So many problems in the world. Some never get thought of. This particular one by men.

Female students have a pad and tampon problem. They can’t afford them. Their menstrual cycle occurs many times while in school. 

Initially, school nurses would decide whether a pad or tampon was to be provided. However a third degree was involved. Embarrassing.

Young ladies began missing classes/school because they were embarrassed. No protection. The best available stuffing toilet paper where the pad or tampon would be used.

A grammar school, middle school, high school, college problem.

A box of pads/tampons cost $8-$10. To some parents and students, the choice between food or menstrual aids.

The move is underway to have States legislate to provide public schools with pads and tampons free.

New York City schools are already doing it. Isolated schools in isolated states, also. Colleges are beginning to recognize the need. Brown. Barnard and Columbia providing free pads and tampons. 

Some countries. Scotland, an example. Prior to adopting the program, 45 percent of Scottish girls were using toilet paper or other ad hoc fixes because they could not afford menstrual protection products.

Many believe at stake is dignity and respect for young ladies.

Governmental changes to permit free products a long shot. Conservative America probably will not look favorably on it.

A sensitive group!

My yesterday began early. Blood work at 8:20. Coffee after at the Cuban Coffee Queen. A pedicure at noon with Tammy. Larry Smith’s Christmas show in the evening.

I enjoyed the evening with Mary.

A great show! Larry  and Christine at their best. Guest performers likewise. Larry took many of the old favorites and combined them with other songs. An expert play with music. Took genius and a special ability to accomplish the arrangements.

Stopped at La Concha for Happy Hour before Larry’s show. An excellent Happy Hour. Generally when I go to Tropic Cinema for a movie or the Studios for a show, I stop first at La Concha.

After the show, it as off to the Chart Room for a drink and visit with John.

Got home around midnight. Late for me.

Syracuse basketball at noon today. Playing Old Dominion. Syracuse 7-2, Old Dominion 7-3. Syracuse a 10 point favorite. Should be a good game. Both teams  defense minded.

Syracuse ranked again. Number 25. It’s a start.

I will be home watching the game. Home television for sports has come a long way. I can get just about any sporting event. Of course, I pay extra for it. But worth every penny! Better than running around seeking a bar that was carrying a game I wanted to see.

In the still of the night, like a thief in the dark of the night, a Texas federal court judge issued a ruling that the Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional. Obamacare no more. Assuming the Supreme Court eventually upholds the Judge’s decision.

The decision issued late last night. A friday night in addition. When the Judge was probably home in bed or at his club finishing off a great dinner. Appears the Court was trying to avoid significant publicity.

Not all judges are blind as the Statue of Justice would have us belief. Some are politically motivated. Because a person becomes a judge does not necessarily mean prejudices or political philosophies are left behind.

Based on recent election poll results, medical care is the most important issue in the country today. It will be in 2020, also.

My sense is friday’s late night decision will shot Medicare for All to the front as a part of that issue.

Trump and most of his Republican minions are cruel people.  They consistently try to kill voting rights and health care. Forgotten is we are all God’s children and have to care for each other.

My gut feeling is the U.S. Supreme Court will not uphold the recent decision. Obamacare will remain in force and effect. Five of the Justices presently sitting ruled the Affordable Care Act was constitutional when it was first before them.

No question Medicare for All would be expensive. Question is can we handle it. I believe so.

Look at 2 recent examples of government waste, poor judgement, etc.

Trump last year added $1 trillion onto the national debt. Wild! Crazy! Most for reducing big time taxes on the rich.

Most recently, it was announced that an outside audit of the Department of Defense/Pentagon could not be completed. Why? There was no documentation for $21 trillion.

Can you imagine! Twenty one trillion dollars with no receipts or other paper work to back it up. No knowledge where the money went.

Wake up America! We are getting screwed big time!

Hypocrisy common place in Washington.

Trump announced yesterday Mike Mulvaney was going to be his Acting Chief of Staff. He will do the job while still running Management and Budget as Director.

Six days before the 2016 Predidential election, Mulvaney said, “Trump is flawed.” However, he was still going to support him despite “the fact that I think he’s a terrible human being.”

Men forget character and swallow their pride for positions of glory.

Ah, the stock market! A roller coast ride.

It was reported yesterday that this past quarter was the darkest since 2011.

Friday the market dropped 497 points. China and Europe experiencing market problems also.

All evidence of a global slowdown. A global recession on the way.

I predicted last year that a recession would occur late this year or the beginning of next year. An economic genius I am not. However, I have lived 83 years and can spot similar economic problems in the past that led to recessions.

Professional economic experts are predicting such a recession for late next year or early 2020. I bet their prediction will gradually move back into my time frame. Things are moving rapidly.

Enjoy your day!


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