Attila the Hun, Sherman, and Trump. What a combination! Destroyers all! Attila half the world. Sherman Atlanta. Trump the Republican Party.

Fortunately, the Constitution worked once again. It always does when America is in trouble. The American people have a sense and throw the bums out.

Let’s start with the Georgia run off Senate elections. Warnock won. Ossoff is ahead at the moment. Appears he will win, though he might face a recount.

Warnock made history. The first Black Senator to be elected from Georgia. Also, the first Black Democratic Senator.

Ossoff this morning is on the brink of completing a Democratic sweep of Georgia. The Presidency and two Senators. In the most Republican of Republican states, Georgia.

A new day for America. A rebirth.

One thing especially stands out. Who would expect Georgia to elect a Black and a Jew to such high office. Wonder of wonders.

Today bothers me. Causes great concern. Trump’s rally in front of the Capitol. He has rabble roused the rabble to appear and protest with him in opposition to Congress’ certification of the Electoral College.

A loser should be humble. Past Presidential losers have been. Humility is not part of Trump’s DNA, however.

I wrote in yesterday’s blog and stated in no uncertain terms on my blog talk radio show last night that today HOPEFULLY will be Trump’s final Hail Mary. I also conveyed that I believed blood would taint the Streets of Washington today.

The crowd was already there last night. And the event does not begin till today. Thousands of Trump supporters. Shoulder to shoulder. Very very few wearing masks. Social distancing impossible.

Six were arrested before 9 pm. Some on multiple charges. Weapon charges including carrying guns without a license, possession of unregistered ammunition, and possession of an unreported firearm. In addition, assaulting a police officer and simple assault.

Trump’s supporters last night and today are from all parts of the U.S.

Some already clashing with police as described by the arrest charges.

Force will be required by the police, national guard, Secret Service and White House police where necessary. Protests are legal. Constitutional. However as with everything else, there are/should be limits.

A person can drive a car, but not speed or do so when under the influence. Sex is acceptable, except not with children nor adult persons against their will.

The rights of protesters has been carried a step too far. Time to reign in the excessiveness. Police must enforce laws. Eventually people will back off the confrontations. Their protesting will continue. However, in a civil manner.

Violent protesters must be confronted where they have their headquarters, in the woods at training camps, etc. There should be no delay in such confrontations. Crimes will at the very least involve conspiracy, seditious and treasonous acts. Illegal weapons inevitably  will also be discovered.

Far protesters who cause damage, maim and kill must be nipped in the bud.

Trump is scheduled to speak today in front of the Capitol to those who believe in him and support his policies. His speech scheduled to take place before Congress begins with its duties.

The rally is labeled by the protesters as a “March for Trump/Save America.” Organized by Women for America First.

What a joke! Proud Boys will not even permit women to join their ranks. No ladies allowed membership.

I believe Washington is ready to meet the onslaught. We shall see.

Trump leaves behind many problems. Our nation is in shambles, so to speak. Biden and his team will place the U.S. on the road to recovery.

Thought should be given to Trump’s number one parting gift. I see it as the GOP civil war that has only just begun.

I mentioned yesterday that it had been reported in the Scottish newspaper Sunday Post that Trump and family would land at Prestwick Airport in Scotland 1/19. Reason so he could avoid appearing at the inauguration. He was going to spend time at his Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland.

Turns out such is not the case. The White House denies there are any such plans for Trump to be in Scotland.

Scotland is in total lock down because of coronavirus. No one is permitted to enter the country, except in case of emergency

Scottish officials also say the story was false. Due to the coronavirus  problem.

From Trump’s primary speeches to this day, the man has encouraged bad talk about people he opposes or oppose him, and even suggested to his minions that physical violence might be appropriate.

Trump has encouraged bad behavior in every possible way.

What occurred at the Salt Lake City International Airport over the weekend a perfect example.

Mitt Romney was sitting quietly working on his laptop. Trump supporters harassed him. A successful businessman, U.S. Senator, and former Presidential candidate. He was attacked with comments like “a disgusting shame.” One man said to Romney “Trump is a juggernaut, your legacy is nothing.” Another comment: “You’re a joke. An absolute joke.”

It did not stop while the plane was in flight. Many began chanting “traitor” and “resign, Mitt.”

My America? Your America?

The basketball season begins. Syracuse plays Pittsburgh this afternoon.

I am off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz later this morning. A hospital test.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Baloney – acting responsibly and ‘saying” the right thing for once, does not make him a statesman. He has way too much ‘history’ otherwise.

  2. At least this time nobody will mistake what the Proud Boys are doing is really Antifa. This time they can’t hide behind that false flag.

  3. Let us NOT forget that back in the late 60’s, several people who participated in the protests at the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, were arrested, imprisoned, tried, convicted and sentenced, for doing far less than what happened in Washington DC, January 6th. (BTW no one died)

    But then they (the protesters in 1968) were not then friends of the President who had just lost an election, he thought was his!

  4. On June 1, when peaceful BLM protesters were teargazzed ahead of a Trump photo-op, there were 289 arrests made. In yesterdays attempted coup, only 52 people who barged into the Capitol were arrested.

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