The U.S. is experiencing all kinds of chaos.

Strange things are happening.

Ted Cruz is at war with Big Bird. The shame of it all. Calls into question Cruz’s mental stability. Seems the longer he has been in the Senate, the more way out he goes.

Cruz a disappointment. A top law school graduate and U.S. Supreme Court clerk, big things were expected of him when he arrived in the Senate. He started off well. However several years ago began a radical decline as part of the conservative far right.

Things must be hitting bottom. He has taken on Big Bird. The issue vaccine propaganda. The 8 foot 2 inch Muppet has been encouraging youngsters to get vaccinated. Relating at the moment to the COVID problem.

Cruz apparently is unaware that Big Bird has been an advocate of  encouraging youngsters to get vaccinated for ages. All kinds of vaccines required to enter school.

Big Bird has been on this civic kick since Cruz was 2 years old. Never till yesterday has Cruz criticized Bird Bird for any other type mandated vaccines.

Saturday Big Bird went of TV and told the world he had gotten the jab. Big Bird said, “I got the COVID-19 vaccine today! My wing is feeling a little sore, but it’ll give my body an extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy.”

Cruz retaliated with it’s “government propaganda…..for your 5 year old.”

Cruz losing it when he has to take on Big Bird.

Yesterday a visit with my primary care physician Dr. Norris. No big deal. Merely a 3 month follow up.

Today another doctor visit. I have a new heart doctor. Dr. Rowe.

Dr. McIvor has been my heart doctor for 20 years. He closed his practice.

My visit 10:30 this morning. Ergo, this blog short.

I have discovered another reality if one lives a long life as I am. Now 86, all of my doctors for whatever have died or retired. Makes me nervous each time I get a new physician. Is the doctor any good? Will I be comfortable with him/her and him/her with me?

That’s it for today folks.

Tonight Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me for some fun. Listen to me rant and rave. talk

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey Lou, I asked my surgeon friend what age is a doctor at his best. Up to date on new methods and fully committed to his practice. He said between 45 and 58 years old! Hope your new doctors work out great for you! Many more years of good health (and good doctors)!

  2. George Burns friend asked him; “ What does your doctor think of you smoking all those cigars into your 90’s? His reply; “ I don’t know, he’s dead!!”
    Kudos for outlasting your doc’s.
    Blake Kutsche, M.D.

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