All is not well at the Supreme Court. Ill will has developed. Does not seem to be getting better.

Neil Gorsuch the worst. Trump’s first nomination. The man’s inner being is not becoming more evident every day. It has arrived. With a blast! Quirks in his personality showing.

I am not referring to his legal thinking. Though he is too far to the right to do justice overall in the long run.

The man seems to be lacking in compassion and good will in his relationship with his co-workers. The other Justices..

Justice Sotomayor the prime example.

The Justices are all wearing masks, except for Gorsuch. He refuses to do so.

Gorsuch’s seat on the bench is next to Sotomayor. Sotomayor has been a diabetic most of her life. She is concerned. Gorsuch is totally aware of her condition. Nevertheless, he continues to refuse to wear a mask.

Sotomayor no longer takes her seat on the bench. Her seat remains empty. Instead she sits in her office and listens to arguments via a hook up. A system has been installed whereby she is able to ask questions.

Chief Justice Roberts asked Gorsuch to wear a mask in consideration of Sotomayor’s condition. He refused the Chief Justice’s request.

From day one on the bench, Gorsuch has been considered a “prickly justice,” not beloved even by some of his conservative soulmates on the Court.

His personality not engaging. He considers his legal positions more appropriate and handles a case’s discussion with the other Justices in a fashion that fails to encourage a kumbaya relationship.

While on the bench, he openly disagrees with the other Justices. Something new to the Court with Gorsuch’s ascendency.

Justice Alito another odd ball. He has an ax to grind.

Alito was under the impression when Chief Justice Rehnquist died that he would become Chief Justice. Bush did not select him. Instead appointed Roberts.

Alito continues to show his disdain and disrespect for Roberts since.

The Supreme Court no longer a happy place to work.

The voting bills issue.

Schumer began whatever he had in mind yesterday. So much fanfare leading up to this fight on the Senate floor. Schumer led us to believe the battle of the century was to take place.

Nothing of consequence occurred yesterday. I was busy in the afternoon preparing for last night’s blog talk radio show. Ergo, I was running back and forth from my office to the TV in my bedroom to catch parts of the “encounter.”

I was unimpressed with Schumer and the whole thing.

Today the second day of the encounter. Supposedly to be the best of the two. Even the filibuster will come under direct attack.

This Schumer inspired battle a waste. In fact, makes the Democrats look bad. All are aware it is an exercise in futility.

The Democratic Party requires balls. Time for Biden to take a cold hard grasp of the Party. Everything political should pass before him prior to being attempted.

Schumer has never impressed me. It goes back to 9/11. Another story. He is of no value to the Party.

At 4 this afternoon, Biden will hold a press conference. It has been touted as a big deal. Must be. It has been promised Biden will answer questions from the press. He has not done so in a long time.

Nice guy Biden has to become a tough hombre. The life of the country is at stake. Only he can save it under present circumstances.

I doubt they will build monuments to Joe Manchin in West Virginia. He is losing respect even there.

Most are unaware that he only won his last Senate race by 3 points. Significantly less that his previous victories in West Virginia politics.

The miners union has come out against him. They have always supported him. They were not happy with Manchin after he failed to support the social infrastructure bill.

Manchin’s support is now one source. The rich mine owners.

I started thinking about a year ago that one of Manchin’s problems was he did not have it mentally. I am serious. I have written and spoken about it many times. A swift camper he is not.

He proved it again yesterday.

Manchin was being interviewed He was attired in a bright red sweat or leisure suit. He responded to a question by saying the voting rights bills were not needed. The right to vote existed and the government would make sure the rights of the people were protected.

Not only is Manchin short on brain power, he fails to see what is.

Hollywood comes frequently to Key West to make a movie. Two had happenings occur on this day, though in different years.

The Rose Tattoo was filmed in Key West. Most of it in a house on Duncan Street. One door away from the Tennessee Williams home. Lisa lives on Duncan. One and one half blocks from where The Rose Tattoo was filmed.

On this day in 1956, The Rose Tattoo had its premiere showings in Florida at the Strand and San Carlo theaters.

Tennessee Williams who had written the play and resided for many years in Key West was on hand for the opening.

The movie starred Burt Lancaster and Anna Magnani. While making the film, Lancaster stayed in Williams’ home.

The other movie was Operation Petticoat.

On this day in 1959, filming began. The movie starred Cary Grant and Tony Curtis.

Words of wisdom by Dolly Parton: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”

This day in 1883, Thomas Edison turned the lights on. Powered by an electric lighting system employing overhead wires. The community Roselle, New Jersey.

Syracuse finally won another basketball game. Beat Clemson last night 91-78.

Syracuse’s record now a dismal 9-9. Don’t see how the team can make to NCAA tournament.

Cold here in Key West. The last two nights, the temperature was 61. High by day in the high 60’s.

Enjoy your day!


  1. It wasn’t that long ago Republicans and FOX News were trying to spin that Joe Manchin was only behaving as his constituents wanted. They even insisted that with posts on this blog. They were wrong back then and it hasn’t gotten any better.

    Why do Republicans seem to lie about everything.

  2. Putin can take a break, America has a bigger enemy to deal with – Trumpublicans.

    While Eric invoked the fifth, 500 times, and while it is his constitutional right to do so his father called it a “Mobster move” in a past interview. But Trump and Eric have more to fear, SCOTUS stripped Trump of his executive privilege regarding Jan 6 documents.
    The fun is just starting.

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