The White House is our house. It belongs to the American people. Yesterday’s insurgency raid affects us all. We should be upset to the nth degree.

I have been predicting such an attack for some time. I have written in my Key West Lou blog several times of my concern. I have also spoken to the danger in at least two blog talk radio shows.

As part of today’s blog, I would ask that you also read yesterday’s blog if you have not. In order to get the total picture. Titled: Attila the Hun, Sherman, and Trump. 1/6/21.

We have all seen yesterday’s carnage. Properly described, an insult to the American people. The news on TV, internet, and media kept us well abreast of things as they were happening. I am not going to bore you with repetition. What I am going to do is share some brief thoughts. Mine, those of persons who have contacted me, and those expressed in media reports.

Dark day for America / Comparable to 9/11 / Chaos / Protesters really insurgents / Trump’s comments to the protesters before they headed for the White House: “I’ll be there with you…..walk down to the Capitol…..You’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

Rudy Giuliani: “Trial by combat” / Donald Jr.: “We’re coming for you and we’re going to have a good time doing it.”

Five killed / One a woman shot by police / No other information available re the deaths / The conduct that of a banana republic, not a democratic republic / Improvised explosives were found on Capitol grounds.

Number arrested by various police agencies difficult to determine / Whatever the number, arrests insufficient / No organization, no leadership by authorities / Authorities warned but were not ready / Heads will roll.

Passions of protesters intensified by falsehoods and false hopes / Trump lit the match/ Trump fueled the event / An insurrection, not a protest / Trump used Presidency to destroy trust in our elections / Protesters thugs / Rioters should be prosecuted to full extent of the law.

Impeachment too slow and arduous / Amendment 25 also too slow / Mob violent / Republican Party in disarray / Trump’s protesting mob received white glove treatment / Compared to police tactics against BLM in previous Washington protest.

Trump has committed treason / Trump’s actions leading up to the attack and on the day of the attack seditious / Capitol Police poorly prepared / Arrest Trump and his key followers / No bail for Trump / Trump has money and ability to leave the country.

Today another day.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump should muzzled, thumbs taped down, and penned up inside the WH until Jan 21. He is a clear and present danger to American democracy.

  2. Hey John Galt, you spineless gnat! Still think we’re all over reacting and have nothing to worry about? Take your arrogant and worthless pontifications someplace else from now on. Or, keep your BS to yourself from now on!

      • Yes, not since mid November 2020. But when you did last post, you pompously listed what YOU said was the possibilities for how Trumps final days would play out and how everything was being all blown out of proportion and the rules by which Trump must adhere were, not in his favor.

        You got that sh*t wrong John, as usual. People are now actually dead.

        Your arrogance precedes you, John, along with your spineless yellow streak and sense of undeserved superiority.

        All VERY small “L” Libertarian.

  3. I wonder what the Trumpster patriots think now after Don threw them under the bus with his little “statesmanlike speech” yesterday.

  4. The similarity of the attack on the US capital building in Washington, DC and the 1933 burning of the Reichstag in Berlin (their capitol building), which brought Hitler to absolute power, along with the apparent deliberate lack of protection for our capitol building, is too suspicious to ignore.

    Note: No one died in the Reighstag fire. So far, 5 people have died in the Capital attack.

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