DAY 1…..Greece the First time

Posted on May 28, 2012 by Key West Lou

I made it! I am in Italy! Screwed up a bit, no, a lot, from jet lag.

I could not write a blog yesterday. My head was all over the place.

So many things to share with you. I am going to run through as many as I recall.

Lets begin at Key West airport. The family saw me off. Robert and Ally excited. Each pulled one of my pieces of luggage. A big deal for them!

I have not flown in a while. The following may be old hat to you who do. To me it was new.

TSA security now permits those over 75 to go through with shoes on. No more shoes off. I am 76. Three different guards attacked me with shoes off! I looked, smiled and said I am over 75. They looked back in disbelief.  The scenario made me feel good. Vanity involved. Meant I do not look my age.

New cell phone a disaster. I still do not have its use down. This one has Bluetooth. Decided to use it in the airport. A mistake. I screwed things up. Every time the phone rang, no one was there. I could not correct it. I needed to put the cell phone on airport mode. Took me 20 minutes.  It is still on airport mode.

Trip from Atlanta to Milan a pain. Nine hours. I did not sleep a wink. It seemed like the whole plane slept but me. I walked the aisles and everyone looked dead as they slept.

Because of blood pressure and heart problems, I have a fluid problem. My ankles swell occasionally. I feared they would be huge by the time I reached Milan. I visited with my heart doctor before the trip. He said wear compression socks and take a water pill as soon as you get on the plane in Atlanta. I did both. Peed a lot. It worked! Swelling very minimal when I got off the plane in Milan.

Arrived in Milan 8 in the morning Milan time. Two in the morning my time. Permit me to interject, I was up 34 straight hours before I went to bed. There was no time to rest once I arrived.

My driver took me to Navarro. I am staying in Navarro a few days till I am over jet lag. It was a 30 mile drive.

The scenery reminded me of two things. First, it was like driving route 5 from Utica to Frankfort in upstate New York. A smattering of houses and barns. Fields otherwise. Second, in many places there was heavy foliage. Like that I saw in Virginia near Mount Vernon.

The fields were rice paddies. As far as the eye could see. Pools of water with what appeared to be blades of grass growing above. I had never seen rice paddies before, except in movies about China. Turns out northern Italy is one of the largest suppliers of rice world wide. The reason is the area sits at the foot of Mount Blanc. Water flows down the mountain. Fills the many streams and rivers. Water abounds below the land surface also. Easily tapable well style.

After miles and miles of rice paddies, there appeared a castle. Sitting on a mountain nearby. The driver told me the man who lives in the castle owns all the rice paddies. Plus a golf course nearby.

We drove over many bridges. All old in appearance. Some stone. Others metal. Napoleon responsible for them all. The people refer to Napoleon as King Napoleon. He conquered northern Italy in the early 1800s. Many French persons came to live here under Napoleonic rule. Their descendants still speak French. France itself is a hop, skip and jump away. Switzerland is nearby and French is common there.

I found it strange that in our 30 mile drive I saw very little traffic. Whether on a major highway complex or on a back road. I was told it cost money to drive. The price of gasoline is $12 a gallon. Additionally most roads have a tolling system which is expensive. When contracts are let to build or repair a road, the contractor gets a long time deal. Beside the construction or repair, the contractor gets to maintain the road for 30 years. It is the law! The contractor charges tolls purportedly to pay the cost of repairs. Actually it is a big money maker. Called positive cash flow. The tolls are very expensive. Some of the persons I discussed this topic with blamed the Mafia. In fact, in the short time I have been here I have discovered Italians blame the Mafia for everything.

We entered Navarro. I was impressed!

There is an extensive downtown area. Most of the buildings were built 1100 to 1300. They still stand. Are referred to as medieval. The roads are narrow. Very narrow. Like downtown Boston. The streets are all closed off, except to pedestrian traffic. No cars.

The buildings are magnificent. Majestic. Most muted pastel colors. Yellow, gray, tan and pink. Some concrete colored. Nothing big. Three to four stories. Ground floor expensive stores. A restaurant with outdoor seating here and there. Apartments on the floors above. The buildings appear to be of poured concrete. No wood. Tile roofs. Where ever stucco or brick is apparent, it is a facade. Merely attached to the wall of the building.

I am staying a few nights in one of the apartments. The buildings are magnificent as well. The staircases! I am staying in an apartment on the second floor. It is actually two stories. Once inside the apartment, there is a staircase to an upper floor. The apartment I am in is at least 4,000 square feet. Many rooms. Many baths.

The ceilings are art. Each is painted with a story. My bedroom is a hunt involving stags and dogs.

The furniture is all antique. It is like walking into a museum.

Every room has one or more outside balconies. Overlooking the street or inner court.

The inner court is a beauty in itself. Entrance is gained through a heavy wood door. The courtyard reminds me of the Roman courtyard to be found in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The exhibit on the first floor to the left of the staircase as you enter the left hallway. Resident cars are parked in the inner court.

I attended a dinner party last night. Great food!

