Ginni Thomas is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. She white, he black. Their marriage of long standing.

Her name first came to attention when her husband had been nominated to the Supreme Court. There where whispers and innuendos that she was actively involved in far right extremist activities. Such never became an issue.

Her husband was before the Judiciary Committee for approval purposes. Joe Biden chaired the Committee.

Everything was running smooth for Thomas. His approval was expected. If my memory proves correct, he was the second black nominee ever to the Supreme Court. He was appointed to replace the great civil rights leader Thurgood Marshall.

It was near the end of the proceedings when the proverbial s–t hit the fan.

Anita Hill was a Constitutional law school professor. She forwarded a letter to the the Committee that Thomas was not in her opinion qualified. She had worked for him in some bureaucratic position when he headed a federal agency. She accused him of improper advances and claimed he was always talking about his great pornographic collection. He would ask Anita to watch porn with him.

The Committee called Anita. They bruised her badly. Democrats and Republicans alike. How could this woman say those things about a person like Thomas?

I was disappointed with Biden at the time. He was not fair in the way he handled her. It was a male/female thing.

The morning after Hill testified, Thomas was recalled. He waited for no man. He went into a tirade that the proceeding had become a lynching. Recognize he is a black man saying those words before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee. He was on the verge of tears.

His explosion won the day. Hill’s testimony in effect was rejected. Thomas’ believed.

Hill continues to be a Constitutional law professor in California.

To this day, I believe she was not treated fairly. I believed her. Thought Thomas had lied.

Thomas has been on the Supreme Court bench more than 25 years. I believe he has been one of the Court’s worst Justices.

The Supreme Court is an appellate court. Justices ask questions. Rarely does an attorney have the opportunity to provide his well prepared argument. Questions from the Court come one after another. The attorney feels a bomb has been dropped on him.

There is no rule a Justice must ask questions. However, everyone in every appellate court in the U.S. does. Up to about 2 years ago, Thomas never asked a question.

I attributed his silence to a feeling he was not up to the job. In the past 2 years, for whatever reason, he asks a question here and there.

Which brings us back to wife Ginni.

She was a far right extremist when her husband was nominated. She has kept active in Republican far right circles. Even to today.

Ginni supports Trump’s argument that the election was illegal. On the day of the Capitol rally, she was on social media cheering on the protesters. She sent her “love” to them. Also, “God bless each of you standing up or praying.” How about, “We all have guns and concealed carry to handle what’s coming.”

The worst of the worst involves the story reported in several news releases. It was suggested she sponsored 80 buses for protesters to travel to Washington. Assuming 30 passengers per bus, Ginni  would have assisted in excess of 2,000 people to make the trip.

“Sponsored” may may not mean her money paid for the busies. It could have been as a board member of CNP Action.

One news article reported her assistance with the buses was “akin to paying for the plane tickets of the 9/11 hijackers.”

Her other far right activities prior to January 6 included her assistance in helping to handcraft lists of “disloyal” government officials. Shades of Senator McCarthy.

She is apparently anti BLM. She wanted authorities to remove a BLM banner from a city.

Ginni has been a virulent organizer against the Democratic Party and leftists.

If the facts are correct, it would appear she aided and abetted the Capitol insurrection. If such is the case, she should be charged where appropriate with those who actually stormed the Capitol.

So many stories coming out of January 6. It will take days/perhaps weeks to cover the more important ones.

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  1. The buses were called for by the police to to remove members of Congress to safety and not by the judge’s wife.
    Just an other untruth

    • Sandy, you annoying troll, reread Lou’s post.

      Lou said: “The worst of the worst involves the story reported in several news releases. It was suggested she sponsored 80 buses for protesters to travel to Washington. Azzuming 30 pazzengers per bus, Ginni would have azzisted in excess of 2,000 people to make the trip.”

      What Lou said had NOTHING to do with the capitol building or rescuing members of Congress. Quit trying to twist things to fit your always distorted view about reality.

      Can’t you get anything right?

  2. sandy feet is one of the scumbag traitors who supports anything and everything Trump says or does. He is dishonest about almost everything and cannot be trusted about anything apart for his hate for the American way of life.

    • But LOU’s statement was not wrong, read it again loser!

      ..and everyone else should read the Snopes article, it is far more damaging to Ginni Thomas then the technical part about the 80 buses.

      Care to comment on the rest of Lou’s reporting about Ginni Thomas, or just the technical part of the bus thing.

  3. Although I am sure we will need to consult John Galt before any decision can be deemed accurate, the insurrection or rebellion parts of the 14th Amendment would seem to be more enforceable than anything Joe MacCarthy got away with in the mid 50’s with prosecuting anyone for just being a member of the Communist party.

    Maybe there is a way to rid ourselves of these seditious Republicans from holding any positions of elected or even appointed power.

    After it’s in the Constitution and we all know how Republicans feel about upholding Law and Order.

    • “Maybe there is a way to rid ourselves of these seditious Republicans from holding any positions of elected or even appointed power.”

      There is a way. You could line them up and shoot them. It’s been done before.

  4. Lou, I see where the PGA has yanked the 2022 Golf Championship from Donald Trump’s Bedminister Golf Resort, in New Jersey. Tough call, but the right one I think, considering Trump’s part in promoting a insurrection of our government and a violent attack on our Capitol.

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