Senator Mitch McConnell referred to himself as a “grim reaper.” His self identification at the time seemed to be terrible. However, he was only referring to legislation.

There is another grim reaper. A politician, also. Perhaps better classified as a “child killer in the making.” Florida’s Governor Ronald DeSantis.

Florida is out of control re COVID-19. Children included this time. Pediatric hospital admissions are soaring.

Florida schools open August 12. Last week, DeSantis made it clear he would be banning masks or making their use optional as regarded school children. With pediatric conronavirus surging, such means black days ahead for Florida’s school children come September and October.

Two reasons for the pediatric surge. The Delta variant and insufficient vaccines having been administered. There are age restrictions re administering vaccines to children. However those are in the process of being lifted. Until such happens, unvaccinated children continue to be subject to virus infection from their elders and other children.

DeSantis is adamant that he will not mandate vaccinations, regardless of whatever the federal government or CDC require and recommend.

Similar to letting a child enter a burning building to save the family dog.

As of last tuesday, Florida hospitals were caring for more COVID pediatric cases than at any time before. In fact, Florida ranked #2 with 135 cases. Second only to Texas that had 142 cases.

Florida’s cases were 46 definite and 22 wherein it was thought the children were infected.

Looking at admissions for the past month, Florida’s pediatric COVID admissions for children under 12 has been the highest ever. Interesting in that one year ago children were a group rarely infected.

Another set of numbers clearly reflecting the already significant increase in pediatric cases is the one month time frame from June 29 to July 29. On June 29, the 7 day average for those under 12 was 205. One month later on July 29, it had increased more than seven fold to 1,549.

Not only the seven fold increase, certain other records reflected the increase the highest ever anytime since the pandemic began.

Repeating myself, schools reopen in 2 weeks. DeSantis had banned masks in schools. The furor was such that DeSantis advised he was issuing an Executrices Order making masks in schools optional. Not enough, but better than nothing.

Prior to his optional statement, DeSantis threatened to “defund schools” if his ban was not followed.

Optional is not enough. Masks should be mandatory in all schools.

DeSantis has turned into a Pied Piper. He is leading Key West children in a direction many may not return from.

From DeSantis’ perspective, he says his concern is making sure “parents’ rights are protected.”

What about “children’s rights?”

Steve got to meet many successful people who came to Key West to vacation back in those days. One was Ed Money. His real name Edward Mahoney. Money was an American singer and song writer in the 1970’s and 1980’s. An international rock star.

Steve got to meet Money in TACOS paragraph 24.

A friend at the Casa Marina gave me a call / Said they needed a sailboat their’s was too small / I said I could do it, it would be OK / If I could get a friend to help for the day / So we picked up the couple with their beer in cans / And he asked if we were,

Eddie Money fans” / At first I said, “Well I don’t know” / Then I said, “Yeah sure, I guess so” / He and his girlfriend just arrived in town / We spent the whole day just sailing around / Then as we were heading back to the dock / He said, “I am really a Rock Star believe it or not” / “I make 20,000 a night and and that’s a fact” / My friend said some local boys do better than that / We went to my house and then out to eat / I decided he was really pretty neat / At first I thought he was a phony / Cause his credit card said Edward Mahoney / Then I saw him on MTV it was nice / He sang, “Two Tickets to Paradise.”

I am back into self-quarantine. Day 18. I view it as a no choice situation. Florida is heavy with the virus. Only going to get worse for a while.

Too many who never got vaccinated. Something like 95 percent of the people in hospitals today were not vaccinated.

Even Sloan. My Sloan. Respectfully, she was one of the know it alls. She wasn’t going to get it. Did. No hospitalization. Spent 10-12 days at home. Back to work now.

Enjoy your day!


      • Always? I’ve never posted here before. What’s sarcastic about the three words I posted? Louis works hard on this blog and regularly touts his global audience. You think some Louis-equivalent in Greece or South Africa knows US politics so well they immediately see past the error and arrive at Mitch McConnell?

        • The pedantic part was the correction (Yes those in Greece and South Africa would know the difference and if they didn’t they wouldn’t know who Mitch McConnell was anyway).

          The sarcasm was your snarkeness, proven with your followup response.

          Quit with the Jesuit superiority BS

  1. The likes of DeSantis and most of the GOP’s leadership, who mishandled Covid-19, make it obvious. They are pro-life, until birth.

      • not so, they want “choice” when it comes to wearing a mask. The responsible choice, saving lives.

        They demand pro choice when it comes to masks, but no choice when it has to do with womans right, or voting rights.

  2. Was Sloan vaccinated before she got Covid? Since she is the Master Know it all on your website, I would think she should have known better, if she wasn’t vaccinated.

  3. I think it’s great that you are self-quarantined Lou. If everyone who is afraid of Covid would just stay shut up in their home, the rest of the population could go about their business at their own risk. It’s much easier to control your own actions than it is to control others. Actually, you can’t control others. Only leads to frustration.

    • Thank you Lou, for thinking of the people around you and NOT just yourself. That is the responsible thing to do. After all “it takes a village” and thinking of just what YOU want to do should “trump” what everybody else wants to do for just themselves is not just selfish and irresponsible, it is perverted and wrong.

  4. There’s now talk about dramatically increased health insurance costs. Another consequence of those who believe they have the right to ignore good health practices.

    The arrogance of good judgement is a burden to everybody.

    Any society has unwritten codes and rules. Practice those or parish, fools.

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