Abraham Lincoln’s head hung in shame last night as he sat in his monument in Washington. His mind run through with the disgrace of it all.

Charlottesville, Virginia. A moment that will go down in American history. A moment when the dark side of man came to the forefront. Anti-color, anti-Semite, anti-affirmative action, and anti-establishment.

Domestic terrorists. American born and bred.

The trouble makers a significant part of Trump’s base. It cannot be denied. White supremacists, neo-Nazis and the Klu Klux Klan. Dissidents all.

From day one, Trump has encouraged violence. The manner and words he used in the primaries and election against opposition. His yells to those who spoke out against him  at rallies to be thrown out, beaten. His promise to pay the attorney bills of anyone arrested. His chants to jail Hillary.

It goes on. The man is mad. He drives those who are mad. They feed off him.

Breitbart News is a leading white supremacist supporter/outlet. West Wing adviser Steve Bannon was once its CEO. Stephen Miller, who I have likened to Joseph Goebbels, wrote for the publication.

Yesterday represented America’s Arab Spring. With one significant difference. Egypt’s Arab Spring was a protest against a corrupt government. Charlottesville’s in support of evil in its many forms.

Yesterday afternoon was Robert and Ally time. Interestingly, we discussed what was blaring on the TV sets while having lunch at the new Denny’s.

Robert and Ally had a handle on the situation. I was amazed and impressed. At 13 and 12, they understood the right and wrong of Charlottesville.

At first, I was surprised. As I thought further, not. If I and my friends had a grasp on Hiroshima at the age of 10, Robert and Ally a few years older could have an understanding of Charlottesville.

Liked Denny’s! My first time. Robert and Ally had been before and recommended that we have lunch there.

Then to a unique experience. Key West Room Escape.

I questioned when I made reservations whether Robert and Ally would enjoy it. Even if I would. We all did!

Located in the Casa Antigua on Simonton, The Escape consists of two rooms. We were locked in. We were told we had 60 minutes to find the last page of Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms manuscript.

Not easy! Mentally arduous! Required team effort. We worked together.

I could not have provided Robert and Ally with a better afternoon. Nor Poppa. The grandkids got right into it. Their intelligence obvious. Not an easy task to find the page.

I found Robert and Ally’s mental acuteness exceeded mine. No question about it.

We failed. One step away. The last one. However, we were not able to figure out the last clue.

Young or old, go! You will leave excited. The Adrenalin running.

The proprietor is Kyle Turk. He watches at all times via hidden cameras. Periodically suggests whether you are hot or cold in your quest to discover the next clue.

Turk has come up with a winner. Different and exciting. I hope it takes hold.

I never made it to Giorgio and Sharon’s Sons and Daughters of Italy dinner party last night. I was exhausted by the hunt. Dropped Robert and Ally home. Did not stay. Went to my home. In bed at 6. Never got out.

Enjoy your Sunday!



Joseph Lyles is one of Key West’s finest and caring persons.

Joseph is the manager of the Hot Tin Roof. A genuine supporter of St. Paul’s church. A man who diligently follows the goings on in the United States and elsewhere. Well read, he is a man of thought.

Also, a friend.

This past Sunday on Facebook, Joseph posted a small article from Liberals Unite.  The sources for the post EPI, Bloomberg, and the U.S. Department of Labor.

I share the post with you word for word.

The title America Has Lost Its Promise is mine. The words my reflection of the post contents.


College tuition has risen by 1,120 percent.

Medical care has increased by 601 percent.

Food has increased by 244 percent.

Shelter has gone up by 380 percent.


Typical workers rose by just 10 percent.

Minimum wage workers fell by 5.5 percent.

Average CEOs increased by 937 percent.

Short and to the point. The numbers speak for themselves. The most telling from my perspective being workers’ wages rising by only 10 percent.

The post is why Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular.

It is time for the little people to eat again. The rich, banks, and major corporations have gotten/taken more than their fair share. The rich, banks and corporations must move over to make room at the table for others.

I fear America’s Arab Spring may be on its way. The police/black protests and the demonstrators outside Trump rallies an indication of what is to come.

People can be defecated on so long before they stand up and shout…..No more!