There was a mixture of people. Navarro is obviously cosmopolitan. People from all countries. I spoke at length with a Muslim woman from Morocco. Actually, Casablanca. 35ish. Lovely. Dressed like every one else.

I said Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman. She did not know what I was talking about.

Her husband is Italian. He converted from Catholic to Muslim to marry her.

They have two grammar school age children. Both attend Catholic school. Neither has been baptized or confirmed. Their parents are leaving it to the children to decide when they are older. The Catholic Church is giving them no issue. The priest and nuns welcome the two into school with open arms. I doubt such would be permitted in the United States.

I was told that Morocco is very modern. None of the women cover their faces or wear long black robes. Mini skirts are very much in style. Although there are wars in the African countries all around Morocco, there is no conflict in Morocco. The people are of a different mind set.

We drank Italian champagne. By the case. Apparently it is the drink of choice here.

Everyone was dressed as if we were at a party in Key West. Casual. Women in jeans. Men in  jeans and khakis. Too cool yet for shorts.

Everyone wanted to talk with me. All were interested in our Presidential election. All like Obama. He is respected for his international endeavors. They knew we had financial problems also, but did not understand them. The euro is on their mind. They agreed however that if Greece goes down, so will the rest of Europe. With the United States being severely impacted.

I am sleeping in a suite complex. All for me. A bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. Bathrooms are big in size. Decorated. Different from ours.

Mine has a bidet. I was pleased. I have one in my Key West home and have become accustomed to its use. I found this one strange. A bidet requires a water spout near center from which the water can shoot up to cleanse the underside. No spout.

I inquired why. Turns out Mussolini was the driving force in bidets. He made sure every Italian home had one. Like a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. At the end of World War II, Mussolini was not too popular. You will recall that he and his mistress were beaten to death and then hung by their heels. The post war government decided to do away with bidets since they were Mussolini inspired. A law was passed outlawing the spout on the theory it was bacteria/microbe infested. My bidet is nothing but another sink. Based on its height, for child use I assume.

I got to bed at 10:30 in the evening Navarro time. I had been up more than 30 hours straight. I fell asleep immediately. Woke at 2. Was awake till 4. Then slept to 8.

Writing this first blog has been an exercise. A frustration.

Electricity is rationed in Italy. The computer I was working on had rationed electricity. Fifteen minutes and it went off. And stayed off for an hour. All to conserve electricity. This blog has been written piece meal over the course of a day.

Enjoy your day! More to come tomorrow!


I hope you enjoy Greece My First Time. The late spring and summer of 2012. I did this blog daily for the 80 some odd days I was away. I never published it in any but blog form at the time. Hope you enjoy.

The  Greece story opens today’s blog. Used it as such to introduce you to the writing. Not sure where it will appear from this point forward. I suspect as the closing topic.

We begin.

Schumer came out a winner. He called McCullough’s bluff. The Democrats will be the majority party for the next 2 years.

I am disappointed Schumer will be in a tough position in attempting to get rid of the filibuster. Two Democrats assured McCullough that they would never even have have an intention of getting rid of the filibuster.

A shame. More could be done if the Democrats were able to go for the nuclear option.

Each of the two Democratic Senators have their own reasons. Some to be respected. Some not.

Joe Manchin is a Democratic Senator from West Virginia. He has been a successful politician his whole life.

West Virginia is a Republican state. It is also a coal mining state. Manchin has always walked a fine line. In fact, he voted with Trump 50.4 percent of the time.

Krysten Sinems is a Democratic Senator from Arizona. Always a deep red state. The Democrats did well in November. Better than normal.

Arizona is definitely leaning Democratic. She should start throwing off her false Republican mantle. A conservative, she voted with Trump 25 percent of the time.

Twenty five percent does not seem like a lot in comparison to Manchin’s voting record. However 25 percent placed her in third place among Democrats supporting Trump policies. Ergo, the 25 percent is significant.

Schumer sounded confident last night that at some point the filibuster would go. I hope so.

A comment in Citizens’ Voice this morning spelling out the state of the COID-19 pandemic in the U.S.: “We were dying from COVID-19 and now we’re dying from state and federal incompetence.”

On this day in 1998, President Clinton lied re his engaging in sexual relations with Monica Lewensky: “I want to say one thing to the American people; I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

When Clinton had to own up to the deed, his excuse somewhat difficult to understand. However showed the genius of the man that worked in many other ways for the betterment of the U.S.

Clinton’s position basically was that he did not have sex with Lewinsky, she had sex with him. It was limited to oral copulation and she did him. He did not do her.

I have wondered about Trump and his sexual life if any while President. The man had a terrific career of philandering. Having a wife never seemed to bother him when it came to cheating.

A  leopard does not change his spots.

Query: How went his 4 years in the White House?

One further observation since I am comparing Clinton and Trump. Clinton was a far superior President than Trump. Without question.

Tuesday again! My blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Join me at 9 my time. I may have less to rant and rave about this week. However, I promise to do my best. You will not be disappointed.

Enjoy your day!



27 comments on “GREECE THE FIRST TIME

  1. I could find Novara, Italy on Google Earth, but not Navarro.
    Ran through parts of Novara with GE Street View. Lots of narrow cobblestone streets like you said. Pretty place.

