So much news! Overwhelming! Today, especially so.

Which means a Morning Stew day. No order or sense of continuity. I take my notes as written and go for it.

Respectfully, Trump a “crazy” leading the “crazies.”

He describes liberals and those with opposing thoughts from him as “radical left maniacs.” Words neither conciliatory nor helpful in making friends.

Trump today will be an unwelcome guest in Kenosha. Neither the Mayor nor Governor want him.

Trump’s words on just about every subject scary. Unless you’re a far righter, white supremacist, racist or nut.

Florida’s Governor DeSantis has extended the moratorium on rent evictions one month to October 1. The fifth time he has done so.

In Key West, most renters are the working class who have not been working. Bartenders, waiters and waitresses. Where are they going to get money to pay the accumulated rent due when the time comes?

Gun sales have risen dramatically in the past several months. The reason simple. People are afraid. They sense there might be a need to protect themselves. Even against the government.

From March to July, gun sales were record breaking. This year between these months, up 84 percent from the same period in 2019. Gun sales March to July this year were 8.5 million.

An interesting report from the Kenosha Police Chief. More than half those arrested during the 7 days of unrest were from outside Kenosha.

Anarchy is on the rise in this country. Beware!

Chad Wolf is the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security. On the Tucker Carlson show recently, he said the Department of Justice was “targeting and investigating” leaders of BLM, Antifa, and those paying for the organization of rioters.

Pray tell, what is happening to free speech?

What is good for the goose is good for the gander applies here. Far right groups have financial backers. Wealthy Americans. They have opened their pocket books to provide monies to aid and abet their demonstrators and counter demonstrators.

Both Trump and Biden appeared on TV yesterday. I watched both.

Trump was interviewed by Laura Ingram. My impression throughout the interview was the man is losing it. His blatant racism was evident. A supporter of white supremacism  unquestionably.

Biden appeared alone and presented his thoughts for the day.

Biden impressive. A steady Eddie.

He covered most of the issues briefly and succinctly.

One negative. Biden needs to open his eyes. It is obvious he is reading. Not a problem. Even Trump does. However when he reads and moves his head not, his eyes tend to close to narrow slits. He does look like a sleepy Joe.

When he does move his head to emphasize a point, his eyes open and his words have a greater impact.

Someone tell Biden.

World War II began this day in 1939 when Nazi Germany invaded Poland. A no competition event. Hitler overran Poland in a very few days. Polish soldiers on horses were no match for Hitlers tanks and airplanes.

Coronavirus is the plague of today. There was another in the U.S. in 1862. Yellow fever.

Yellow fever raged in Key West during September of that year. Killed 47. Twenty members of the 90th New York Regiment and 27 at the Marine Hospital.

Key West and Monroe County schools began reopening yesterday. A phased in opening that will take place this entire week.

School officials believe the children will be subjected to a “moderate exposure.” The School District has also prepared a Guide to Safely Reopening Schools.

Some of you may think I am generally opposed to reopening anything. I am.

Not only reopening in our area, but also nationwide.

The U.S. has made little significant progress in fighting/defeating coronavirus. Everyone is tired of confinement, close downs, etc. So the word is lets try.

The reentry is a forced one under the circumstances.

I agree with New York’s Governor Cuomo. A man who has achieved significant success in New York. New York schools are reopening. Cuomo reluctant to see it happen. Not his calling.

Remember, school reopenings involve children.

Cuomo said increases in coronavirus cases is “inevitable” in some places. The question is how good is a school’s plan to deal with new cases, how officials enforce rules, and whether a school’s plan can curb an outbreak.

He went on to say: “What we’re seeing with colleges, I think it’s going to be replicated on K-12.”

Absolutely amazing! September 1 already!

As one gets older, time moves more swiftly. Not comforting.

Take off the masks! No more masks! The cry world wide.

U.S. people have protested against the wearing of masks. They don’t believe the virus will hit them. Some do not believe there is such a disease. Some are fed up with wearing a mask.

The problem is not only in the U.S. In recent days large protests have occurred in London and Berlin.

People want back to normal. Understandable. We all do. Not the time yet, however.

I suspect these demonstrations are organized. In all countries. How can so many get together for such a protest.

Some groups want to overturn/upset the governmental apple cart in every country. Tear down the establishment. Form a new type government.

Shades of Steve Bannon.

Great Britain is getting very hard in its handling of the virus. Anyone organizing an “illegal party” will be fined up to 10,000 pounds. A big time penalty!

