The hottest spot in the U.S. yesterday was Furnace Creek in Death Valley, Nevada…..125.6 degrees. Normally one of the hottest spots in the U.S.

Other American cities were also record scoring. Phoenix, Arizona exceeded 100 degrees for the 18th consecutive day.

Italy experiencing “one of the most extreme temperatures ever.” Locals go to the mountains. Little air conditioning available in the cities. Unaware tourists arrive in droves and suffer the heat.

Especially Rome where tons of tourists arrive every summer. They end up in the streets and squares sweating like hell not having realized how hot it would be.

I have spent considerable time in various Italian spots. The air conditioning problem the same everywhere. They have little to none. Electricity the problem It has been forever there is insufficient electric power available. The Italians never remedy it. That is why most run off to the mountains for 1-2 months every summer.

This morning’s Washington Post in a headline wrote: In The Earth’s Hottest Spots, Heat Is Testing The Limits Of Human Survival.

Trump announced this morning that his attorneys had been notified he was a “target” of a Department of Justice investigation. It is assumed it has to do with January 6. Trump expects it to be a “third indictment.”

Trump announced over the weekend how he will handle the expansion of Presidential power if elected. He would expand the power into all areas of government based on “his” judgment. No Congressional permission, oversight or judicial review would be required.

Thank you Adolph Hitler. Clearly Nazism. Authoritarianism at its worst. Reminiscent also of Mussolini when he took over the Italian government.

His pronouncement typical Trump. He tells us in advance what he is going to do and then does it. He must believe his conduct in such fashion makes what he does more acceptable. It does to some. If he is elected, I fear it will be to many.

Judge Aileen Cannon has her first opportunity to shine as a judge or show her true ilk when she hears a motion to fix the trial date for the Trump documents case. The government suggests 12/11. Trump wants the matter adjourned till after the election.

Joe Manchin loves the role of troublemaker. He cannot win as a third party candidate. However, he could draw enough votes from Biden to permit Trump to win.

I was under the weather yesterday. Never made it to Toni Tarracino Celebration of Life event or dinner with the Dixons.

No blog tomorrow. I have what I consider minor surgery scheduled for 8:30. I will be knocked out.

Tomorrow is National Hot Dog Day.

Amazing how we have a “day” for everything!

A comment in this morning’s Citizens’ Voice: “Keep Miami out of Key West. Tip your musicians, keep the art alive and the spirit chill. Wear sunscreen and a tutu on your birthday.”

Enjoy your day!




  1. Trump is not the REAL problem! Sure, he is corrupt and immoral, ruthless and a cheat. So what? The real problem is those so called “americans” who will admire him, support him and even vote for him. They are the real problem!

    I am ashamed to be part on an America where this could even happen.

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