  2. Lou, it is looking more and more like the Capitol riot was completely preplanned and part of a larger coup to overthrow our Democracy and keep Trump as president. The D.C. National Guard commander is now saying that the Pentagon restricted his authority BEFORE the Capitol riots. This thing stinks more and more.

    • Just curious. What did you see during the riot that made you think it was preplanned and organized? Was it the dude with the painted face and cow horns on his head? He was probably a secret high-ranking officer in a military combat battalion, right?

      • Well, sever things including the guided recon tours the day before the riots themselves, the fact that the D.C. National Guard commander is now saying that the Pentagon restricted his authority BEFORE the Capitol riots. The fact that the Capitol police were not backed up and the call by the DC mayor for National Guard locked and loaded was denied before hand, Trump himself saying that there would be violence that day and that he would be president as a result, and that he had a victory party preplanned (and executed) following the riots, cable tie hand restraints on the rioters, facebook calls to arms, statement from the rioters that it was their plan to do so, and those are just a few of those things that seem to say it was preplanned and organized.

        Why do you ask, are YOU not paying attention.

        • If all of those things are proven facts (and they are not), then something went terribly wrong between the planning and the execution. What I saw was a disorganized mob with no unified goal or purpose. It looked like an explosion in a chicken factory, with chickens all headed in different directions. You would expect that with all the planning you say went into it, the rioters would have had a goal they meant to achieve. Take over and hold the building? Take prisoners? Burn the capitol? None of that happened. An organized military-style attack on a building will be over in seconds. I’ve watched it happen. This was just Keystone cops led by Larry, Moe and Curley.

          • Hold on cowboy, it doesn’t have to be done well to prove your point. That is twisting reality. Just look at Trump’s presidency, itself. That was a cluster Fk from the get go, which doesn’t mean he wasn’t president, now does it?

            This was a group that couldn’t shoot straight, a militia of malcontemps, that was used by Trump to his (Trump’s) will in what is looking more and more like it was preplanned. Because it didn’t turn out well has nothing to do with it, as one does not necessarily predict nor disprove the other.

            Frankly it looks like something Rudy might have had his hand in. After all, his scheme in Ukraine to topple Biden was a cluster Fk too, as was his Borat interview, etc., etc.

            Others might argue that Trump and his brain trust, deserve such an army! The fact that it wasn’t done well or the army was not so good, does not take away from the bigger problem – that it’s looking more and more that it wasn’t spontaneous but a preplanned coup.

            • I love conspiracy theories. You can turn a junkyard Ford into a BMW if you simply add the parts you like, and throw away the parts that you don”t . And people will believe it’s a real BMW because you say so.

              • I prefer the Republican ones, you know those with no facts or even any logic. Here’s another good one – Trump couldn’t have been involved with the violent Capitol insurrection because those who stormed the building did it in a sloppy and unorganized way.

              • I was expecting Republicans to insist the attack on the Capitol was done by “antifa” posing as right wing radicals. I was not expecting them to try and deny it was them because it was sloppy and unorganized. Man, you repubs are sooooo clever!

            • Seems to me more like something Steve Bannon would organize, than Rudy. Maybe they were in it together, which would make sense. Bannon is all about creating Chaos, and that’s what the violent storming of the Capitol was. Rudy would have been more about keeping Trump in the Presidency, and that too was what the violent insurrection at the Capitol was.

              But the real issue here, was if it was preplanned (to ANY degree)in the first place, and by who. Seems to me the President himself was involved, but even if he didn’t have any hand in the nuts and bolts planning, itself, he clearly cheered it on and was part of what can only be called a pre planned victory party, which took place afterwords with (overconfident?) videos and all. Let’s not forget, Donald Trump, the President of the United States did not condemn the violent attack on the Capitol, or himself call for action to quell any of it for some two hours after it was over.

              The issue of how well it went down is a side show to the comedy, rather then the issue of the tragedy and culpability of the overall incident itself.

              It is looking more and more like a preplanned conspiracy to commit a crime of the highest order America has ever faced. Let’s let the facts speak for themselves.

  3. It looks like the World is facing several threats all at the same time. They are Covid, Global Warming, Overpopulation, Automation, general human apathy, and last but not least,Trump.


  4. Well, as long as he doesn’t fk with my ss, what do I care what he does with the rest of it all. Every man for himself, right?

      • The next Republican President will do it, or at least try and do it. That’s one of the cornerstones Republican promises ‘delete’ and has been for decades. All Republican candidates say they will. If there was ever a chance it was with Trump, and he almost got elected anyway.

    • But Trump said he was going to fk with your social security after the election and you didn’t seem to care about that then, did you>

  5. The

    The GOP and Trump have taken the noble concept of free speech and used it to destroy the American ideal and threaten the survival of humanity itself.


  6. Now some Republicans are saying that the Capitol insurrection was staged to make Trump look bad. Why did I know that one was coming? How predictable.

  7. I wonder if Trump thinks about that woman who died for him during the Capitol insurrection riot when he is teeing off or putting?

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