The world changed last night. The U.S. is at the footstep to a new era. One dominated by people of color. Whites will take a back seat forever more. As those of color have been forced to do for so many years.

A year or two ago, I read that by 2040 more than half the people in the U.S. would be those of color. Two months ago, I read that persons of color had already passed whites by 1 percent.

Last night’s riots were well organized and planned. You cannot argue with the statement. Several major U.S. cities had similar demonstrations the same evening.

Forced the powers to be in some instances to call in the National Guard. In huge numbers.

The White House protests were not of 100,000 persons or more. However noisy enough for one to say…..Hey, different!

I was impressed the entire Secret Service was called out to protect the White House.

Protests will increase as other issues develop. Then they will diminish. Diminished when the white man realizes the black man has become his equal or better and deserves a seat at the conference table rather than a confrontation in the street.

Last night was designed by those of color to disturb existing civil society. Accomplished.

I was pleased the Governors who utilized their National Guards called them in themselves. They did not ask the President to nationalize the Guard. That one step prohibited the President from using military under his control to quell the disturbances.

We never want it to happen. Once Trump gets that kind of power, he will not relinquish it.

Fire, pesticides, and a country at war with itself: The country Trump is presiding over. Coronavirus and unemployment along for the ride.

I do not see how Trump can be reelected. But then again, I never envisioned his being elected in the first place.

Trump had another Rose Garden press conference friday. At least I thought it was to be. So did everyone else.

Instead following a brief statement re the U.S. withdrawing all support for the WHO, he went into a long tirade concerning China. In effect, Trump terminated all U.S. ties, commercial and otherwise, with China.

China’s President Xi another “friend” of Trump’s. Up until recently, he was not concerned. Trump kept telling us he and Xi got along, everything would work out.

They certainly have! Right out the door!

The only relationship the U.S. presently has with China is a cold war which easily could turn into a shooting war.

While the U.S. for the past 20 years has been fighting stupid useless wars and spending trillions of dollars in the process, China was quietly strengthening every area of its military.

Not a recent tune by me. I have been arguing for 3 years that while no one was paying attention, China had exceeded the U.S. in military power.

Only one way to be certain. I hope the time never comes.

Some Key West news.

This morning’s Key West Citizen’s lead front page article concerned the number of empty stores on Duval. The tenants have left, the windows covered in paper.

The number: 50. Those merchants have thrown in the towel. Given up. Coronvirus the final killer.

Two respected Key West businessmen made the same observation. These are men who have lived in Key West for many many years. Both said Duval looked like it did in 1972 when the Navy pulled out.

Ed Swift noted that it took Key West 15 years to build its tourism industry after the Navy left.

How long will it take to bring it back?

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Good blog today, although I would disagree with you on the point of Trump being reelected. That should be amended to include, unless he cheats?

    What I would be more worried about is what do we do when Trump will relinquish power if he is not reelected. Like congressional subpoenas, he will declare the election corrupted for one reason or another, and declare it null and void. Who will stop him then.

  2. Before anyone responds to Lou’s statements about riots and looting being justification for clutching your pearls on how this country will be run, from now on – first consider your feelings and position about the Boston Tea Party in 1773 where, looters and rioters gathered at Boston Harbor to send a message to an oppressive government?

  3. I certainly hope it’s back to the Key West of the 70s. That was before the gentrification from the Great Frozen North began. Ordinary human beings could afford to live here. Hoards of drunken Tourons were nowhere to be seen.

    No spring-break bozos… no out of control twenty-somethings puking on Duval. Or at least far fewer than we have seen in the last few years.

    Don’t get me wrong… it’s not all bad. We can keep Fantasy Fest.

    Kokomo Man

  4. On top of everything else, Trump has now declared open season on geeks and nerds, the newer, smarter terrorists.

  5. For what it’s worth, my first trip to Key West was in 1972. I fell in love with the place and have been there ever since. A busy Duval Street was not required!

  6. Yep, in 72 Duval was shut down and deserted from the La Concha down to the south end. Sloppy Joe’s is at the north end.

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