The convoy game got its start a few week ago in Canada’s capital Ottawa. It has now come to the U.S. capital Washington, D.C.

Canada’s truckers convoy was renamed the Freedom Convoy. The U.S.’ began as the Freedom Convoy. On its first day in operation in Washington it changed its name to the People’s Convoy.

The purpose of Canada’s convoy was to protest mandate restrictions. As soon as the truckers became aware 90 percent of Canadian people were vaccinated, it changed its purpose to several different things.

The purpose of the Washington convoy appears to be a supplement to COVID problems. The Washington group acknowledges “COVID is well in hand now.” Its purpose is what they erroneously believe is the required next step in a follow up to COVID: They want to help the American people get back to work in a free and unrestricted manner.

Bullshit. Why don’t they admit they wanted to do the convoy thing in the U.S. and needed a reason therefore. So they came up with the milk and toast reason.

The first convoy vehicles began arriving saturday night. They are parking in Hagerstown, Maryland at a speedway site. The first group 1,000 trucks. Could reach 2,000 in a few days.

The truckers’ claim they are at the speedway in Maryland because they do not wish to interrupt Washington traffic.

Thus far the truckers have been “very respectful and caused no problems.”

Their intended route is the Beltway.

Their first trip on the Beltway was yesterday. A small number involved. Calmly moved around the Beltway. Occasionally honking a horn.

The truckers even had a police escort

The trip was limited to two times around the Beltway. It is expected to increase every day as the week progresses.

Everything kumbaya.

There has been some chanting and sign carrying at the speedway itself: Anti-Biden slogans and support for Trump.

Again it does not make sense the truckers would drive many miles to do a “protest” not required. Some from as far as California. Did they want to take the ride? Are they preparing for an even larger truck protest in the future? Maybe they have nothing better to do. I do not understand.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman wrote an interesting line this past week: “Welcome to World War Wired – the first war in a totally interconnected world.”

Right he is. The internet, social media, etc. is terrific. We all know and many times can see what happens as it happens or within minutes.

The price of oil is surging. Topping $130 a barrel at the moment. Oil experts believe the cost could go to $200 a barrel this month.

Scumbag. The best description I have been able to come up with as regards Putin.

He agreed on two separate occasions to “humanitarian corridors.” Then he had his soldiers fire on the fleeing Ukrainians.

Putin has now come up with another “humanitarian corridor.” He will allow residents of the Ukraine’s two main cities to flee in “corridors to Russia.”

It has been described by some as an “immoral stunt.” Others warn “beware!” It could be another Putin gambit. The Ukrainians will be shot as they move along the Russian corridor.

The man can not be trusted. He has no respect for human life. He thrives on people being killed.

Russian equipment. Appears to be aged, less than adequate. Reportedly is breaking down easily.

The equipment appears not to have been ready for war. Neither it appears the soldiers who are ill trained. Many have surrendered easily to Ukraine forces.

Then the issue of food. Russian soldiers are reported to be in short food supply. And have been so since day one.

What Putin does have are nuclear weapons which from all reports have been kept up to date. He has kept manufacturing them. Russia has significantly more than the U.S.

Putin has the ability to cause an apocalypse. I am concerned he would do it, the scumbag he is.

It was reported this morning that the U.S. has agreed to provide airplanes to Poland who in turn will provide them to the Ukrainians for use. The planes are MIG-29s and F-16s.


Duke Coach Krzyzewski’s honors this past week were well earned and well done. His last home game. He is retiring after the Big Tournament.

Duke’s last game was against North Carolina. Duke was expected to be a double digit winner. Instead, it lost by double digits.

The loss bothered Coach as he spoke to the crowd following the game. He apologized: “I’m sorry…..it’s unacceptable.”

He assured them however “the season was not over.”

Positive words from the college coach who has won more games than any other in collegiate basketball history.

Syracuse has been consistent this season. Losing. Played its last season game saturday. Lost to Miami 75-72. Syracuse season record 15-16.

Like a knife in my chest!

Miami was typical of many Syracuse games this season. Having big leads and not being able to hold them. Losing close ones.

Syracuse was up at one point in the first half 18 points.  Syracuse led at half time 37-26.

Syracuse led with 2.5 minutes left in the game by 10 points.

Consistency is a wonderful thing.

Enjoy your day!


  1. There has been some chanting and sign carrying at the speedway itself: Anti-Biden slogans and support for Trump.

    So, they are in support of the Seditionist. Ok, got it.

  2. I guess we now know why the shelves at the grocery stores are always so empty.

    Who is it that’s causing it again?

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