The Count Carl von Cosel / Elena Milagro Hoyos tale is a story following Elena’s death in the 1930s. The Count was a Key West U.S. Marine  Hospital staff member. Elena a patient.

The Count loved Elena.

Elena died. Tuberculosis.

Two years later, the Count removed her body from its tomb and relocated it to his home. There she remained for several years in his bed. He cared for her. Did his best to keep her decomposing body attractive.

The title of today’s blog a tongue in cheek one: ELENA, YOU’RE HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY.

The Studios of Key West is presenting a musical based on the love story. March 2 and 3.

Should be interesting.

Spent my yesterday in the hospital. Liz had hip replacement surgery in the morning. The day spent helping her through the anesthesia withdrawal. Seemed to take forever. Not easy for her.

I was exhausted when I returned home in the evening. To bed and sleep immediately.

Syracuse/Miami at noon on ESPN. Miami a 2.5 point favorite.

I spent some time this morning talking to various hospital personnel. I want to watch the game and be with Liz at the same time. The hospital personnel probably thought I was nuts. I wanted to know if the TV sets in the rooms carried ESPN.

No one knew.

Sons and Daughters of Italy meeting tonight. Should be interesting and fun. I am in the mood to imbibe a bit.

Walgreens. Today a Walgreens in Key West. Part of one of the largest drug chains in the U.S. In the year 2017.

Charles R. Walgreen was the owner of the drug chain bearing his name in 1938. He visited Key West on this date on his 98 foot yacht Virago.

Drug stores obviously big business even back in the depression days of 1938!

An important day in Russian history! An important day in world history! The Russian Revolution began this date in 1917. People hungry. Wanted bread.

Ninety thousand demonstrators hit the streets in Petrograd. One week later, Czar Nicholas II abdicated.

A communist nation around the corner.

Many books written. Movies, also. Two of the best War and Peace and Dr. Zhivago.

The Wall St. Journal made comment in a Monday story which made me feel we sometime live in a banana republic. The column stated: “The conservative media outlet Breitbart published an article Friday based on the allegations of a right-wing radio host that intelligence agencies were conducting a ‘silent coup’ against Mr. Trump.”

Crazies in and out of the Trump White House.

Enjoy your day!







Key West is blessed with several excellent publications. One is Conch Color.

I was browsing Conch Color when I came across a La Te Da advertisement. A picture of La Te Da’s new inside bar. Beautiful!

I have not done a late night at La Te Da in months. Some night this week, I will. I am anxious to see what Christopher has accomplished.

My visit may be sad. I enjoyed the old bar for many years. Many memories.

Spent a long time yesterday writing this week’s KONK Life column. Thought it was time for a change of pace. My writings have been on the serious side in recent weeks.

Decided on a sex topic. Wrote Sex Tales of Old. Stories involving Julius Caesar, Christopher Columbus, the early New England settlers, Ben Franklin, Pope Alexander VI, and Betsy Ross.

The column publishes wednesday.

Last night it was Kate Miano’s Gardens.

Kate present. She has not been recently. She was in France. Returned a few days ago. Still fighting jet lag.

Ran into Pati on the way in. We sat together and enjoyed Peter Diamond’s singing.

It was after six when I arrived. Dark. I could not see anyone. If I want to know who is there, I must arrive before the sun sets.

Stopped at Roostica on the way home. Sunday night dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs, sausage and pieces of pork. Covered in a thick red sauce.

Bobby calls it gravy. Some italians do. My people did not. In fact, I never heard sauce described as gravy till Bobby opened his Italian restaurant. I understand New Jersey Italians refer to sauce as gravy.

Bobby just returned from ten days in Rome.

Kate in France, Bobby in Rome. Key Westers know how to live!

Larry Smith entertains tonight at The Little Room Jazz Club. Larry Kripitz on the drums.

Read El Nino is going to cause south Florida aggravation this winter. The experts warn be ready for a wet and wild season. Happening because Pacific Ocean waters will be warmer than normal around the equator.

