The crucifixion of Cuomo. The smell of blood is in the air. The mob screaming kill.

Trump has done much worse including trying to overthrow the government and half the country still loves him. DeSantis and Abbott are on the verge of killing our children. Neither will suffer the persecution that Cuomo is and will.

Assume everything in the report is true, it still does not warrant the onslaught being waged.

We are a sick society.

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  1. i like the comparison you made. our society is very sick and very stupid. cuomo would have made a viable candidate for president in 2024.he has been a great leader for nystate, espically during the covid disaster. he is overly touchy feely and disregards other people’s rights. so here we are losing a good governor.marcia

    • For what, Republican smears?

      The New York AG said herself that his is not a criminal case and that any charges should be mad in Civil court.

      All the other stuff is purely republican political accusations, totally with out merit.

      Can’t you get anything right Sandy?

  2. Cuomo? Just more election cycle pearl clutching. Remember Al Franken?

    They even tried to get Joe Biden with that claptrap. Remember Tara Reade?

    So now it’s Cuomo on the rocks, while Trump got away with it.

    Once they are done with Cuomo and Newsom, they’ll try and pin that sh*t o the next one.

    After all, if they can make it a thing with Joe Biden, they can make it a thing for anyone else.

  3. Covid “fixes” another stupid.

    Scott Apley, a member of the Texas Republican Executive Committee.

    One by one they lose.

  4. “The independent investigation has concluded that Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harazzed multiple women and in doing so violated federal and state law.” – New York State Attorney General, Letitia James (D).

    James must be some sort of undercover republican operative. Probably working in secret with Roger Stone.

    • New York State Attorney General, Letitia James also said it was not criminal and should be settled in a Civil Court.

      In other words not prosecutable and maybe politically motivated.

    • Maybe not some sort of Republican operative, but also not a judge or a jury. Furthermore she was acting on the directive of the NYS legislature, at the behest of a Republican senator who has announced he plans to run for governor, as required by NYS law.

    • Yes, more than 4.1 Million have been diagnosed, of which many have died with that number dangerously growing exponentially.

      Why must you idiots deny the problem and attempt to cover for DeSantiss.


      Republicans claim to be “Pro Life” but that’s only “until they are born”

      • Diagnosed and Dying are two separate results. “Many” doesn’t mean anything.
        If you are so concerned maybe you should have gotten vaccinated instead of “endangering all the children”. Don’t deny it, Lou already told us you got Covid.

        • “Many doesn’t mean anything” ???


          Us that how you feel about abortion too?


          Thanks for reminding us not to take you seriously on ANYTHING!

  5. You are delusional and YOU are the problem.

    …you are also ignorant and arrogant. I was vaccinated in March AND April.

  6. It must be considered, the (low) standard and bar-set accepted by Trump supporters, must NEVER be the standard of America. That is their shame. Just because Trump got a “pazz” it should in now way excuse the bad behavior of other elected officials. If Cuomo messed up, then Cuomo must face the consequences.

    • I agree, it is just hard to accept anybody taking this Cuomo stuff seriously, after Trump getting away with everything.

  7. Republicans don’t care about Trump getting away with everything or Cuomo being hung out to die. In today’s world they would be all for Christ being crucified and the Romans scoring a win. A win is everything to them, even if they don’t know or care what it’s for.

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