Last night, before or after the football game, I heard a brief news report to the effect that some of the Capitol Police or other police did not do their jobs effectively because they appeared to be on the side of the insurgents.

I researched the item on the internet this morning. Came up with nothing. Whether true or false, it will come out in due course. Truth has a way of surfacing.

Fifteen some odd years ago, I spent two consecutive summers in Greece. Six weeks each time as I recall.

Much of what was happening in Greece at the time is comparable to what is occurring in the U.S. today. The situation far worse in Greece. The U.S. may be on its way to experiencing the extreme.

There was no work. There was no food. No work means nothing. We are still better off. No food not like the food lines in the U.S. today. People were starving. Families killed their pets and ate them. Then broke into zoos, killed the animals, and took the meat home.

It reached a point where nothing could be grown. Initially, everyone had their little gardens. Then the ground would grow no more. They dug into the earth and ate roots. The roots were boiled.

When peoples’ lives change as to food and work, their politics become acerbated and change. Food is a first concern when there is none.

Politics were crazy.

I was staying at the Gran Britannia hotel in Athens for a few days. My balcony faced the Parliament building across the street. It was morning. The noise aroused me. There were thousands surrounding the building, carrying signs and shouting.

No way was I going to miss this. Threw on some clothes and ran out. I spent several hours each day with the demonstrators. No one bothered me. I did not understand what they were shouting, but there was no question they were upset.

There was one thing I could comprehend. Every time Angela Merkel’s name was mentioned, they spit on the ground. Young and old alike.

What about the police? As I think about it, I cannot recall seeing any at the site of the demonstrations.

No damage occurred at Parliament nor do I believe there was an intent by anyone to enter and do damage. The damage occurred later on the top commercial street in Athens. It ran directly perpendicular to Parliament.

Top retail stores and offices on the street. In a very few hours, a total mess. Windows all broken. Graffiti on the outside of some buildings. Cement walls somehow broken and lying on the ground. Fire damage evident also.

I was shocked.

Which brings me to the police.

The cops were cops. There was also at the time a neo-Nazi party called Golden Dawn. Half the police department were members of Golden Dawn.

The Golden Dawn members were scary. By day and night, they stood in groups on downtown busy streets. Aryan appearing one and all. Good looking young men. All blonds. Their attire the same. Shirts, pants and shoes black. They carried guns on their waists and batons in their hands.

I walked Athens day and night. Black Dawn groups standing everywhere. I found it interesting and will not deny a degree of fear was within me each time.

They never bothered me. However, their heads and eyes would follow me as I passed.

There were instances both day and night where I saw Black Dawn beating the hell out of someone on the sidewalk. A police officer was once nearby. He turned his back and walked away.

Black Dawn’s neo-Nazis controlled.

I learned that half the police force were members. Most judges, also.

Black Dawn was a smart operation. Recall food was scarce. Each day they would drive to certain corners with truck loads of food. Citizens were welcome to it. However, each receiving had to sign up to be a Black Dawn member.

Things have changed. Greece’s economy improved. People are working. Black Dawn if it still exists is a mere sliver of what it once was.

I spent the time this morning sharing Greece and its police with you in light of what seems to have occurred on January 6. In Greece, police became protesters and joined Black Dawn. If the news report I heard is correct, the same is occurring here. No where near as bad.

However not even one American cop should jump the fence. They should be arrested, charged, convicted and jailed.

There are many videos of what happened at the Capitol. Some showing Capitol or other police opening barricades and letting the protesters in. Another shows one of the barrier guardians saying to the protesters as they went by, “I respect you.”

I spent some time each trip on a few smaller islands. Whether in Athens or the islands, it was next to impossible to get people to discuss politics. They were afraid.

My blog talk radio show tonight at 9. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. No problem having enough to talk about. My problem is I do not have enough time to get everything in.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Do you think that Trump knows that the Battle of the Alamo, was not held in Alamo, Texas? Alamo, Texas is about 250 miles south of where “The Alamo” is located (and where the battle took place, in San Antonio, Texas. I guess we’ll have to wait until we hear what he says in his speech to know what kind of stunt this really is.

    • The problem is his attempts to make us live there. In Trump’s world the people have few freedoms beyond what he allows. If you think otherwise remember that he makes government employees (ordinary people) sign agreements that directly compromise their right to free speech.

  2. GOP says that we all need to calm down and rationally discuss the week’s events and not jump to any rash conclusions or reactions.
    As if there is a legitimate way to explain it all away.

  3. They’re just stalling for time to come up with an excuse. Like the idea that they are the “adults in the room” isn’t working anymore even among themselves, nor is the idea they are “the party of law and order.” So they need time to make up something else and are having all these kumbaya moments to divert the stench while they try and and pull the wool over everybody again in some new way.

  4. Trump began with his lie about Obama’s birth and he is ending with his biggest lie of all, that the election was rigged against him.

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