College student activity at Missouri U. and Kansas U. has resulted in much discussion. Concern, also.

Many have described the protestors as Fascists. For the manner in which they relate to those they oppose/do not agree with.

There was an interesting column in the Wall St. Journal this weekend. The writer discussed raising the voting age to 25. It is presently 21. His opinion was that students were not responsible to vote.

I disagree. I have disagreed also with the 21 voting age. My reason simple. If the under twenty ones can fight for their country such is sufficient reason to give 18 year olds the vote.

Kansas students have initiated a different approach. Instead of asking the school’s president to resign, they demanded that the top three officers in the Student Council resign. By friday. Their own people. Fellow students. If they fail to resign, they have been threatened with impeachment.

The crazies are getting younger and younger. I wonder how their grades are doing. The primary purpose of a university is education. Not displays of public wrath. Especially over bullshit issues.

This morning, I return to the anti-gravity treadmill. I missed all but one day last week. The machine was aggravating my ribs and left side. I still hurt. However, much less. I hope I experience no problems today. The treadmill has become a part of my every day life.

Enjoy your day!




Key West adding another notable to its memorabilia/tradition book.

Mel Fisher’s search/dive boat when he discovered gold, jewelry, etc. was the J. B. Magruder. The Magruder still in operation. The vessel and its crew are in Key West for Mel Fisher Days. The Conch Republic Navy is making the Magruder part of its fleet. An honor!

The Magruder is sitting in front of Schooner Wharf. Just about every event relating to Key West days of old take place at Schooner Wharf. The key location for such Key West events. Schooner Wharf one of the few remaining places evidencing the Key West flavor of days gone by.

My yesterday began with the anti-gravity treadmill. I have been increasing speed, incline, etc. a bit. In spite of the air conditioning, I was sweating big time by the end of the half hour.

I had some things to take care of in the Square One area. While walking on the Duval side, I noticed a Key West Aloe store. I have walked by the site many times. Never noticed it before.

Key West Aloe was started in Key West many years ago by two fine gentlemen. They sold some 15 years ago. The new owner minimized Aloe’s presence in Key West. The plant was moved to another community. The store moved several times.

Key West Aloe the best after shave lotion! No question about it. I have been using it for 25 years. I had run out. My face missed the cooling gel.

I went quickly into the store. The gel has a newly designed container. Threw me off. I bought the gel. I cannot wait to shave this morning!

Key West Aloe is an integral part of Key West history.

Lunched at Harpoon Harry’s. Packed. Wednesday the turkey dinner special. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and gravy. Of course, I ordered it! Cost $10.

I had difficulty parking. The large public lot across the street was full. I waited a bit till someone pulled out. As I was walking to get my parking ticket, I searched the license plates. Most out of staters. Tourists still visiting.

Yesterday’s Miami Herald carried the Key West/Uber story. It is now a crime to operate one in Key West. An excellent article.

My KONK Life column this week is Illegal Human Trafficking. The title written with tongue in cheek. It is the Uber story internationally. I close with the Key West involvement.

I wrote the article sunday and e-mailed it to the publisher sunday evening. KONK Life hit the stands yesterday.

The two columns are different. I go into detail as to who is behind the company, where the financing has been coming from, why they are so successful, etc. If such interests you, read my KONK Life column. It is also available as of today on my Key West Lou website. keywestlou.com.

United Airlines computer went down yesterday. As did that of the New York Stock Exchange and Wall St. Journal. We are told merely coincidental. I am skeptical. Find it hard to believe.

Wars today are not only fought with guns. Wars are fought economically and via hacking and/or screwing up another country’s computer systems.

Coincidence or intentional?

While enjoying my oatmeal this morning, I was leafing through AARP’s magazine which I received yesterday. I am old enough to read the AARP publication.

There was a comment regarding grieving the death of a close one. The question was how long should one grieve. The answer…..As long as it takes.

Enjoy your day!