What follows is strange and bizarre. The story not consistent with Key West’s true nature.

The saying truth is stranger than fiction applies. Without question. It would be difficult for a writer to conceive of such a fact scenario.

Sometime during the dark of monday morning, Mark Brann and Justin Tyler Calhoun were in bed. Wake and chatting. Brann 67, Calhoun 24.

The home Brann’s on 12th Street. Calhoun a lover, sometime visitor, stripper, and homeless person.

Gender confusion comes into play. Following the event, the Sheriff’s report describes Calhoun as a female, the Key West Police report a male.

Calhoun accused Brann of being a cannibal. Brann did not take fondly to the charge. A fight ensued. Brann grabbed his gun and shot at Calhoun. Missed. The two fought over the gun.

Calhoun struck Brann in both his eyes with a pen. Shoved a piece of wood in Brann’s mouth and pushed it into his throat. Then stomped on the wood to push it further into Brann’s throat. Not done yet, Calhoun took a dresser drawer and beat Brann about the head and throat.

Calhoun was bare ass. Grabbed a dress, jumped out a window, and ran off. He was subsequently arrested.

The authorities report he has generally agreed with the facts as described.

The makings of a book. A sick one.

My day was strange physically. Felt fine in the morning. All of a sudden around noon, dead tired again. Exhausted. Could not shake the feeling the rest of the day.

Terri came over early in the afternoon. Her work not yet completed. The shower head had to be replaced. Bouncy and cheery, she hopped in the shower and went to work

Job 95% complete. A part problem She will fix when next she visits. Which will be after September 1. Terri leaves thursday to New Jersey to spend a week with some old show friends. Then to Tampa for a week or more for more tests. The results will decide if she is a candidate for a heavy surgery.

I tried working on tonight’s podcast. Slow going. Got a third done in the time I would normally have completed the job.

I feel great this morning! Full of energy! Will complete the research today. The show Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou at 9 tonight my time.

Without question, Trump will dominate the show. Charlottesville in all its aspects. Including the police told not to intervene in the fighting unless so ordered. Throw in a little North Korea and the half hour is gone.

The show is fast moving. Interesting. I generally come up with a piece of information not yet revealed by the media. Join me.

On this day in 1969, Woodstock opened. Near Bethel, New York. Mostly hippies. Performers galore. Over 400,000 in attendance.

I am sure many present day Key Westers were there. I know of three. All fabulous musicians/entertainers today in their own right. Larry Smith, Christine Cordone, and Terri White.

A never to be forgotten experience.

As I have written many times, the Key West of today would not have been without David Wolkowsky. Still enjoying life at 98!

The Kress Building on Duval was purchased by David on this date in 1978. Cost all of $210,000. Can’t buy any structure in Key West today for that price let alone the Kress Building.

For years, the Kress building housed Fast Buck Freddie’s on the first floor. An extremely fine department store. Today, home of a CVS drug store.

David continues to have a connection with the building. Years ago, he created a rooftop residence. A penthouse. Magnificent!I have attended several parties in the sky. The feeling you get when at David’s residence.

I close with a complaint.

The triangle at the intersection of US 1 and North Roosevelt Boulevard is under reconstruction. To rectify a mistake during the original construction only a few years ago.

I travel through the intersection 2-4 times a day.

Where are the workers? Last week, I saw none. The week before, 3 one morning.

Typical Key West public construction.

Enjoy your day!





Back better, but not there yet. Going to take a few more days. Lip the same. Black eye blacker.

Actually, I feel good except for the back.

I put together this week’s KONK Life column yesterday. Off and on. Could not sit in one position too long. I opted for lighter material. The world is heavy and my columns have been heavy lately. Enough. This week a bit of humor. The Minie Ball Pregnancy.

My bocce team did well thursday night. Won 2, lost 1. We are now 8-1 for the season. Best start ever!

Not only was I absent, so were Don, Norm and David. Don was in California for his sister’s wake. Norm had some minor surgery earlier in the week. David only was available for two  games. He had to be at work for the third. His company is doing some runway work at the airport which can only be done night time.

There is a Catholic archbishop in California raising hell with the Church’s position on such things as abortion, gay marriage, etc. The usual. He has imposed some severe rules on lay persons teaching in Catholic schools. Even those not Catholic. I view his actions a step too far.

Ergo, I was searching the internet for situations where the Catholic Church did something wrong which resulted in pain and suffering to many. I am not referring to the Inquisition which speaks for itself.

Witchcraft was in vogue from the 1200s through the 1600s. The Catholic cry was to get rid of the witches. They were the Devil’s representatives on earth. Good people were burned at the stake.

Cats got involved. Witches and cats go together. In 1232, Pope Innocent VIII declared cats diabolical, associated with the Devil.

That was it for cats. They were executed in large numbers. Very few, if any, cats were around for 400 years.

Cats are the #1 rat predators. Without cats, the rat population flourished. Rats were the ones that spread the bubonic plague aka black death.

It took 100 years for the effect of the slaughter of the cats to be felt. Europe experienced its first bubonic plague outbreak in the early 1330s. Three more thereafter. It is estimated 50 million died. The number represented 50-60 percent of the world’s population at the time.

All because a Pope assumed cats were evil.

Proof again that even the Catholic Church can err.

Enjoy your Sunday!