A sad day yesterday. A very sad one. Queen Elizabeth II died.

I cried as I did when Kennedy passed on.

My sense is the whole world cried for the wonderful women.

This morning I watched as the new King arrived at Buckingham Palace. Multitudes waiting for him. He was the King. Charles III left the limousine and walked the long line of those paying respect to his mother. He shook hands, shared a few words, smiling along the way. By the time he had finished this greeting phase, it was obvious they were now greeting their new King. The Rubicon had been crossed. They knew each other on a personal basis.

I could not help but think how difficult Charles’ job the next few days will be. His mother died yesterday. He should be sitting at home with family and close friends reminiscing about the Queen. Instead duty called and he conducted himself as his mother would have. Perhaps even more so.

I could write pages about the Queen. Not required. The media is burying us with the information and will continue to do so over the next ten days.

I live and learn. I was unaware there was a time when the 13 colonies were referred to as the “United Colonies.” The United Colonies of America. On this day in 1776, the Continental Congress formally named the 13 colonies the “United States.” The United States of America.

Key West has good and bad to offer.

The Miami Herald in an interesting article this morning titled: Restaurants in Miami, Miami Beach and Key West Named the Most Iconic in Florida paid honor to a Key West restaurant.

Iconic. Means influential, recognizable, revered, widely established.

Four “iconic” restaurants in the south Florida area were named. One Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami. I would not expect it not to have been.

Key West’s Blue Heaven was also recognized. Understandable. Though I believe Key West has a number of iconic restaurants.

Congratulations Blue Heaven for the iconic designation! You continue to do Key West proud year after year.

That was the good example of Key West. Now for the bad. Disgusting.

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice. Being a man, one I cannot attest to. However I buy it. At the same time saying for shame Key West Airport!

The comment best described as don’t use the ladies’ room: “I hope with all the money that’s going into improving and expanding the airport, they have the money to pay people to work there. I flew out Wednesday and not one sink worked in the women’s bathroom – it was dirty and messy and the toilet was difficult to flush. Also the water station was gross.”

I am not a fan of Joe Manchin’s. Except for Republicans, I doubt many are.

As far as Bernie Sanders is concerned, it’s get even time. Many House Democrats agree with him. Somewhere in the 50’s.

Schumer wants a bill passed which involves a permitting process involving West Virginia and Virginia re the Mountain Valley Pipelines. Something Manchin wants. He wanted the bill passed when the Inflation Reduction Act was finally passed. One which required Manchin’s vote. After more than a year of screwing around with yes and no’s on various parts of the bill, Manchin finally agreed to support it.

Schumer at the time could not get the bill through if the permitting process issue continued as a part. A deal was made. Schumer promised Manchin he would get it approved later on. Biden apparently agreed to the deal. It appears no one else was aware of the arrangement.

The pissing match is on. A stopgap funding bill is required by the end of the month. All Democratic votes are required to get it passed. Republicans typically will be of no help. Sanders will not vote for the stopgap if the permitting process is passed or a part of it. Manchin similarly will not if “his” permitting bill has not or will not be passed.

The Democrats will lose face big time if the stopgap funding bill is not passed. Not healthy with the midterm election a mere 5 weeks away.

Enjoy your day!


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