It is 10 am and I am just beginning today’s blog. Sloan and I had a lot of work to do. All minor. However beyond my minimal computer capabilities. We worked from 7-10.

Accordingly the blog will be short today.

A warning from God.

Recall when you are reading something on the internet, there are always small boxes somewhere on each page. Direct the reader to an advertisement or a less worthy news item.

One of the little boxes concerned signs and showed small small pics of them. The top sign was the only one that actually could be read. I found it interesting. My mindset immediately to the effect it was directed to Washington, D.C. Republicans: DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE. Signed, GOD.

Republicans are playing games already. They have forgotten how to legislate. They only know how to manipulate. Manipulate Congressional rules to their advantage.

It is obvious already this will not be a year for progress. Unless the Democrats take the affirmative and make necessary changes to Senate rules.  The Republicans neither understand nor know how to spell bipartisanship. They choke on the very thought of it.

McConnell has made it clear he will exercise the filibuster to block any Democratic proposed legislation he deems unworthy. That means most if not all.

With the Senate evenly divided., it will be impossible to get any Biden/Democratic legislation through the Senate. To stop a filibuster, 60 votes are required. No way possible to reach with a Senate split 50/50.

In order for Biden/Democratic legislation to get around the filibuster, the nuclear option is a must. The Democrats must go for it. Change the 60 vote rule to a majority one of 51 votes. Easily done. It only requires the Senate to vote a majority 51 votes for such to occur. With the Vice-President casting the determining vote in case of a tie, the filibuster will die an immediate death.

The Democrats appear afraid to replace the filibuster rule. Afraid that when they are not in power, they will be unable to block Republican proposed legislation without the filibuster being in effect.

Like fighting the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Instead of fighting to win.

Let me say this to the Democratic Party. If under Biden in the next 2 years you fail to pass significant legislation directly related to helping the American people, you will not have another chance for years. The people will vote Democratic majorities out and return to Republican domination of Congress.

The message is take the ball and run with it. Do not wait for the Republicans to do anything. Democrats control and must exercise that control. Otherwise, good bye for a long time.

A further admonition. It is felt by some Biden is waiting to see what the Republicans do. Wrong! Should not wait. Republicans are two-faced. Trust them not. Do your thing and let the chips fall where they may.

Insanity continues to prevail in the Republican Party. Trump insanity.

Arizona a state in point. Republican for years. Went for Biden in the past election. The Republican Party censured 3 of its members this past week. Censured them for “failure” to support Trump.

Former Senator Flake and John McCain’s wife Cindy two of those censured for openly failing to support Trump.

The third is Gov. Ducey because he purportedly exercised dictatorial powers when he initiated emergency rules to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

My observation: The Arizona Republican Party is killing itself. Proof of the pudding is that since January 6 and the attack on the Capitol, 8,000 Republicans have changed their party affiliation from Republican to Independent, Democratic or Libertarian Parties. The 8,000 did so in the 2 weeks immediately following January 6. From January 6 to January 20.

Self-destruction in the making.

In a few days, I will be starting something new. The story of my first trip to Greece 11 years ago. Two months. Day by day. It will be part of my blog.

My motivation the daily diary entries of May Johnson running in the Key West Citizen.

Enjoy your Sunday!


























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    • Sure they have, but lately they have strayed from that a lot and do not seem to be interested at all in the social fabric of our people or society.

      Under trump they also didn’t seem to be at all interested in honesty or integrity any more either.

  1. The people whom have managed to score the vaccine think that everything about the current distribution system is just peachy.
    The experts say different.

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