Womenfest has arrived. An international meeting of lesbians and their friends. An annual Key West event.

The weekend will be busy. The ladies take over. Their numbers huge. All kind of fun activities.

Kelly McGillis will be here. She was one of the orangizers of the event back when. You may recall her as the lovely lady in Top Gun opposite Tom Cruise. For several years during her acting career, Kelly lived in Key West. She was an owner of two restaurants with her then husband.

Dancing, singing, pool parties, naked cruises, setting sun cruises, tag football, etc. Go for it ladies! Key West is yours!

Went to bocce last night. To watch. No bocce. The courts were still wet from the morning’s rain. Stopped at Don’s Place. Only Keith from the team there. Talked to him a bit.

Then to the Chart Room. Business good. Chatted with John a while. He is off to Puerto Rico and other points next week. A ten day vacation.

Some Key West from the past.

The Beatles were in Key West for two days years ago. They were flying to Jacksonville to do a show. Hurricane Dora prevented the trip from being completed. They landed in Key West.

The Beatles stayed at the Key Wester Motel. Frolicked in the pool.

After they left, an enterprising young man filled small bottles with water from the pool. Sold them as water the Beatles had swum in.

Bum Farto was a famous Key West Fire Chief. Also a cocaine dealer. He had strong connections with Columbia. He was indicted and headed for jail.

On this day in 1975, he disappeared. Never to be seen again. Many believe he went the way of Jimmy Hoffa.

1855 and William Hackley. Baby better. Expects her to grow soon. Present problem is Baby has thrush. William has a leg problem. Ankle to knee swollen on one leg. No pain. He walks on it.

On this date in 1975, Elvis Presley made his big time TV debut. On the Ed Sullivan Show. The whole world watched. Even me.

Elvis’ moving hips were considered immoral. The TV camera only framed him in from his chest up.

That’s the way it was back then!

I periodically speak of Courmayeur and Chamonix. Places I have visited many times. Places I mention in this blog. Where Anna has been the past week.

Both communities sit on the side of Mont Blanc. The tallest mountain in Europe. Part of the Alps. Awesome appearing!

Anna e-mailed me twice yesterday and the news is talking about the almost disaster on Mont Blanc between the two towns.

Cable cars run up and down the mountain. Go 11,000 feet high.

I did it once about five years ago. From the time the cable car started moving, I was convinced I had made a mistake. As it moved up and I looked down, I knew I had made a mistake. A never ending fall. I was uncomfortable.

Tragedy almost occurred yesterday. Several of the cars stopped half way up. The cables got screwed up. More than 100 people involved. One a 10 year old.

The cable cars are covered gondolas. Helicopters were able to get some out. About 100 were stuck overnight. Blankets, food and water were gotten to them together with a rescue person to keep them calm. All from helicopters.

In  the morning, the remaining 100 were able to get down via the cable cars. Things got fixed.

I was right five years ago. You had to be crazy to get on one!

Look at the photos on the internet. The view below the cable cars is like looking into a never ending deep hole in the earth.

This week’s KONK Life column the Star Spangled Banner…..Birth To Today appears in this morning’s E-Blast and has also been linked to my Key West Lou web page.

Enjoy your day!





  1. “Setting sun cruise” is fascinating phrasing. It’s a flag football tournament in its 26th year. And Russia (and Georgia) are part of Europe making Mount Elbrus, and several others, taller than Mont Blanc. Google is your friend.

    • You are correct. Mont Elbrus is taller than Mont Blanc. Thanks for the correction. To be frank, I never heard of Mont Elbrus till you brought it to my attention today. As I comment on occasion, I continue to learn.

  2. Clearly Bum Farto got out of Dodge… err… off the rock. He wasn’t about to go to jail. But I’m confident that he is not visiting Hoffa.

    Rather, he went to Cuba or Las Vegas, Nevada. He had connections that would have made either one possible. And he had been building his “retirement account” via the Square Grouper trade so he would have the money to do it.

    I think it most likely that he went to Vegas. Considering his flamboyant lifestyle, he would have been bored to tears in Cuba. Besides, Fidel would likely have confiscated his “retirement account”. In Vegas he would hardly be noticed. He could wear anything… rose colored glasses, drive anything, and go anywhere without standing out much.

    Another train of thought with the “Vegas” connection is that he was taken into the witness relocation plan and living off huge reward money on the top floor of the Diamond of the Dunes until it was blown up in 1993. One Vegas story is that he was in the building when it was blown up refusing to leave. Another is that Steve Winn agreed to simply move him to the top of the Winn when it was completed.

    Whatever the case, if he is still alive, he would be 97 years old.

  3. I’ve heard pretty much the same. That Hoffa is helping to reinforce a roadbed or foundation somewhere. And that Farto was in Vegas doing quite well. I wonder if we will ever know for sure.

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