I do not intend to get into police shootings with this topic. The error of the police is obvious.

I am going to go a step further. What I am about to share shows the stupid mentality of many police officers. It evidences a lack of rational judgment. Something missing upstairs.

Jacob Blake took 7 police bullets in the back. The video of the shooting all over the internet. The police will claim Blake was going for a knife he had in the car. I don’t care if he was going after a shotgun. Absolutely no way he could have gotten to any weapon, turned around, and did damage to the police officer.

Blake has been in the hospital since the incident. His injuries horrible. He has been rendered a paraplegic. Will never walk again.

He lies in the hospital bed heavily sedated.

Ain’t no way Blake is going anywhere at this time.

So why did the police shackle his leg to the bed? Insult added to injury. Why was a police officer left guarding him at all times?

His father had it. Father and lawyer went to the media and then court. Friday a judge said remove the shackles and get rid of the police officer.

The police excuse for using a shackle, and a metal one at that, was because there were 3 outstanding warrants for Blake for domestic abuse charges.

The Republican Convention.

Fifteen hundred people sitting shoulder to shoulder on the White House lawn. Wonder how many will come down with coronavirus in 2 weeks.

Trump’s speech was one the worst I have heard by a Presidential candidate. Dramatic, yes. Substantive, no. I thought Trump laid an egg.

He waved the flag, puffed his “accomplishments,” lied, and provided spin.

All I could think was will America fall for him again.

He knocked the hell out of Biden. That’s politics. The problem was everything Trump claimed Biden did wrong Trump had accomplished or attempted in his 3 1/2 years. He kept blaming Biden for his own wrongdoing.

Some are concerned the Republican Convention and Trump himself did him some good. Whereas Biden was ahead or tied in certain states, it now appears they may be tied in all the important ones. Trump definitely got a bump out of the Convention.

The Democratic liberal Michael Moore shares my concern. He says beware! Trump is on the move!

Generally there are 2 sides to a story. In politics, 2 opposing viewpoints.

Such is good. I have always believed  that no matter how way out, a counter view does not hurt. A proper thought/resolution will withstand testing.

We are each other’s indispensable opposition.

I received an e-mail from a blog reader which reflects her thinking. She is a die hard Republican and Trump supporter. She knows I am a liberal Democrat.

Here is what she had to say: “To answer all those of you who would say ‘I can’t believe you would vote for Trump.’ Well folks listen up! I’m just not voting for him. I’m voting for the second amendment. I’m voting for the next supreme court justice. I’m voting for the electoral college, and the Republic we live in. I’m voting for the police and law and order. I’m voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this Country. I’m voting for the flag that is always missing from the Democratic background. I’m voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored. I’m voting for secure borders. I’m voting for the right to praise my God without fear. I’m voting for every unborn soul the  Democrats want to murder. I am voting for freedom and the American Dream. I am voting for good against evil. I’m just voting for one person, I’m voting for the future of my Country.”

China. I am concerned about our relations with China.Things have gotten out of hand. Each side is pushing the other. Especially in the South China Sea.

I blame Trump for starting this mess. The sanctions.

Trump does not give up. The “China virus.”

There are a number of one side kicking the other situations. Any one of which could ignite an actual war. A war I believe the U.S. could lose. In spite of Trump’s saying we are the strongest nation in the world. Talk is cheap in this regard.

The South China Sea. The Chinese keep pushing us. They do not believe American war vessels and planes should be in the area. The Chinese bring their vessels close to ours. Bumping time some time in the future. Chinese planes buzz our planes. Some day there may be contact and then who knows what will happen.

Why do I think China is the more powerful nation militarily?

While the U.S. has been fighting wars in the Middle East and elsewhere for 20 years, the Chinese spent their money rebuilding their military. The Chinese navy is relatively new. Their submarines and missiles likewise.

The Chinese have built islands where none existed in the South China Sea. Impressive! Whole islands with airfields and military bases.

It is said that China has missiles capable of reaching U.S. shores. The U.S. on the other hand cannot say the same in reverse.

Trump keeps telling us all the money he is spending on the military. I don’t see it. The U.S. is not catching up with the Chinese timely. I sometime think that between allocation and spending, the money gets lost.

China is a proud country. Asians are sensitive people. They insult easily. Trump keeps insulting China. I worry China might say enough is enough and retaliate at some point.

