Ted Williams was a spectacular baseball player. One of the best. A Hall Of Famer.

On this day in two different years, he made his mark. Among many other achievements.

It was season end in 1941. Williams’ Boston Red Sox were playing the Philadelphia Athletics. A doubleheader. Williams was close to ending the season batting .400. He needed a good day.

Williams went 6 for 8. Ended the season batting .406. The first player to do so since Bill Terry in 1930.

The last game of the 1960 season. Williams last game. He was retiring. At his last time at bat, he hit a home run.

Williams lost 5 years out of his major league career. A Marine fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War.

Now the real reason I bring Ted Williams to you this day. Williams lived 18 years of his life in Islamorada. He was a fanatic fisherman. He purchased the home in 1960 the year he retired from baseball. On the bayside. Lived there till 1988.

The story is Williams left Islamorada when he had to wait because of traffic to cross U.S. 1.

Yesterday found me glued to the TV set. The Judiciary Committee hearing involving Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford. I missed about 45 minutes when I had to run off to the dentist.

I will go through all that occurred. Most of you watched. My impression simply was that the hearing wasdisgusting. Shameful. Our government has fallen to a new depth.

I happen to believe Ford. I found her testimony credible. I was unimpressed with Kavanaugh. He lies. He lied as to other issues in his previous hearing. He lied again yesterday.

His belligerency left much to be desired. I would not want him on the bench deciding my client’s fate.

Justice Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh attended the same high school. Georgetown Prep. Though not classmates, they were there at the same time for 2 years. Recall and compare Gorsuch’s testimony before the Committee last year. Says it all.

The American Bar Association sent a letter to the Committee last night stating an FBI investigation was required. The letter has been ignored. The Committee votes at 1:30 today.

The American people keep getting pushed around. Government is no longer for them. Most know it. The November elections are the first battleground. If things do not begin correcting themselves in the next few years, it will be the streets.

Last night, Blue Macaw. One drink only. I wanted to get out. Enjoyed the drink and company of Andrea and Joe and Paul and Ron. Then home.

The New York Times paid tribute to David Wolkowsky. A lengthy beautiful obituary.

The ocean surrounds the Keys. Locals try to take care of it and those that live in the waters. Turtles, for example..

The Marathon Turtle Hospital announced 2 more turtles will be returned to the sea tomorrow. Healthy and fit.  Cafecito at 10 am at Sombrero Beach in Marathon. Buddy at 1 at Higgs Beach in Key West.

Both loggerhead sea turtles.

A massive crowd will be at each location to wish them  God speed and bon voyage.

The Key West City Commission knows how to put it to people. The Commission just raised the parking rate from $3 to $4 an hour.

The excuse was it was that or raise property taxes. The budget deficit was $418,000. The parking increase will raise $1.26 million. The $842,000 excess will go to increasing the salaries of the city’s lowest wage earners and to restoring the City’s reserve fund depleted because of Irma.

What about those who live and work in the lower Keys who are not receiving raises. Irma’s impact still being felt. People still trying to catch up. Everyone should eat, or no one.

People’s savings were wiped out by Irma. Where do they get the money to replace the lost savings?

Today and tomorrow, the Ryder Cup. I was up at 5 this morning watching. Tomorrow, at 3. Great golf!

Tomorrow, Syracuse/Clemson. Clemson a 13.5 point favorite. The spread has dropped considerably during the week. Going to be a great game!

Enjoy your day!

31 comments on “TED WILLIAMS

  1. I agree with Lindsey Graham, the democrats are conducting a sham. All they want is power at any cost. “God I hope they don’t get it.”
    What they are doing to this man is pure evil.

    • A sham? Power at any cost? Evil?
      David – you are a total Troll and predictable, say nothing of a complete hypocrite.
      “Evil, a sham, and power at any cost” would be the perfect description of what Republicans did with Obam’s pick, Merrick Garland.
      Opposition to Bret Kavanaugh was reasonable and believable. His vetting was rushed and bullied.
      Accusations against him were worthy of proper investigation, yet ignored for no good reason, except to expedite his appointment for surly political reasons. Any delay at this time would not impede the dormant Supreme court calendar.

  2. When Ted was living in Islamorada, they re-named the street to his house “Ted Williams Way”. Now they have re-named it again after someone else.

  3. Our country is reaching a new low. Fords testimony was not credible or close to being believable. The prosecutor asking the questions had no idea how to cross examine.
    Kavanaugh has had 6 previous FBI investigations because of his security clearances and positions he has held.
    This is pure partisan politics. We are well on our way to socialism and/or fascism.

  4. Your anonyous arguments are just a bunch of nonsense. This country is not reaching any more of a new low than what it deserves and is brought about by Republicans nominating a exceptionally partisan and flawed person for the Supreme court and then trying to push him through as quick as possible. The sworn testimony given by Christine Ford turned out to be extremely credible and quite believable by most honest Americans, even with a prosecutorial style attorney attacking her and not Mr. Kavanuagh. Something the swamp media had wrongly predicted. Had this been a proper investigation with competent operatives Kavanaugh’s obvious lying would have been challenged, not something Republican in the Senate were willing to take a chance with. Your anonyous attempts to spin this on Lou’s blog is a fools duty and bellies your disappointment in discovering, yet again, how wrong you were on this. You might be better off spending your time figuring out how you are going to lie to you grandchildren about how YOU let this happen!

