Starting late this morning. Had an early doctor visit to do fasting blood work.

A new nurse. My blood pressure 117/62. Pulse 64. She checked my age on the chart. 83! How do you do it?

My response: Eat, drink, and sex. Her eyes opened wide!

I laughed and said not really. I eat and drink less. Sex, what is that?

Her turn to laugh.

Dinner with Terri and Donna last night at Hogfish.

A blind organization in Miami visits persons newly blind to teach them how to cope. Terri received such assistance the past 2 saturdays. Three hours each time.

She should have done it sooner.

Time and modern science have made it easier for persons such as Terri to cope. You will be impressed.

Terri has been given a new walking cane/stick. This one has a ball a vibrating ball at the tip. It tells Terri when she is near a curb or wall. Also, how high whatever is.

She was wearing a new watch. Pressed the button on the watch. It spoke! Date, day of week, and time.

Colors. Specially related to clothes. Works with everything, however. She has a scanner. Brushes it across a blouse, shorts, etc. and it sings out the color. If a print, describes the print. Like palm trees.

Terri wears rings. Different colored stones. Works with the rings, also.

How about weighing herself? No problem. She steps on the scale, it says hello, ready, tells her her weight, and then says good bye.

If she has to sign her signature on a document or piece of paper, she has a card. It is placed over the page. There is a vertical opening for her signature. She finds it by feel.

Money. How to distinguish paper money amounts. $1, $5, $10, etc. Terri now has an app in her cell phone. Runs the cell phone over the bill(s). Tells her the amount.

Re something hot, Terri wears arm coverings from wrist to elbow. Gets near something hot, before she would know it is hot, and the covering tells her “hot.”

This is the best. She can read! Not braille. She has a special scanner. She swipes it over the page and it reads the material back to her.

More to Come! Terri is all excited!

A reminder. Larry Smith Christmas Show tonight at the Studios. 8 pm. Terrific show! I have been watching Larry’s Christmas shows for years. Would not miss one. I will be there. You should be, also.

The Custom House as we know it was completed in 1891. The cost $107,955.96.

There was a Custom House before the new one was constructed. I understand somewhere in the 100 block of Duval. I will try to find it and let you know what it might have looked like.

Florida has some strange laws. Especially when it comes to sex. All of the following still the law. Why, I do not know.

Sex may only be done in the missionary position. Oral, illegal.

Illegal for an unmarried couple to live together. Doubly illegal if the couple commit “lewd acts.”

Unnatural and lascivious acts illegal. Whatever they may be. An exception. Breast feeding.

Destined to have occurred. A 7 year old migrant girl died after having been taken into custody at the border. New Mexico area.

A group of about 160 quietly came over the border and surrendered to authorities. She was with her father. The child fell ill almost immediately. Rushed to a hospital. Temperature 105.7. She had neither eaten nor had water for several days. Went into cardiac failure. Revived. Then died.

This all happened on December 6. It took one week for border personnel to report it.

The matter is being investigated.

I have to hustle. Pedicure scheduled for noon.

I lead a tough life.

Enjoy your day!

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