My love for Greece is well known.

Many Greeks are loyal readers of this blog. Love it!

Theo and Dina are such a couple. They live in a coastal community some where on the northwest side of Greece.

They are visiting Key West this week. We met last night.

Theo has been e-mailing me this past year, sending photos of the lovely Greek area he lives in. Each photo increasing my desire for another Greek visit.

Theo and Dina not strangers to the U.S. They have visited Key West often. Both are hooked! Key West has become their special place. Their goal to have a second home here.

Theo received part of his education in the U.S. A Doctorate from Northwestern. A mechanical engineer. Operates his own business in Greece.

Dina loves to dance. Especially to Cuban music. She has done so a several times already this week.

We spent a couple of hours together. Want to get together tomorrow night for the Great Sea Battle.

Ollie came in and joined us. Ollie the consummate Key West greeter. Ollie an engineer, also. Responsible for our sewer system.

He explained how busy he has been recently. The boat that hit the wires at a bridge near Fleming Key. I thought it caused only the electrical shutdown. Apparently certain of the wires, etc. had to do with sewage. He and his crew have been working diligently to resolve the problem.

Ollie’s consummate capabilities also include lover. He mentioned that 4 ladies had arrived in the afternoon to spend a few days with him. They came to the Chart Room looking for Ollie.

WOW! Beautiful!

I was invited to join them for dinner. Temptation great. Getting late for me, however.

Stopped first at the Blue Macaw on the way home. Terri singing. Enjoyed a drink with Donna.

I looked for Dave and Rhonda. I thought they might be at Blue Macaw to hear Terri sing. Hope to run into them before they leave.

One last stop. Publix. Cupboard bare again. Three small plastic bags of food. $77. Don’t know how families can afford to feed themselves. Cost of groceries similar at present to cost of gasoline. Ever creeping upward. Quietly. Slowly. The consumer never realizes until the total bill received.

Fun time this afternoon. Louis and Laurie Thibaud. I guest on her radio show Party Time from 4-5:30. We talk about whatever turns us on. The give and take terrific. Join us if you can. Radio station 107.5 FM, WGAY FM.

Tomorrow night, the Great Sea Battle. Recalls the birth of the Conch Republic. The Conch Republic Navy and Air Force always win.

I especially enjoy watching the Conch airplanes. Pre-World War II bi-planes. Open cockpits. The Conch’s bomb the Coast Guard vessels beneath them. The bombs rolls of unfurling toilet paper.

A sight to behold!

I cannot help it. I view Trump as arrogant and stupid. He has company. Certain people of Paris. One of the yellow vesters is upset re the $1 billion committed to help restore Notre Dame Cathedral. He was angry because the money was going to Notre Dame and not the poor. He said, “Humans should be more important than stones.”

The poor are not entitled to everything. They are entitled only to that which people want to give them. If people want to contribute to something else, so be it. It’s their money!

Joe Biden announced this morning his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President. A great guy! A good man! I know him personally.

#MeToo has gone too far. The sexual abuse standard consistently lowered. Biden an example. He is no more a sexual deviate than I. His “problem” is his warmth.

Nicholas Kristol wrote today re Biden…..Best we look as carefully at his policies as at his propensity to hug.

I agree.

First the priests, now boy scout leaders.

Court documents indicate 7,819 scout troop leaders abused 12,254 scouts.

I always found it amusing how police would mark tires on a parked car with chalk. The purpose to determine if and when a car was parked over time.

My recollection on this goes back to my high school days. Some 65 years.

Someone recently decided to challenge the chalk method as the basis to issue an overtime parking ticket.

The case came before a Federal District Court. The Judge ruled the chalk marking on tires of parked cars violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution. The Judge concluded the marking was comparable to entering property without a search warrant which has been illegal for many years.

I am always for Justice. However the cost of obtaining that Justice sometimes outweighs recognition of the right.

An overtime parking ticket is initially dealt with in a Traffic Court. Trial there first. Then application to a Federal Court for Constitutional review. An expensive step. In some jurisdictions, the litigant must first exhaust all State court procedures first. Making the Federal Court application even more expensive.

Whatever, Justice has been done. Someone did not care the cost. Only upholding his rights.

Good for him! Glad he could afford it!

Enjoy your day!






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