Terri White Sings! Tonight at Aqua. She is guest performer at Dueling Bartenders. Singing with regulars Tom Luna and Rick Dery.

I am Terri’s chauffeur. Donna working.

Yesterday, I made mention that an alligator had been sighted and photoed at the Boca Chica Naval Base. There were thought to be a total of five.

Crocodiles are an endangered and protected species. I worry about that factor. They have to be dangerous. I would be concerned if I saw one and run the other way.

Alligators are supposed to be different. I do not know if endangered and protected. However saturday at Moss Park in Orange County, a ten year old girl was sitting in the shallow lake. An 8′ 9 ” alligator bit her knee and calf.

Recall the situation that occurred at Disney World last June. A two year old boy was seated on the edge of a lagoon. Attacked and killed by an alligator.

Such scenarios make me nervous. For family, friends and even those I do not know.

Ten days ago, I wrote how Martha Washington was not the most helpful/cooperative wife a President could have. Mention was made she did not attend George’s swearing in in New York City.

The inaugural ball was in New York City, also. One week later. Once again, Martha remained home in Mount Vernon. Whether George was upset, we do not know. History tells us the new President had a wonderful time. History further tells us Washington enjoyed dancing. He danced all night.

Key West’s beloved Harry Truman. His birthday is celebrated today. He was born this day in 1884.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Watched some of the Wells Fargo PGA golf tournament yesterday afternoon. An impressive victory by Brian Harman. His second. His first in 2014.

The last hole determined Harman had the lowest score. He was facing a 3 way playoff. Harman sank a 28 foot putt on the 18th to secure sole first place and the victory.

Enjoy your day!




3 comments on “TERRI WHITE SINGS

  1. Actually you said a Croc was spotted at NAS. Alligators and Crocodiles are different like Iguanas and Nile Monitors are different from each other.

    Wouldn’t the swearing in of our first President take place in the same city as the inaugural ball since NYC was our nations capital. Dancing was an important part of life in ‘high society’ at that time and Mr Washington was said to be an excellent dancer.

    ‘even those I do not know.’ end quote
    Nice to hear you are concerned about those you don’t know.

  2. I got to thinking, usually dangerous. During a previous life while working in NYC I’m sure I had a drink and conversation one night with Terri at one of the joints. Rose’s I think. I’d enjoy a talk again i’m sure.

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