In 1964, a comedy movie hit the screens. Sex and the Single Girl. Starred Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis.


In 1993, a humorous event (at least I think so) occurred in Key West. Involving 2 dogs.

The male Rocky was a 7 pound chihuahua. The female Carmella an 80 pound rottweiler.

Rocky and Carmella got together sexually. Apparently little Rocky had a hell of a time. He impregnated big Carmella.

Carmella’s owners were infuriated. So much so that they sued Rocky’s owners. The trial judge found Rocky responsible for the impregnation. Rocky’s owners were required to pay $2,567.50 in damages.

A noon appointment with Lori yesterday to get my hair cut. Merely a #1 rubbed over my head.

Lori was not there. She will be out a while. Under the weather.

One of the other ladies was kind enough to offer to do my hair. I explained to her specifically what I wanted done. I was especially concerned where my beard meets the bald head. Generally in the middle of my ears.

She cut an inch below where I wanted and at an angle. Does not look normal. It will take at least 4 weeks to get the area to grow again.

Lori, come back to me! She has been cutting my hair for 20 years.

Needed a good meal. Went to Harpoon Harry’s for lunch.

Guy deBoer there. He was waiting for Radio Station 107.9 FM’s owner Michael. Michael’s station was the one I did a talk show for a few months on thursday afternoons with Laurie earlier in this year.

Chatted a bit. They had business to discuss. I moved to the bar.

Enjoyed a hot turkey sandwich. Sooooo good!

Planned going out last night.

Around 3 in the afternoon, I returned to Growing Up Italian. Rewriting it for the fourth time. Was into it. Before I realized, it was 9.

So much for going out.

Another school shooting. Santa Clara, California. Saugus High School. Two students dead.

When will it stop? When we get proper gun laws! That will not be till both Houses of Congress and the Presidency are Democratic. The NRA and gun manufacturers “own” the Republicans.

I hope those who voted for Trump are paying attention. Here is another story that shows the “slime” running Washington.

Stephen Miller is a West Wing power. He seems to have Trump in his back pocket. He is an expert at propaganda and evil ways. Reminds me of Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Goebbels. In fact, looks like him.

Miller has been running Trump’s immigration policies. Ripping babies and the young from the arms of their mothers his brain child.

It was discovered yesterday that he was engaged in another unsavory act this past summer. Fortunately, it did not work because of strong opposition by others in the White House who were against it.

He was supported in developing the plan with Jared Kushner and U.S. Ambassador to the Euro Union Gordon Sondland.

Involved was a “fast track” proposal to boost immigration of skilled and wealthy Europeans. At a time when Trump and his cohorts were doing everything to keep Latinos from crossing our southern borders.

The plan died because it soon became obvious it was “politically motivated.” Trump was denying people of color admission to the U.S. It would not look good if all of a sudden he was willing to take whites from Europe. For any reason.

A few days ago, I reported Putin had invited Trump to some parade event in Moscow and Trump was considering going. The media is blasting the airwaves this morning with the specifics. Putin has invited Trump to Moscow to watch the Russian May Day Parade/Event. Trump appeared excited with the invitation. He would. A “wanna be” dictator standing next to a real one.

Trump says he might not be able to go. The Parade is in the middle of the U.S. election season.

Amazing! Trump wants to pay honor to Putin and Russia by attending and standing next to Putin on the viewing stand. When is Trump going to understand Putin is the U.S.’s #1 enemy?

I was up researching at 5 this morning. I am hurrying. I want to watch former Ukraine Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch appear before a House Committee this morning in a public hearing.

Supposedly a dynamite witness. It appears she was canned because she was not cooperating with Giuliani and Trump in wanting Ukraine to begin a Biden investigation. She believes Giuliani was operating a shadow rogue policy in pushing for the investigation.

Her firing came swiftly!

She was told by whoever in Washington to come home on the next plane…..for her own safety. What ever “for her own safety” means.

Trump’s head is not only screwed on wrong, it is up his ass! He acts blindly.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is upset with the U.S. and South Korea. It is claimed he is “enraged.” The reason being the U.S. and South Korea have been conducting joint military exercises.