    • No, this blog is Lou’s home, we are visitors.

      Lou is liberal and reasonable and seems to always make sense. You on the other hand, are not. I suggest if you don’t like what you read here, that you find someplace else to spread your hate and constant negative attitudes about this country.

      Stop Trolling

      • You don’t hear conservatives saying they will leave their country. That belongs to the liberals. How many of them said they would leave if Trump won, but they all lied, except for Matt Damon. It shouldn’t be a problem, if you don’t like it here you are allowed to leave. No one will make you stay, you’ll stay anyway.
        I don’t recall any conservatives saying they would leave if Hillary won. We didn’t say that about Obama, we waited him out. We are patient and now trying to make America great again. Eventually we’ll get this country back on track. I love this country, we just took a wrong left turn for a few years.

        • Rush Limbaugh said he would move to Costa Rica if the Affordable Care Act happened and it did and he didn’t.

          The biggest spike in moves to Canada in an election year was 2008, the year Obama won.

          You know what you’re talking about. You just make things up to suit your warped view of stuff.

          • Costa Rica has universal healthcare, Rush is staying where he is. Their universal healthcare is probably better managed than ours.

            2008 was a good year for moves to Canada. The increase was due to immigrants.

            I think the progressives are the ones with the warped sense of stuff.

  5. See, progressives can’t handle different views. Someone with some reason and common sense needs to hang around. If sense was common though everyone would have some.
    There are not negative attitudes about this country, just what progressives are trying to do to make it become.
    I feel conservatives should now resort to progressive tactics. But, they are reasonable, polite people that are not about to stoop that low.
    Some enjoy trolling, They catch many fish that way.

    • So your admit that trolling catches fish, that’s a slimy business isn’t it?

      Progressives and Liberals are quite able to handle differing opinions, NOT trolling opinions, where honest, reasonable ant TRUTHFUL thoughts can be discussed. Trolling is just for effect and is a whole different thing. Bomb throwers and argumentative people should be called out.

      I love your explanation about how all this works, it is laughable on it;s face, and only proves my point. Your attitude about trolling does that also.

      and BTW, before you start your crybaby persecution post, no, it’s not about not able to understand you, it’s about your BS behavior.

  6. I don’t think I have ever seen so many government operatives acting like pigs in one room as we saw in that senate hearing yesterday. for a while I thought it must have been a Roy Moore beneavilent gathering or maybe a fund raiser for bill cosby. very festering cover up at best

    • are you talking about Cosby? He denied everything

      are you talking about Weinstein? He denied everything

      are you speaking about Trump? he’s denied everything

      are you speaking about Ford? Smear all you want, she’s not denying anything, she’s asking for an investigation. It’s been Kav and his buddies that had been blocking any investigation that MIGHT prove him innocent. Why? Why are you trying to muddy the waters?

    • Your point is weak….this is ALL about credibility and not guilt at all….NO TRIAL and no proof needed….. Kav was not what he said he was….he was/is a drunk, a liar. No alter boy…just Frat Party Boy

  7. You need another Kavanaugh FBI investigation, that would make a total of 7.

    Watch Joe Biden during the 1991 Thomas confirmation hearing.

  8. You really are a bundle of confusion aren’t you? what does it matter if there are 7 or 8 investigations? It’s the consequence of a bungled and forced appointment. If it was done openly to begin with we wouldn’t have all these problems now. Even this investigation is being forced with artificial restrictions, what are you and your friends in Washington afraid of? The previous 7 investigations never covered these points and from what is leaking out now looks like that was intentional.

    Suck up, you’ve been wrong about this whole mess, and it’s all starting to come out now!

    and Joe Biden has nothing to do with this? Is that some sort of implied smear that no one but you knows or cares about? or are you just trying to change the subject, yet again?

  9. Slimy. Thats funny. Good one. This is a game of catch and release. You were caught and released unharmed so the slime stayed where it started, you.

    Cosby, Weinstein, the accusations were proven. Ford could not back up hers. Her witnesses didn’t back her accusations. The man is, or should, be innocent until he is proven guilty. The FBI won’t do that.

    Didn’t listen to Uncle Joe did you. Its not in your interest to do so.

  10. Sorry, but extreme fascism is what Hitler and his Nazis gave to the World and springs from right wing politics. Liberalism is all about peace, love, sensitivity, understanding and cooperation. It is found at the opposite, left end, of the political spectrum and involves the PC that the Right has demonized for some incomprehensible reason.

  11. What happened to the liberal mantra of 10 guilty persons going free over one innocent person receiving a guilty verdict.

    Fascism is what the left is now bringing to this country. There is no more love, understanding, sensitivity, peace or cooperation. It is submit or else.

  12. Its about truth and what is right and wrong. Seems like you’re the troll trying to change subjects and start arguments. You can’t handle someone presenting info to back up statements.

  13. Hey, did you see where this guy Bret Kavanaugh actually lied about the drinking age in Maryland? Doesn’t he know we can hear him? Doesn’t he know it isn’t so smart to lie like that? WOA

    • Yes, and if he lied about that, what else do you think he lied about. I thought this guy was a Judge, aren’t they supposed tpo be honest?

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