God is good.

Syracuse defeated Virginia last night for the right to go to the Final Four.

One of the best Syracuse games ever. Syracuse won 68-62 after being down big time.

Syracuse distinguished itself with defensive play in the last two minutes of the Gonzaga game, also.

Boeheim once again exhibited his basketball genius when he went into a full court press last night. I thought it would not work. It did!

The team consists of players who would not give up. Defeat not part of their mind set.

Gbinije was interviewed following the Gonzaga game. He was asked how did Syracuse start playing as it did. Gbinije responded something to the effect…..They told us we did not belong.

I was a skeptic. I said several times we were lucky to have made the tournament…..Syracuse did not belong. Note that I have refused to set forth any comments during the tournament that Syracuse would win a particular game.

I should be ashamed.

I am happy for Boeheim and the team. Especially, Boeheim. He deserves what is happening after the beating the NCAA gave him.

Screw them all, Jim! Go for it! Only two games remaining!

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  1. “Syracuse defeated Virginia last night for the right to go to the Final Four.”

    I gotta say that Syracuse was beyond amazing in that last ten minutes or so. They sort of put on a clinic for the Cavs on how to play basketball under pressure.

    The NC game will be a good one.

  2. Again, I’d sure like to know what Coach Jim says to those boys at half time. He could sell those recordings and make another $ 3 million a year.

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