupted her testimony and read the President’s words to her. She felt intimidated by them.

Laurent Simons lives in Belgium. He is 9 years old. A genius. He graduates from college in December. A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He will then attend a university to earn his PhD. He wants to take some medical courses along the way.

Laurent already knows what he wants to do with his life. He wants to develop artificial organs.

His professors say he is “simply extraordinary” and the “fastest student we have ever had.” They say he is like a “sponge.” “Absorbs” easily.

His parents do not know why their son a child prodigy. His mother believes it might be because “she ate a lot of fish when she was pregnant.”

His parents work at keeping him “normal.” At 9, he attends college with 18-21 year olds. Difficult socially. His mother says he enjoys play. However she describes “play” as fooling around with his dog Sammy. He also is on his cellphone all the time. No mention is made of playing with other 9 year olds.

I admire and worry about Laurent at the same time. Normality is no part of his life. I hope that which is and will be will provide him with a healthy existence mentally and physically.

I have been mentioning the past 2-3 years my concern for Key West. Everything is changing swiftly. Too swiftly. Not normal.

The better hotels are getting $700-$1000 a night in season. However, their rooms and those of the lesser priced are never full anymore. The restaurants and bars are doing a business. Though not as good as before.

The cruise ships come in. However they bring visitors at the lowest economic level.

My bar of choice is the Chart Room. In the Pier House. A top of the shelf hotel. I wander in the area of the Pier House. Many of the guests can be seen early evening returning to their rooms with a six pack and a pizza. They can’t afford the night life.

The tourists themselves have changed. No longer primarily the affluent. Rather those from a lower economic scale who have made it to Key West for the vacation of their lifetime.

You probably wonder why the tirade. Fodor’s Travel is an intentional travel guide. Key West has always been at the top of their recommendation list. No more.

Fodor’s has a “No” and “Yes” list. This year Key West is listed on the “No” list. Not recommended.

Fodor’s says it wants to give the reefs a break. There has to be more. It is found in my words here.

Tied into my observation that things are not continuing as they should has been the admonition that if Key West was not careful, the community would kill the chicken that laid the golden egg.

It is well on its way.

The Key West Film Festival is next weekend 11/20-11/24.

Actor Tom Skerritt will be in Key West. He is being awarded the Golden Key Award for his 40 movies and hundreds of TV shows.

The man is now 89. Still appears on TV. You would never know his age!

Skerritt has a Key West connection. Kelly McGillis was a Key West resident for years. She starred in Top Gun with Tom Cruise and Tom Skerritt.

The Waterfront Playhouse is featuring Hair next weekend.

A WOW 1960’s Broadway musical. I saw it in New York City its first month. Off Broadway at the time. Had not made it yet to Broadway.

The hippie culture on stage. Portrayed the sexual revolution of the late 1960’s.

The music outstanding! Like Aquarius and Let the Light Shine In.

I hope to see it again next weekend.

Tino Gonzalez and his wife Maria were snowbirds for many years. A home in Chicago and one in Key West. Sold because they wanted to be near their grandchildren in Chicago.

Tino’s real name Fausto. He is a retired federal agent.

I mentioned a week or 2 ago that he was performing as an extra in movies and TV shows being filmed in Chicago. He has graduated. He has his own spot(s) now. He is appearing tomorrow night in Chicago PD. He sent a picture of himself outfitted for his part. A mailman in the wintertime in Chicago.

Don’t think he has any words. Whatever, he continues on his way. Down the road, an Academy Award.

Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman arrived in Key West on November 17, 1946 to begin a one week vacation at The Little White House.

The bubonic plague is back. The Black Death of medieval times.

Two cases have been reported in Beijing. A married couple from inner Mongolia.

There is no cure for bubonic plague.

The medical people involved claim the chance of an outbreak is “extremely low.”

There are 3 types of plague. The couple in Beijing have pneumonic. Respiratory. Caught as a result of being near a coughing person who is infected. The other 2 caused by fleas and animals.

Ten years ago, I wrote a lengthy article for KONK Life on the bubonic plague of medieval times. The plague lasted more than 200 years. The cause a Pope who stupidly thought cats were inhabited by the Devil.

The Pope ordered all cats killed.

The cats had been the peoples’ savior re the plague. The cats would eat the mice who carried the fleas causing the bubonic plague.

The mice burdened fleas then had no enemy and went their merry way infecting the world.

Syracuse football and basketball today. Football against Duke this afternoon. Basketball tonight against Bucknell.

If I am able to get the games on TV, I will have a rewarding day. I don’t now however. The Comcast/ACCN war is still on.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Many have questioned when the “Age of Aquarius” began… or will begin. For me it’s simple:

    “The Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius.”

    The 5th Dimension sung:

    “When the moon is in the Seventh House
    …And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    …Then peace will guide the planets
    …And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

    March 22, 1968 and it will go on for 2,160 years. So we are still “dawning.”

    Kokomo Man

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