Then real war. A war on our shores as well as China’s.

The result of such a conflict questionable in my opinion. I do not believe the U.S. is ready.

Laura did a hell of a job on Louisiana and Texas. An amazing hurricane. From nothing to a Category 4 in a matter of days. I read a report this morning indicating Laura went from a storm to a Category 4 in 48 hours.

It has been announced Trump will visit the hurricane damaged areas over the weekend. I hope he brings more than paper towels.

Irma struck September 10, 2017. The Keys are still not damage free. The federal money tap went dry. As it has with all other disasters which have confronted Trump.

I question whether the drying up of funds is based on a lack of concern for U.S. citizens. Trump goes in a few days following a natural disaster, promises the world, and then leaves. Things happen for a while. Then nothing.

Florida and its counties are still owed reimbursement dollars in the millions from Trump’s federal government. There are still people living in tents in the Keys. Canals are highways. Not all canals cleaned. Keep in mind, boats, cars and houses are in the canals and still need to be removed.

Key West lost one of its most prominent citizens this week. Paul Worthington. He passed on at 72.

Paul was the co-owner of Schooner Wharf. He and his wife started the well known Key West landmark many years ago. Together they did much to develop the historic Key West Bight.

He will be missed.

May he rest in peace.

Enjoy your day!




  1. Tha person who is voting for the 2nd amendment, etc maybe he/she should consider voting for the complete constitution and the enforcement of it which this administration is ignoring !!!!!!!

  2. Lou, sometimes we all have crank’s for friends. Your friend who is voting for Trump, “no matter what,” sounds like one of those people. She would probably be onboard too, even if he cheats, in fact I’d bet she’d would even turn the other eye if she saw him cheat, or maybe even help he do it. We can’t do anything about that kind of mental illness (that’s not an opinion) that’s just the way it is.

    If that is the majority of Americans, than we the rest of us will have to live with it. If that is just a crackpot and not the rest of us, then we must get out to vote and see to it the crackpots don’t take over and ruin what even they think is a solution.

  3. Lou, if your lady friend who you described as a “die hard Republican and Trump supporter” is that gal from Michigan who was doing all that research for you back when, then I don’t think you should use her as any kind of bellwether indication of any tide bending towards Trump. I remember her on you blog boosting McCain against that interloper Obama way back when. She’s not rational about her politics and probably could care less about Trump or anyone else as the Republican candidate. She’s red eyed blind on the subject and only cares about hate for Democrats. It’s not Trump she wants, everything else is immaterial to her, even those things she says are important to her. She’s about hate and bigotry. Reminds me of this people in St. Louis with their “get off my lawn” gun waving.

    I’m sure she’s not alone, but she’s not any part of a rising tide for Trump, she is part of the bed rock supporters that won”t be persuaded otherwise.

  4. Louis we demand you stop consorting with Republicans in any manner whatsoever. We will choose who you are allowed to talk with. And you better listen to us! We know how to burn shot down and loot.

  5. The only way for the BLM rioting protestors to repair the damage they have done to Biden’s election chances is to go out in daylight and quietly clean up the mess they made with brooms and shovels.

      • Although electing Biden probably won’t instantly solve ALL the problems instantly. Allowing Trump and his government to remain will definitely make things worse, far worse for everybody, not just on the BLM issue, but in so many other ways. We MUST have a change and now.

  6. Well I guess I am one of the minority readers, but your lady friend’s post was the first post in the past 4-5 years on you blog that I agree with and took the time to read. I was middle of the road, voted AGAINST HIllary which gave my vote to Trump in 2016. THis election I am voting FOR Trump. I know this is your blog and respect that you decide the subject, but my initial draw was reading about Key West and your Key West daily adventures. I skim through now when my eyes catch “Trump” and your strong dislike (hatred?) for him, until I find something actually about Key West to read

    • Hey Lou, keep doing what you do and don’t listen to someone like cec above, who makes his decisions on something so fickle. His “I’m voting for Trump unless you (Lou) start writing more about Key west and less about Trump,” seems more about Trolling than anything serious.

      My Suggestion to “cec” would be to read something else, than Lou’s blog and vote for who ever you like. Lou doesn’t need you either, especially if all you want to do is criticize and threaten him for writing a blog about what HE wants to write about.

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