Today is a sad day in American history. The two voting right bills will be offered on the floor of the Senate. Offered knowing full well neither will succeed.

Majority Leader Schumer believes that by letting the people know who is for and who is against, it will help in getting the legislation passed somewhere down the road.

Manchin and Sinema should be cold shouldered, needs of their states ignored. Slow down federal checks flowing into West Virginia and Arizona. Will help do the trick. People/businesses do not like having much needed monies they have been accustomed to receiving cut off.

Show disdain for Manchin and Sinema. It will merely be the reverse of what they have been doing to the country.

There is a fear they will turn Republican. So what? What good are they as Democrats? Democratic control of the Senate is in name only if they fail to vote with the Democrats.

Republican control of the Senate will not change things much. The Republicans can vote for anything they want. Bills still have to be signed into law by the President, As the plaque on Harry Truman’s desk said: The Buck Stops Here.

Biden will veto.

Raising the question as to what have the Republicans accomplished?

Unless they have the votes to override the veto. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, perhaps never.

Biden has 3 more guaranteed years in office. A lot of Republican bills can be vetoed in that time.

The Democrats must stop pussy footing around. They must learn to play hard ball as the Republicans do. Meet fire with fire, meet blow with blow. Let the Republicans learn what frustration is.

COVID sits back and smiles as Republicans do when each wreaks havoc.

COVID is doing a number on our children. The U.S. is experiencing the highest rate of child COVID hospitalizations ever.

New data reveals an average of 893 new hospitalizations daily. Children are described as those 17 and under.

The highest hospitalization rates are among children newborn to 4 years. Those not yet eligible for the vaccine.

The CDC who released the information advised it expected the number to rise further in the next few weeks.

An advocacy group did a study as to how COVID has affected the rich and poor in the U.S.

The answer simple. The rich got richer and the poor poorer. It was reported “the 10 richest men in the world doubled their fortunes during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The wealth of the world’s 10 richest increased from $700 billion to $1.5 trillion. While the incomes of approximately 99 percent of the people around the globe fell during the same time frame.

As a result, more than 160 million people were forced into poverty.

Israel said it was going to a 4th shot and it did. Israel has reported the results thus far. The purpose of the 4th shot was to mitigate omicron. Israel has discovered the 4th shot was “not good enough.”

Syracuse/Clemson tonight at 9.

What can I say? I am defeated in this area off my life. I continue to not understand how one of he greatest teams in Syracuse history continues to lose.

It hurts.

Join me at 9 this evening. Today is tuesday. My blog talk radio show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. I hit hard! My government should hit as hard!

Enjoy your day!


  1. Republicans today do not govern. They don’t know how anymore and are only capable of obstruction. Everything else has been bred out of them. Look at their Trump years, the really didn’t get anything done, except of course that tax break for the wealthy, very early on and only because that had a decade of promises behind it.

    50 percent of congress is republicans and all they do is block everything in mazz. Not one of them is allowed to think for themselves and not one of them will vote for anything. Their total purpose is to only block everything.

    The American people deserve better.

  2. My friends from upstate NY beileve that the biggest issue with Syracuse team is Coach Boeheim.
    Guerrero and Richmond transfer out and his other son transfers in. He is very tough on players and refuses to ever play man to man defense.- Your comments???

    • Are you trying to be clever or do you just not know about Google?

      But thanks for drawing our attention to yet another stupid and widely refuted right wing wacko conspiracy theory, not worthy of anyone’s time, apart for the yet again absurdity of you idiots to believe nonsense over truth.

    • Ray Epps is a Trump supporter and has long-running ties to the Oath Keepers, a far-right anti-government militia that formed shortly after the election of former President Barack Obama in 2008. Epps was listed as the president of the Arizona chapter of the Oath Keepers.

  3. What is it with POT, the Party of Trump? There is NOTHING partisan or ominous in making it easier for people to take part in the election process. Instead, the turn a blind eye the ruses of the Right, voter ID, dead people voting and undocumented workers in the polling booth. It is beyond inane, it is bordering on criminal.

      • Has it? Trump and the GOP lost the Oval, the House and the Senate. First time for that in 88 years. The issue is they continue down that path.

        • Your point is well taken, but for a minority party they sure seem to control so much. Biden, can’t get much done, they own the supreme court (acquired during a Democratic regime). They are able to enact voter suppression across the country, they are able to ignore pretty much all legal action, etc., etc.

          I’d say that’s working pretty good.

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