Syracuse 40 Central Michigan 3

Would you believe! I did not even pick Syracuse in the pool. After Villanova, I expected another bad season. Central Michigan is a decent team. This was a good victory because of the number of points Syracuse scored. Syracuse was also phenomenal on defense. Now to the ACC.

I watched the game at John Lukas’ Sports Pub. I was the only Syracuse fan. There were a bunch of Ohio State fans. I do not know what game the third group were watching.

John let each TV set go full volume. Blasting! I was listening to three games at one time. Not easy.

Met Carrie, a new bartender. Originally from the Boston area. Had a place for skiing in Killington, Vermont. Vivacious. Recently engaged.

Petey works part time for John. I did not know. She is a Don’s Place and bocce friend. A very nice young lady. Always a kiss and hug for me. I am a cheap buy. All it takes is a hug and kiss.

Key West parking has been come more difficult. October 1, it will be the worst! Guaranteed! As of October 1, the rule basically is that only Key West residents can park in Key West. Except for some non residential parking spaces. I have been looking for two days and have only found a half dozen.

Yesterday’s parking problem was of a different nature. I generally park in the empty lot next to John’s place. Yesterday signs had been erected that were not there before. Parking permit needed or you will be towed. I had to park in the City parking garage around the corner. Cost me $10 for 5 hours. Aggravated the hell out of me!

I did not get to watch golf today. I see Furyk is in third place. Two strokes behind the two leaders.

Jim is a senior citizen as far as golf is concerned, He has not won in a couple of years. He is always up there, however. He keeps earning good checks. So much so that he is #5 of active players in earnings. He has won a major and won the Fed Ex several years ago. He is my dark horse pick to win tomorrow.

I had the pleasure of meeting Furyk and his family 15 years ago at the Turning Stone Casino in Verona. They were there for a few days of relaxation and fun. A nice guy. Down to earth.

Since Joan Rivers’ death, I have wondered if she ever visited Key West. Most celebrities have at one time or another. Parade is a local newspaper. Joan’s picture is on the second page of this week’s edition. Shows her doing a book signing at Voltaire Books in Key West in 2009.

I have decided to stay in tonight. For some reason, I am tired. Perhaps the enthusiasm during the game.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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