Frank Holden was a very popular and well liked person. He passed on 2 weeks ago. Since, there have been a number of celebrations of his life, 2 shadow box placements with his ashes, and yesterday a Viking burial at sea.

A small amount of ashes were placed in the shadow boxes. The rest went down to sea yesterday.

The Key West Harbor became Frank’s final resting place. A small sailing vessel was constructed. His ashes placed thereon in a tiny coffin. Several boats went out to attend the service. The tiny sailboat was let go from one of the vessels.

The tiny vessel finally slipped under the waves at 12:30 pm.

Boat loads of family and friends attended.

An historic burial. Perfect for a man who spent his life on the sea.

Last night was my podcast Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I dwelled quite a bit on Washington’s desire to engage in war with some country. I sometime think any country.

At the moment, Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and company are considering invading, Venezuela, Iran, maybe North Korea, and placing Russia on the terrorist list.

Each has its own story. I selected Venezuela to dwell on. So much to tell. So much to expose re Trump’s arrogant stupidity.

Guy deBoer at it again. Opening a new publication show. Radio. Similar to one he operated more than 10 years ago.

This one is called KONK Life Amnesty Radio. Aired for the first time yesterday. Station 90.9 FM. Reports all day.

Guy intends it to be community talk format.

He has asked that I participate. I do not know. My material may not fit into what he is seeking.

Some things are basically wrong. Should never be.

I refer specifically to Trump, Twitter, and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey.

We all know the President loves to tweet. Probably has the most Twitter followers than anyone else. His numbers reflect 53.4 million.


Trump’s numbers have dropped recently. By 204,000. Amounts to .04 percent.

Trump troubled. Believes he knows why. Claims Twitter favors Republicans as opposed to Conservatives. He claims the reduction in his numbers intentional. He invited Twitter’s CEO to the White House to discuss the matter. More like a confrontation. The President of the U.S. against one of the U.S.’s leading businessmen.

The two have agreed to keep an open dialogue.

I view the visit as a form of intimidation. Wrong!

There are several Trump’s around the world. All of a sudden!

One is Philippine President Duterte.

He is threatening Canada with war.

Would you believe?

The problem trash/garbage.

Recycling was once big. No longer. Its value diminishing.

Canada used to send its recyclable trash to the Philippines where that country would recycle it for profit.

In 2013-2014, a Canadian company shipped 103 containers of purported recyclable trash weighing 2,450 tons to the Philippines.

Supposedly plastics intended for recycling. Turned out not to be plastics.

The Philippines said take it back. Canada has not yet, though it claims it is working on the problem. The trash is sitting on docks in Manila.

Duterte has had it. You’re garbage…..Get it out of here! Now!

Duterte a ballsy guy. Like Trump. A bully. He threatens. Said yesterday that Canada has one week to get it out or he will consider invading Canada.

Duterte afraid of no one. Last month he threatened that he would send a “suicide mission” to China. The issue involved rights over an island in the South China Sea that both the Philippines and China claim.

Diplomacy a forgotten tool for resolving problems between nations.

Keep in mind Duterte frame of mind. He considers himself Hitler like.

I mentioned yesterday that the price of gasoline in Key West was over $3 a gallon. Questioned whether it would go over $4 again.

It’s coming!

I read last night that in parts of California, gasoline is already over $4 a gallon.

Old time germs returning!

Measles big time. Epidemic proportions in some places.

Tuberculosis (TB) another.

When I was young(1940’s and 1950’s), TB was a major problem. Finally science eradicated, though not totally, the disease. Which means that if anyone comes down with TB today, it’s news.

It was announced this morning that a student at my alma mater Syracuse University has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. Only one case so far. Not yet determined how the student acquired the TB.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Recycling is going the way of the Dodo. Too many people are incapable of following the rules. Too bad, it was such a sensible concept.

  2. They need to figure out how to return to burning garbage. There is a way to trap the harmful smoke, figure it out.

    Burning is the most efficient way of ridding garbage, as well as not taking up land, or dumping in oceans and rivers.

    Did anyone really ever follow what the Chinese were doing with our garabage, that they were supposedly “recycling”? I bet it’s not what environmentalists over here thought was going on.

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