A week ago, I wrote that suddenly there were some new massage parlors in Key West. I had never seen many. They all had the same name.

I observed 4 in different parts of Key West. All hidden/secluded a bit. One had to specifically be seeking a parlor out in order to find it. I was seeking after I observed the first one.

For professional purposes only, of course.

This morning I came across an interesting article on the internet. The first took me to several others. Massage parlors are on the rise in the U.S.! Especially Asian ones.

Actually human trafficking. The money good. For the owners, not the girls. It is estimated there are presently 9,000 illicit massage parlors. The take $2.5 billion a year.

Recall Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots. He was arrested for allegedly patronizing one. His case still pending.

The influx is especially great in Southern Florida.

Those arrested include men and women. The ladies the prostitutes. They generally plead guilty to prostitution. The men operators. They walk or plead to some bullshit charge.

The massage parlors are not independent operators. They are part of a conglomeration of parlors. Each one a subsidiary. A network of them. Ownership so intertwined it is difficult to ascertain actual ownership. All limited liability. A way to hide the names of investors. Most of the corporations formed through accounting offices.

Again ownership difficult, if not impossible, to trace. That is why the girls plead to prostitution and the men walk.

Money laundering suspected as the primary reason for the parlors and the method by which they are structured. Most international. Similar in set up to international drug cartels.

The legal set up makes it next to impossible for authorities to discover those actually responsible.

If there is a raid, the parlor shuts down for a day. The ladies moved elsewhere. The business reincorporated under a new name.

The massage parlors advertise. In modern day fashion. Over the internet. The site called Rubmaps. Opening page introduction: Finally A Happy Ending Massage.

Lets localize the topic again. Check Rubmaps. You will find massage parlors of the type described in Key West and Big Pine. Maps for location purposes, recommendations, etc. Photos also of the inside of a particular parlor. Magnificent! Well done!

The tab $200. A customer can receive a massage and then the special attention required. Or go straight to the special attention item. Tipping appreciated, but not required.

It will be interesting to see what local authorities do with the parlors. Convictions of the real culprits next to impossible. Close one down today and another under a different ownership will open the next day. A lot of work for police and State Attorneys with no appreciable result.

On the other hand, if nothing is done the Asian massage parlors will spread like a cancer. Does Key West and the lower Keys really want this? I appreciate that our community has a risque reputation. There has to be a line, however. The strip/gentlemen’s clubs together with tourists meeting up for a 24 hour affair should be enough.

Now my yesterday.

I now wear 24 hours a day a chain around my neck with a small push button at the end. If I fall, have some sort of attack, I merely press the button and help is on its way in 15 seconds. Or so it is advertised.

I found out yesterday how thorough and how swift.

My alert system is through Bay Alarm Medical. After yesterday, I have to swear by them.

I accidentally pressed the button while dressing. A box in my bedroom began shouting ALERT. I shouted back a mistake. Within 10 seconds, a woman was on the phone. She wanted to know if I was ok, identify myself, etc. I assured her I was fine and I had hit the button by mistake. I don’t think she believed me. She kept talking and asking me questions. Ten minutes later while driving down the Boulevard, the Key West Police called asking how I was, if I needed rescue, etc. I told the same story again. A mistake.

I was in Aqua for Dueling Bartenders 10 minutes later. Over the period of the next half hour, I received one more call from the local police and 5 from the Bay Alarm Medical out of Utah. Different persons each time. Each time I told the story again….I made a mistake!

No question, they wanted to be sure. Left me comfortable. Gave me confidence. The system obviously is a good one. Responds! I know it will be there if I am ever really in need.

My day began earlier with a manicure and pedicure by Tammy. The service and Tammy always pleasant.

Then to Dr. Norris’s office for an appointment. He was running 2 hours late. Took me 3 hours before I got out.

I still have to be careful. Watch for this falling backward thing. Feel it every day. I am cautious each time I get off a chair, out of bed, or move swiftly. Norris is sending me to a neurologist.

I recall a time when I did not see a doctor for years. Now, an integral part of my life.

Besides the medical alert people, I heard Terri White. She was guest performer last night. Joined Rich Dery.

Donna and Mary came in.

Afterwards Mary and I went to La Trattoria for dinner. Ran into Elaine, a friend from the Chart Room. Pleasant Tiffany bartending.

The storm I mentioned yesterday. The one over the Lesser Antilles. Had just begun to form. Might be a hurricane at some point. Key West could be in trouble.

This morning’s news tells us the rain storm broke up. The rain would follow a path northeast of the U.S., except for a small portion which would brush eastern Florida.

Another shooting. This one in Los Angeles. At a Gilroy Garlic Festival. Three dead, several wounded. One of the dead a six year old.

The Los Angeles Times titled an article re the shootings “Killings Part of a Sick American Tradition.”

They are. We have to get the monkey off our backs. I blame the NRA and the Republican Party. The Republicans because they blindly followed the NRA as today they do Trump.

The Democratic Presidential Debate tonight 8-10. My blog talk radio show in the middle at 9. Can’t win.

I will be watching the debate before and after. Those who will be watching my show, I thank you in advance. To those who cannot, remember the show is archived immediately and can be heard 24 hours a day.

My blog show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou will explore topics of interest. I rant and rave. Especially Trump issues. Join me for a half hour of interesting and sometimes humorous chatter.

Enjoy your day!






  1. Are you OK Louis? There’s a lot of grammar/spelling errors in your post and this is very unusual. I hope you’re feeling right.

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