Tennessee Williams maintained his residence in Key West for thirty years. He purchased the home in 1950 on Duncan Street. 1431 Duncan. Lisa and family live on Duncan 1 1/2 blocks from Williams’ former home.

Personal friends of mine purchased the Williams’ house years ago. They magnificently maintain it.

A couple of years ago, a Tennessee Williams Exhibit was housed at 513 Truman. A short way off Duval. Behind Denny’s. An historical and educational showing.

I am ashamed to say, I have never visited the exhibit. Never got around to it. I have promised myself to correct the failure soon.

My yesterday began with a visit to my heart doctor, Dr. Mc Ivor. All is well. A slight change in my pills.

The good doctor enjoys political discussion. We spent extra time discussing Trump. So much so that his assistant Susan came in and told us to go to dinner if we wanted to talk politics. The waiting room was overflowing.

Spent the afternoon working on tonight’s podcast. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Topics galore! Cannot be avoided. Trump alone could take up the whole show.

There will be Trump talk. Plus other things going on in the world. There is another world! Topics such as the middle class continues to be forgotten and the proposed bill to wipe out $1 trillion in student debt via bankruptcy.

Also, Ebola back and spreading, the cash assets of 25 percent of the American population, Ringling Brothers closes down, turtle nesting, and more.

Join me for a quick moving half hour. Revealing in many respects. Nine my time. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Guaranteed, you will enjoy!

Ivanka at it again. Not sure if what has occurred is wrong. Ergo, I merely share the facts.

Ivanka was in Saudi Arabia with her father. The President made a $350 billion dollar deal with the Saudis for military equipment. The first phase $110 billion.

A good deal for the U.S. and a good deal for the Saudis.

At the same time, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates made a $100 million contribution to an Ivanka brainchild. The World Bank. Purpose to assist and support women entrepreneurs.

Ivanka does not work for or with World Bank. She is a federal employee on her father’s White House staff.

A quid pro quo here? The $100 million to World Bank a thank you to the President for the $350 billion arms deal?

Recall Donald Trump severely criticizing Hillary for Clinton Foundation contributions. During the campaign, Trump regularly excoriated Hillary for accepting donations from repressive Middle East regimes such as Saudi Arabia.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, even Trump supporters must see what this male is at this point. During the campaign I spent way too much time going back to decades old interviews and articles about Trump. He is either a chameleon, a child or both. We all evolve in our tastes and opinions but not like that. He is a person of low character, lacking a moral or ethical compass, willing to shift personal/political opinion when it suits HIS needs. In short everything he says and does is pure Trump! That is not a compliment and not an admirable trait in any true man or woman.

    • Indeed he is a carnival barker that only sees his own reflection.

      Funny, ex-officials like Kelly now are taking the fifth amendment so they do not have to turn over documents concerning Russia to Congress. One now must wonder what is in those documents.

      I wonder what Trump has to say about invoking your Fifth Amendment rights when he is on video at his rallies and the debates saying:

      “Taking the Fifth amendment is disgraceful” (Said to Hillary in the debates).

      “The mob takes the Fifth if you are innocent why are you taking the fifth?” (campaign rally).

      “The Fifth Amendment, Horrible, horrible!”

      The he compares Hillary’s email server to Watergate saying our foreign enemies were in a position to hack our most sensitive secrets.

      Funny, I wonder how Trump feels now about Kelly using the Fifth Amendment concerning Russia meddling and interfering in the US election? From his past statements I assume he must feel he is not innocent and that it is horrible (see above).

      • Leanardo,

        I leave the house with Trump in the news, I return to find Trump in the news. There is so much material for the media to report, they will not have to fill in with meaningless banter for quite a while. It is exhausting but not as exhausting that Americans took the bait, hook line and sinker. I am not a Republican by a long shot but there were seasoned, intelligent and qualified candidates that would have been a far better choice. They would have maintained the dignity of the office, not this clown show at the hands of Trump. It is nonsense when voters say they do not want a politician to lead them. It is as ridiculous as saying they don’t want a doctor to perform their surgery. A politician isn’t what gets government in a twist, they ride the wave of the political machine. You need a real political surfer to stay on the topside of all that, not an amateur who makes one mistake after another. Trump used other candidates experience against them, making it a plague to be part of politics, I bet Trump wouldn’t hire a bricklayer to run his empire. Using Trump logic the bricklayer builds things and gets it done, not unlike Trumps argument to how easily he would transition from builder to President. Wrong! If the faucet is leaking you fix it, you don’t hire a wrecking crew to demolish the house. The American people did just that and it is the MOST un-American act I have seen in my lifetime. Look at Trumps rallies, ridiculous testosterone infused hoedowns, pathetic and disheartening! I take each Trump supporter to task, they deserve it and so does America.

  2. Well said Charles!
    Only thing he’s been successful at is selling his name. And the reality TV public bought it hook line and sinker!!

  3. Louis, I’d never heard that Tennessee Williams lived in Key West. Now, is it also true that Harry Truman spent time there?And what about David Wolkowsky, does he have a Key West tie? I looked through your archives for a quick moving half hour but couldn’t find anything. Also, Diana, you’re gross. I notice your volume of commentary dropped off significantly a few weeks ago. Did Louis figure out you’re trying to get him to fund one of your shit ideas for a historical Key West book? Perhaps if you spend enough time at the library, you’ll be as qualified to run for office in Key West as you were in Chesaning.

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