Irma marked us for life. Such is obvious from my words since and the comments of other Key Westers. Once was enough, hopefully not again.

The problem is every developing storm immediately becomes one for concern. Will it happen again?

There is a storm developing. It has been on some news shows the past 2 days. A “tropical disturbance.” Not even worthy of being labeled a tropical storm.

Presently over the lower Antilles. Big time showers. Described as “drenching.” The area it covers is massive. Which is the main reason I am concerned.

Its path is over Cuba and Puerto Rico. Then up through Florida. Through the Keys. If it deviates, it could hit first at Miami.

Should the present path continues, we would be more aware of where it is and what it is by the late weekend.

The odds are the rain and winds will run out before the disturbance even hits Cuba. Then concern will have been for naught. Or, it may increase in power but turn northwesterly which would take it away from the lower Keys.

Bad things stick in a person’s mind forever.

Anna is back from her one month Poland trip. Which means my house is clean clean once again. Anna was over yesterday morning and did the necessary. She returned none too soon. The house’s condition was getting to me.

Yesterday, a typical warm heavy humidity day. I say such with humor. The humidity is only beginning. August and September the worst months are yet ahead.

Picked up Mary at 3 and we headed for a breakfast/lunch at Harpoon Harry’s. Good food!

Tonight Dueling Bartenders at Aqua. A special reason for going tonight. Terri White is singing!

The new Farmers Market is open. At the Truman Waterfront. Thursdays from 10-2.

“Men are crowding nail salons this summer.” So reported Ray A. Smith in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Attributed to men’s footwear companies pushing sandals. Companies like Gucci, Valentino, and Rich Owens.

It is reported even LeBron James is getting pedicures.

I view what has come with a singular thought. The world has finally caught up with me. I have been getting pedicures and manicures for 40 years. In fact, I am scheduled for both at noon with Tammy.

Another lesson to be learned from history. Hitler became head of the Nazi Party this day in 1921. It thereafter took him roughly 15 years to gain real power.

Trump has accomplished it in 2 1/2 years.


Trump announced his appointment of Republican Texas Congressman Jim Ratcliffe to be his new Director of National Intelligence. He will be replacing Dan Coats. Coats a respected and knowledgeable public official. Ratcliffe not in the same league.

Coats and Trump have not been getting along for many months. Trump either does not take Coats advice or totally ignores Coates when making an intelligence decision.

Ratcliffe’s primary support his questioning of Mueller this past week at one of the Congressional hearings. Trump saw him. Thought he was terrific. I thought he was an ass. Interesting.

Ratliffe will be blindly loyal to Trump. A yes man. He will not speak truth to power as Coats did.

One thing that can be said for Trump is he is consistent. He attacks everyone. Even those who have stood with him. He shows no partiality.

Trump knocks others by spewing filth. No other way to describe what comes out of his mouth. His most recent victim Congressman Elijah Cummings. Cummings is African American. Has been a U.S. Congressman for more than 30 years. He has the distinction of being one of the blacks during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s who walked across a bridge to be clubbed by police on horseback.

Cummings is like John McCain. What can be said bad about him?

Trump has found a way. He attacked Baltimore. Part of Baltimore is represented by Cummings.

Trump described Baltimore as a “disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.”

I read somewhere this morning an apt observation about Trump’s comments: “Better to have a few rats than be one!”

New York’s Jonathan Chait finds it difficult to understand how a President can disparage parts of his own country. He says it is “…..unique in American history.”

Which brings me to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Kushner’s companies are landlords of several Baltimore area housing projects. Housing violations and mismanagement activities numerous. Kushner has been described as a “slum landlord.” In the year 2017 alone, Baltimore County fined the Kushner companies for more than 200 code violations.

Word has it Trump picked up the rodent infested, etc. purported situation from a FOX commentator this past week. I am willing to bet he did not know of his son-in-law’s problems in Baltimore County.

Enjoy your day!

18 comments on “THE FEAR OF ANOTHER IRMA

  1. The irony is how Trump attacks anyone else who is critical of America, as long as it suits his political agenda. The tragic part, is a significant number of Americans will cheer him on, without acknowledging the irony.

  2. It looks like Trump can do anything he wants, just like a king. I never thought I would look at a President that way. How far will he go?

    • Obama’s folks presented lies to the court so spying could be done on American citizens. Just like in pre 1940 Germany.
      Baltimore was once a great American city. I like to take the northern route no 95 deplorable trail for me; New Haven, NYC, Newark, Philadelphia, Baltimore, DC, Richmond. All once proud Cities now hell holes. Trumps words are true if you do not look at the rich, but the poor in these towns. What has the swamp done for them? Just think, not ONE Baltimore high school graduate in 2017 reached the States lowest standards in MATH. Would we take that in the Keys? The City and the Senator have failed their kids. There no lies in Trumps words. Over 1,000,000,000.00 federal dollars went to Baltimore BUT not to the children.
      Trumps words are hard but the members of the swamp have been harder on their own.

      • Sounds to me you have some kind of warped “big-city’ phobia to me. It’s a lot like the kind of stories I hear from my family in rural Wisconsin about their fears of Milwaukee.

        But you’re right about schools and our kids not learning, however you’re wrong about it being just a big city problem. Almost all of the problems you talk about exist in rural communities too, probably on a much wider basis all across the country. Why? well, take a look at how politicians denigrate teachers. And who more so that Ronald Reagan, who never had a good thing to say about any teacher or the unions who represented them. He also made sure there were no federal dollars allocated to them wherever he could. We’ve been having an education crisis for a VERY long time now, self inflicted. But we sure don’t mind complaining about the results do we?

        • Hi,
          Born in Brooklyn, schooled in Manhattan. An educator for 33 years, math and science, in a mill town run by the Democratic Party with Irish and French immigrant factory workers. But parents new the value of good schooling and supported the teachers.
          It is the leadership and Parents who are the failure in several cities. They need to work for the success of their kids and neighbor.
          The Senator should be working VERY hard to cut off the supply of drugs to City, harder than he works at holding hearings over nothing.

      • I live in Guilford England, not quite an hour out of London. I don’t go into London, avoid it like the plague, now that’s a hell hole!

      • Most people who live in the Florida Keys, think Key West is a kind of hell hole and to be avoided at all costs!

  3. If you don’t learn your homework you will fail in school, no matter where you are. The teachers’ job ends at the school exit, there is nothing more they can do for the student. It’s what happens in the home that counts.

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