“The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its own citizens…..Any government that fails to do so is a government unworthy to lead.”

Trump’s own words. Spoken by him at the 2016 Republican Convention.

Coronavirus is one situation where Trump has failed to protect the lives of U.S. citizens. Trump’s missteps have contributed to 180,000 American deaths.

The U.S. has 4 percent of the world’s population. Due to Trump’s failures, the U.S. has 22 percent of the world’s coronavirus deaths.

Another University has closed down its in-house classes. The University of Alabama. At only one site.

Classes resumed 2 weeks ago. More than 1,000 cases have been  confirmed during that time.

I mentioned last week that New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had banned wedding receptions larger than 50 persons.

A federal judge issued a temporary injunction prohibiting Cuomo’s order from being enforced.

I sense one of the reasons the judge did so was what harm could come from such a small gathering.

Maine has an order similar to Cuomo’s. A 50 person limit.

Sixty five attended a wedding.

So far, 123 confirmed cases have been attributed to the gathering.

Coronavirus is going to be with us definitely till we get a vaccine. However its numbers can be drastically limited if simple rules like mask wearing and social distancing were followed, as well as limiting the number of guests at an event.

Such has been successful in many countries world wide.

When are Americans going to learn to stop fighting rules to protect their well being? When are small business owners going to wake up and realize their fight to reopen and permit bar seating, etc. will only keep them open a short period of time? The virus will return.

In the final analysis, bucking the rules will keep us in masks, social distancing, and bars and restaurants subjected to many rules. Opening and closing is of no benefit to  a business’ survival either.

A Melania Trump tale.

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff  is a former senior adviser and close friend to Melania.

No more. They had a falling out.

Since then, Wolkoff has written a tell all book about the First Lady. The book is “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.”

It is reported in the book there were several reasons why Melania refused to move into the White House immediately. One was that Melania did not want to use the same shower and toilet as Michelle Obama had. The bathroom had to be renovated before Melania would move in.

Becki Falwell. Wife of Jerry Falwell, Jr. Fallen President of Liberty University.

Facts continue to come out. Once the door is open on a sensitive issue regarding a public figure, there is no stopping what comes out. Secrets are no longer secrets.

The Falwell story was exposed when it became public that Becki Falwell was involved in a 7 year relationship with a pool boy she met at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. It was further reported that husband Jerry used to sit in a chair in the corner of the bedroom watching Becki and the pool boy having sex.

Husband Jerry denies watching.

Over the weekend, the next chapter became public. A 22 year old Liberty University student was staying overnight in the Falwell home. She was a band member and friend of a Falwell daughter.

She claims Falwell came into her bedroom in the night and had her orally copulate him. She did not fight back.

Another part of the story came out over the weekend also. Sex pays. Falwell resigned as President of Liberty University. His severance package was $10.5 million.

A few Trump observations.

He is loyal to those who are loyal to him. A group that includes his white base and selected international despots.

His tax cuts have benefited the very rich.

An entirely foreseeable pandemic caught him unaware.

His economy has tanked.

Millions of Americans are unemployed.

Most schools are shuttered.

He does not even pretend that he is President of all of us.

He wants us to vote for him because what is happening on his watch is unacceptable. He caused the problems!

No blog tomorrow. I have a morning of tests beginning at 8:30.

I am getting tired of being tested!

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. We have become two nations, one that thinks reasonably and the other that just denies things they don’t like or want to hear. This began back during Johnson’s presidency, during the VN war (Agent Orange?). but took off much more so during the Reagan years (Arms to Iran, Contra Wars, Chile, etc., etc.) Then the climate change thing. Rush Limbaugh is a denial High Priest, but no one better at it than Trump and his witch mouthpiece Kelly Ann (alternate facts) Conway.

  2. Your tests may be boring, but at least you get out of the house. Drive around the island, you might find that refreshing. Use the horn and annoy people. They’ll think your a Republican just being an azz!

    • Or you can drive around the island and burn down and loot sloppy joes. They’ll just think you’re a progressive being an azz!

      • No, people would know it was a right winger, trying to provoke people thinking it was a progressive, like what went on in Minneapolis and Portland.

        • Your head is stuck far up your azz. Antifa, BLM Marxists and blind progressives are going to blow this thing for Biden. Maybe it’s time to denounce them and their Kubrick like “ultra violence”. We are now living through a socialist “clockwork orange”. Congratulations. You own this.

          • …go ahead, it’s ok sign using your real name, Timothy McVeigh! one of the original proud boys, openly attempting a boogaloo and predicting Biden’s demise. by way of proven false flag operations.

            Kenosha mentality owns it fool, not BLM! You seem to ignore that this all happens on Trumps watch, not Biden’s. Biden didn’t cause this and neither did any Socialists. That’s just your blame shift. It is Trumps fascists regime behind all of this and most Americans know that. Let’s elect Joe and clean up the problem. With Trump, it’ll be just more of the same, or worse, more of the same without Social Security.

            • Hey Beetoven, what brand of tin foil do you make your hats out of? Stop using the cheap stuff and try some Reynolds. The dark forces are penetrating through your no-frills foil. Good luck buddy. MAGA!

              • Always a smear remark (and a stupid no sense one at that) from you when someone else shows your responses to be nothing but cheap political rattle, eh?

                Kind of makes you look transparent (like we can all see through you) doesn’t it.

  3. Who is running Biden’s campaign? And why are they running it into the ground? Biden went to PA today to speak before a small audience at a university.I believe this is his first trip out of Delaware since March. His FB page does not list any upcoming personal appearances. Biden is at his best when speaking to a live audience, so what’s going on? The virus precaution excuse just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

    Trump, meanwhile, is all over the place. You can’t turn on the news without seeing Trump ar some event in some city in another state. It’s like they have cloned the guy and there are several of them out there campaigning.

    If Joe’s handlers think they can just ride his slim polling margin into the election, then they are heading for a train wreck.

  4. You do know what the term “Antifa” stands for don’t you. It is an abbreviation for “Anti-Fascists” which makes a mockery of the concept of there being an “Anti-Facists,” facists group ridiculous and soooo Trumpspeak it’s even funnier. You got to be some kind of stupid idiot of a blind follower to use the term.

    And “BLM Marxist” is also another example of a term that makes no sense, but Trump seems to loves words that scary and voodoo like and his stupid followers are so willing to do anything for him they go ahead and repeat this sh*t, not knowing how foolish it makes them look.

    But then, you can’t fix stupid (but why advertise you’re down with that?

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