Countries are learning they have to become “hard ass” in order to defeat coronavirus. Another example being New Zealand which has opened “quarantine camps.”

The U.S. fails to do anything severe to defeat the virus. Understandable where Trump from day one has failed to take the virus seriously.

It has been months and we are all waiting for the virus “to go away.”

If memory proves correct, there are more than 30 million unemployed in the U.S. Mostly lower waged workers.

There is a second wave of layoffs on the horizon. Has just begun. This one will affect those with well paying jobs. Companies are prepared to slim down staff at higher levels.

These jobs will never return. Once a company learns it can do without high end costly employees, there jobs are gone forever.

In the meantime, lower payed workers have slowly begun returning to work. Automation waiting to replace them.

There is a point to be made. Nothing will ever be “normal” again. A new normal will rise. People will have to learn and to adjust.

Trump has had a hell of a month. Equivocating every day. The King speaking.

New York Times’ Timothy Eagen in an Opinion piece published 8/28/20, referred to Trump’s month as the “Guns of August.” It fits.

What goes around, comes around. So much truth in the statement.

On tuesday, a black Georgia man stabbed a white stranger. His excuse was that after watching videos of “police brutality,” he “felt the need to find a white man to kill.”

Tonight “Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou.” Join me. Listen to me rant and rave about what I like and don’t like in the world

Interesting and fast moving.

Nine my time.

Enjoy your day!

18 comments on “MORNING STEW #43

  1. Yesterday Joe Biden read from a prepared script to seven reporters seated in socially-distanced chairs in an otherwise empty room. He took no questions. When does his campaign start?

  2. On July 31st, Coleman, Serge and Sandy all smugly predicted here on Lou’s blog, that the Federal Courthouse in Portland, OR, would be demolished by the “peaceful protesters” before the end of August. following Trump’s failed goons withdrawing. The end of August has come and gone and it just didn’t Happen, did it guys? Another example how Sandy (and all his various false pseudonym helpers) really don’t know what they’re talking about and just like to be bad boy troublemakers themselves, using scary words instead of bullets.

    And if it wasn’t for the (documented) interference of Right Wing agitators, stirring things up, with the help (again documented) of Russian RT network, the whole place would now be just a memory. Apart from the continuing serious problems within the Portland Police Department itself.

    • Correct. The federal courthouse still stands, like a giant finger extended to all the “peaceful protesters” who tried so hard to burn it down for the past 97 days in a row. I’m glad to see it there, battered, scorched, spattered with paint, surrounded by an ugly riot fence and piles of debris. And still standing.

      I’m also glad that the federal police and state patrol have withdrawn. But wasn’t the violence and rioting supposed to end with their withdrawal? Didn’t you promise us that? Still, somehow, it goes on. The rioting has now moved to the neighborhoods and the mayors house, which the peaceful protesters threaten to burn down while they demand his resignation.

      Oh, and there’s the murder.

      God bless the courthouse and it’s defenders. May it continue to stand.

      • You were wrong Sergey, you are always wrong and always come up with some other lame excuse to defect that you were wrong. Always with the school boy bully BS, but never right. Always trying to start a fight, always the provocateur, never solutions. Only 19 died, right?

        Must be tough being you!

          • Sergey has a bad day a lot. You can always tell when because he usually Trolls excessively when things are bad, like yesterday. On an especially bad day he says outrageous things, like that day back in July when he predicted the end of the earth happening in Portland and other places if Trump surrendered the goons and pulled out without finishing the job, like what they did in Kenosha. But don’t worry Mrs Higgins, he’s harmless when he’s taking his meds.

  3. So Trump, who likes to smear Biden as being to old, apparently suffers from mini-strokes and needed to have the Vice President ready to go. Wonder if that should be disqualifying, or if it was just a temporary problem while experimenting with Covid cures he was touting as safe for everyone else, at the time.

    • We had a dog who had that same thing, he lasted almost two years with them, but wasn’t always functional while they were happening. I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone with that issue to be running for president, nor is it smart for us to knowingly allow someone with that kind of problem to be elected.

  4. Russian commies don’t need to attack us, they only need to whisper to the brain dead right wingers who then will destroy America from within, all by themselves. Think about that, Trump and his minions do what they are told by Russian infiltrators and then try and pin it on more reasonable Americans. And Sergey, Sandy and Patrick are all to eager to help.

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