I never understood the term the calm before the storm till I began living in Key West. In my approximate 30 years here, I have experienced a hurricane or two. Actually several.

There is a calm before a storm. No question about it.

The day before a hurricane hits, nothing moves. The water is like a mirror. Flat and quiet. There is no wind. The trees do not move.

Twenty four hours later, all hell breaks loose.

That is how it has been with regard to news the past several days. Trump is out of office. Twitter and several other social media sites have bared him from use of their sites.

With Trump significantly out of the news, there is a calm. It is the calm before the storm. A few days from now, the impeachment trial is scheduled to begin. I doubt it will on time. The first move by his attorney will be an application to the Supreme Court to declare an impeachment trial after a President is out of office as unconstitutional.

The filibuster will be front page. The Democrats if they have any brains will vote it out and go back to majority vote. The U.S. is in trouble. The public by the last election said in effect to both parties stop screwing around and get something done. The Democrats can.

Other items of significance will pop up. However today there is nothing of importance from my perspective. We are in the midst of the calm.

Ernest Hemingway spent 10 yeas of his life a resident of Key West. Even after his move to Cuba, he used to frequently return to visit.

He was a writer. One of America’s fines. His words resound to present day and will continue ad infinitum.

Hemingway understood war. He was injured while an ambulance driver in World War I. He was a combat news reporter during World War II.

His words of wisdom contain much re war itself. And the men who fight those wars. He wrote, “There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never cared for anything else thereafter.”

Trump in my opinion was incapable of leading a coup. He could encourage one. Rabble rouse his followers. However the actual financing, organization, planning and carrying out of the coup are beyond his capabilities.

So to protect the U.S. from terrorism, etc., any investigation of January 6 must go beyond merely arresting those who stormed the interior of the Capitol.

Who are the big people behind this attempt to overtake and/or destroy the U.S. One must look beyond the January 6 group who vandalized the sacred halls of our government. The money people and those who philosophically want to see the overthrow of the existing government of the U.S.

Ninety nine percent of the demonstrators lacked the fiances, planning, and organizing talents to put together a demonstration such as occurred January 6.

I fear our legislators will not go far beyond January 6. Such leaves the “big guys” free to play the coup game again in the future. A future not that far hence.

An interesting tidbit of information. Involves the police. Recognize Trump and the police have generally walked hand in hand.

A recent study revealed 84 percent of police officers are registered Republicans. Even more interesting, the study revealed 84 percent voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

Query: Are most of the police officers “cult” type followers?

Enjoy your day!


  1. I would label them “cult” followers if the believe and/or act upon many of the Republican conspiracies based on lies or fantasies, yes!

    I for one, don’t want to think our police believe in the boogie man.

  2. Lou you have spent too much time in isolation and are dreaming up conspiracy theories to fill your day.
    Get out- but do it safely

      • If the attempt to overrun the Capitol was planned, organized and financed by some person or group, then it was about the worst job of planning and organizing I have ever seen. I wouldn’t hire them to organize a one-car parade. Any military or law enforcement authority will tell you that the mob storming the Capitol Building was mostly made up of disorganized individuals who managed to enter the building without any real knowledge or plan for what to do when they got there. Most of them wandered around inside without any obvious purpose. If their “plan” was to take and hold the building, then they made a miserable job of it.

        • Of course, they were cult Republicans who, like their leadership in government, are piss poor at everyting. That was made abundantly clear with especially anything to do with the pandemic. Never the less people died.

  3. To me, the calm right after the storm was one of the worst parts.
    There was no breeze and it got hot. The electricity was out and so was the water. Had the windows open but it didn’t help much. No ac or fans.

  4. A recent study revealed 84 percent of police officers are registered Republicans. Even more interesting, the study revealed 84 percent voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

    Sometimes giving a pat on the back, bestowing praise or putting someone on a pedestal is all you need to win them over. They will rarely weigh the integrity of the source or care if they find out.

  5. A recent study revealed 84 percent of police officers are registered Republicans. Even more interesting, the study revealed 84 percent voted for Trump in the 2016 election.

    I remember Trump doing a campaign stop with law enforcement officers behind him. Trump made a comment to how officers place a SUSPECT in a police car for transport and processing- saying maybe they shouldn’t place their hand on the head of the ACCUSED to protect it from the car roof frame. Most grinned and laughed. Enough said on the 84 percent who support him.

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