Pepe’s sold!

Key West’s oldest restaurant. In fact, the oldest restaurant in Florida. One hundred twelve years old

The new owners one of Key West’s most likeable couples. Danny and Maura Hughes.

They are familiar with the restaurant business. They are the owners of Two Friends Patio Restaurant on Front Street.

Danny says, “We don’t see ourselves as the new owners of Pepe’s, but rather as custodians of the legend…..The essence of Pepe’s will not change on our watch. Why would we mess with a 112 year old lineage that already works?”

Shelley McInnis now bears the title of “former owner” of Pepe’s.

I know Shelley from bocce. A hell of a bocce player! One of the best!

Shelley started working at Pepe’s in 1983. She bought the restaurant in 2015. Her time has arrived to sit back and relax.

I wish Danny and Maura great success.

How many times a year do we hear: “Where are you Bum Farto?”

We still don’t know. However Key West will be aware November 9 and 11. Bum Farto The Musical will be performed at the Key West Theater.

Got to be a winner! Bum’s story a winner!

It was time to get out again yesterday. A quiet drive late afternoon to Geiger Key. Enjoyed the sunday barbecue ribs.

Guaranteed I will be out today. A visit with Dr. Norris my primary care physician at 1.

What else today, I don’t know.

Vanity Fair’s Bess Levin published another interesting article on October 29: “The Lawyer Defending Texas’ Abortion Ban Is As Evil As You’d Expect.”

The man is Jonathan Miller. His thoughts hard to swallow. Way out.

Miller appears to be anti-woman. He has said women should just stop having sex if they don’t want to deal with unwanted pregnancies.

Levin also reported Miller believes the overturning of Roe v. Wade will provide women with an opportunity to change their “whoring ways.”

An informative article published in this morning’s New York Times: “Covid Gets Even Redder.” The thrust of the article being “partisan deaths” play a big part.

The article was based on a review of each and every U.S. county.

At the end of 2000, the counties were equally divided red and blue. Then the vaccine became available in large numbers. The vaccine proved effective.

The gap between red and blue counties quickly emerged. Last month alone, the gap revealed red county deaths grew faster than the blue. More so than in any previous time.

Proof once again that the vaccine does work. When will all Americans learn?

Enjoy your day!




9 comments on “PEPE’S SOLD

  1. Hey Lou, why does my pro abortion relative call it a “fetus” when discussing why abortion should be legal, but calls it a “baby” when showing me a ultrasound picture of her unborn, not going to be aborted, grandchild!

    • Why do Republicans and those who to call themselves libertarians instead, and are always claiming to be defenders of personal freedoms and personal choices – always calling those they disagree with, who are not blindly anti-abortion, as pro abortionists instead of prochoice?

      • Yes, it is their way of making this political instead of having anything to do with the truth or honesty. It also shows that they really don’t care about personal freedoms and choice – just in political winning and control.

        Contradictions and hypocrisy is their stock and trade.

        Republicans do not really care about the unborn. The abortion issue is just an issue to gain and control their voters. It is strictly a political ploy.

      • Uh, same reason you call them anti-abortion. Abortion is the subject.

        And if you want to call it choice, then fine. Those against abortion are making the CHOICE for the unborn babies, who can’t speak for themselves. You PRO-abortion people can’t get it through your heads that this issue involves a living human being. It’s not just about a woman’s choice to kill.

    • This is just the same old Bull Sh*t from the same old poster who is constantly trying to change the subject to “abortion” whenever he can – because he, like all the rest of the “right wing,” really has nothing else that seems to be working and he’s just trying to regain some sort of spotlight.

      Don’t listen to his anti freedom of choice crap. If we republicans really want to make our personal “freedoms” the important issue of our time, we have to let this anti abortion crusade go. It does and will continue to undermine our greater goals of winning control by stressing personal freedoms above everything else and not muddying the waters with the stupid abortion contradiction.

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