Trump says he and Kim Jong Un are “in love.” Friends, get along well. In the meantime, Kim Jong Un has conducted in excess of 40 missile tests.

Trump had to do something to sooth the North Korean leader.

It was announced yesterday that the cost to South Korea for U.S. troops being stationed in South Korea would increase nearly 500 percent in 2020. Estimated at $4.7 billion.

Typical Trump. Suck up to an enemy while turning his back on a friend.

Viper Norag is an Associate Professor at MIT. His area of specialty is the Korean peninsula. He said yesterday, “Nothing says I love you like a shakedown.”

Two weeks ago, Joe Biden issued a statement attacking Trump’s North Korea policy and referring to Kim Jong Un as a “murderous dictator.”

Biden correct. Kim Jong Un has concentration camps that some consider put Hitler’s to shame.

North Korea responded to Biden yesterday. Referred to him as a “rabid dog” who is greedy for power and deserves to be beaten to death. The Korean Central News agency said, “A crow is never whiter for often washing.”

There may be a proper comparison to the Ukraine here. Trump wanted the Ukraine President to announce an investigation of Biden and his son before he would release to he Ukraine some $400 million.

Biden’s negative words re Kim Jong Un were 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, Trump announces the 500 percent increase for military aid to South Korea. Immediately thereafter, North Korea comes out with the name calling re Biden.

The Republicans have been having a field day appointing rock hard conservative federal judges. Most to the extreme far right. In excess of 150.

Competency and experience not necessarily important.

The Senate approved Stephen Menashe to the Second Circuit yesterday. The most important federal appellate court after the Supreme Court.

Menashi is 40 years old. With no court experience. He has never tried a case or conducted a deposition. He is presently a White House lawyer.

His past writings include offensive remarks about women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and racial minorities. He has spent much of his time in the White House assisting Stephen Miller in crafting Trump’s immigration policies.

This inexperienced attorney has a lifetime appointment. Ends when he retires. Could be 40-50 years.

Is our Washington leadership screwed up? Please don’t tell me no.

Enjoy your day!





13 comments on “SEX AND THE SINGLE DOG

    • Swamp just got a bit cleaner with another of Trump’s closest allies (Get me Roger Stone) convicted in Federal Court on all counts brought against him.

      • Another scum-bag bites the dust and joins with all the other Trumpsters who have gone to jail. If this has been a witch hunt, then they’ve found a whole coven.

        Let’s hope Stone “flips” on the head scum-bag. I don’t think Stone wants to be someone’s butt-buddy for the next 50 years.

    • Trump played a lot of people that needed validation for their personal low standards and for the the missed goals in their lives. Sad but true

  1. Santa Clarita – tragic no doubt. This was not an AR – 15 or AK – 15 or any high capacity gun. So that argument is off the table. What gun law currently not on the books would have stopped this?

    • Duh – Therefore, we need gun laws that would have stopped this. Ban gun sales to anyone not as the 2nd Amendment intended… a member of the militia. This Santa Clarita 16 year old kid would not have had a gun of any kind.

      I say again; DUH

    • You have to ask “What gun law currently not on the books would have stopped this?” – well the airplane solution, that seemed to have worked just fine, hasn’t it.

      My bet that if you were threatened with that solution you FREAKS would very quickly find something that would actually work.

    • The “airplane solution” I’m guessing means having armed air Marshall’s on as many flight as possible. I agree, the airplane solution in schools would certainly help. Having more armed guards and armed teachers in the schools would be a great start!

      • No, laws were pas*ed to prevent any sort of firearm (that’d be guns “Well_duh”) not only on airplanes but in Air Ports. Then following up with rigorous enforcement. The analogy, would be banning guns, or at least controlling fire arms in ALL of America.

        Do that, or at least threaten that and I’ll bet we get the gun lovers to come up with an alternate and at least somewhat workable way to reduce the out of control situation we have now.

        BTW, armed teachers would be best defined as “armed targets.” How would you ever be able to identify an armed teacher from the perp?

  2. I was especially concerned where my beard meets the bald head.

    I never let another touch my beard! Come on Lou, it isn’t that hard to maintain.

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