I gorged myself last night on home made lasagna.

I was half asleep around 5 when I heard the doorbell ring. Threw on some clothes and ran downstairs. Hoping I would not fall because I was hurrying.

Opened the door and there stood Dan Riordan

I told him right away “don’t touch me…..I don’t want to shake your hand.” Then I proceeded to chastise him for coming to Key West this year. My concern coronavirus.

Dan’s wife Lisa was smart. She remained in the car. We waived.

Dan and Lisa have been visiting Key West for many years. Generally rent the same place January and February. We are die hard Syracuse fans. We would watch Syracuse play at Don’s Place, Jack Flatts, or some other bar.

They live in Skaneateles, New York. Very few have ever heard of it. A small community about 15 miles west of Syracuse. Located on Skaneateles Lake. Homes are year round and owned by the Syracuse elite.

Dan and Lisa operated a restaurant in Skaneateles for years. Dan the cook/chef, Lisa ran the front. Hostess, bookkeeper, etc. They worked hard. Sold the place 2 years ago. It was time to pack it in.

Here I am inside the house chastising Dan who is standing on the porch. He hands me a package. Dinner. Thank you I responded and he was on his way.

The greatest cook in my lifetime was my grandmother. My father’s mother. She could make round steak taste like filet mignon.

She came to America from Italy as a young lady. Married my grandfather.

My grandmother never learned to speak English. Rarely left the house. I guarantee you however she was a happy woman each day. Eight children and all the grandchildren that followed.

Pasta was big with Italians. We used to call it macaroni back then. Enjoyed it every sunday and wednesday.

Rarely did the pasta come out of a box purchased at the store. It was home made. A major production.

Grandma’s daughters and daughters in law would come over. They all made the pasta together. I do not recall every step. Two however stick out in my mind.

The white large sheet. Before anyone did anything, a clean large white sheet was laid on a bed.

The steps I do not recall, except for the machine used to make the macaroni. Stood about 10 inches tall. The home made dough was entered into the top. An arm on the machine was cranked and the pasta came out of the bottom. Whether lasagna, linguine, or whatever, each piece carefully carried and laid on the sheet.

I have not enjoyed the quality of lasagna similar to last night’s made by Dan since my grandmother passed on. It was glorious. And the sauce! Not out of a bottle. Home made.

Some additional doses of the vaccine were available in Key West this week. A portion made available for the over 70’s.

I did not know about it. Donna and Terri got their shots thursday. Called me to tell me and to call the Health Department. The shots are being given at the Gato Building.

Tried all day friday and yesterday. Voice box full. Even tried today with the same result. I will begin again at 8 tomorrow morning.

Donna said very efficient. You had an appointment. You were taken on time. Then given an appointment for the second shot 3 weeks hence.

The supply is limited. Last week the County expected 800 doses. Received 312. I have a feeling the Gato Building supply will be exhausted by the time I make contact.

I received several e-mails and calls from snowbirds and short term visitors to Key West who are presnetly here. Also received the same number of e-mails and calls from locals.

Someone made a rule that visitors could receive their shots here in Key West. Residency not a requirement. The visitors were thrilled. Never expected to get their shots while here. The locals upset.

I am a local. I am upset. There is not enough of the vaccine for us living in Key West. “Foreigners” should return home where they have been included in the numbers.

I do not know who was responsible for the decision. My initial reaction is Governor DeSantis. He would make a stupid move like that.

Syracuse/Georgetown last night at 7. I laid in bed to watch the game. Missed it all. Fell asleep and did not wake til the game was over. I can’t win.

Syracuse did win however 74-69. Syracuse blew an 18 point lead, but hung on to win.

Someday I must share the Syracuse/Georgetown rivalry. Interesting and exciting.

Enjoy your Sunday!

22 comments on “BEST LASAGNA EVER

  1. Ask the governor of NY to send down by plane New York’s unused share of their allotment. The news is reporting NY has used only 1/3 of their allotment.

    • Sandy Feet is a hate filled troll who has filled this blog with lies, misinformation and MAGA rants throughout Trump’s entire time in office. Sandy is the perfect example of the decay in decency and the rise in violence in America nowadays.

  2. You should try Dan’s Rack of Lamb, Scrod/Cod and Mutton Snapper Supreme. Keep up the good work Lou. Stay healthy and Go ‘ cuse.

  3. Why did the airlines allow this (service animals)on plans? Because they had to. Federal rules at the time required airlines to permit service animals to fly, but didn’t actually define what a service animal was. We all know it was Trump’s fault.

  4. Sandy is a hateful, dishonest person who spreads lies about just about anything with the sole purpose of trying to start fights and has openly admitted that on this blog. He is a super MAGA hate spreader. Thinks he’s being clever but is a pathetic and twisted soul who is more comfortable being nasty than anything else. Sandy spends a lot of time being wrong about anything he writes on other people’s blogs.Sandy is a good example of what is wrong with America and he seems perfectly happy about knowing that.

    • Glad to see YOU know what is wrong with America. Now could list first 20? Out of seven responses you account for 4. So you must have at lease 20 answers

      • Sandy Feet is the perfect example of what is wrong with America. He rarely knows what he’s talking about, he believes whatever the latest conspiracy is and does not have the knowledge or good sense to think for himself. He hates everyone and everything, he is happy to insult anyone about anything and has no time for decency or truth. He is an example of why Trump’s MAGA doesn’t work and why Trump himself is a failure. Sandy is why America can never be great again.

    • And who do we blame for the loss of the FREEDOM OF SPEACH?

      Even their layers of the Parlor have been out.

      They , Google ,Apple, Amazon have learned from their days in China.

      You out their have no, NO, free speech.

      The Human family controls nothing

      And I am on


    You yourself have NEVER commented when TRUMP put his knee on the neck of ANYONE who criticized him.

    You yourself have never commented even once, when TRUMP or any of his storm troopers lied and hid the truth.

    YOU never mentioned once when TRUMP’s goons stood in the way of others free speech.

    You yourself have spread countless lies, distortions and LIES on this very blog.

    You more than anyone, should NOT be lecturing ANYONE on anything.


    You are embarrazzing to the rest of real Americans.

  6. Speaking of airlines, they could set up vaccination stations in airports where there are always tons of people milling around doing nothing.

    • Sure, but they wouldn’t have anything to do if we don’t have enough vaccines or if they haven’t been distributed correctly, as has been the case with everything so far.

      Everyone wants to recover, but likee everything else with this pandemic, it has not been planned very well.

  7. The source of the word “macaroni,” which first appeared in English at the end of the 16th century, was the Italian “maccheroni,” which in turn was derived from the Greek “makaria,” meaning “food made from barley.”

    • Thank you. My first book was The World Upside Down. In the book and blogs before and after, I have mentioned happenings in Greece some 20 years ago. I was fortunate to spend two consecutive summers in Greece.I discovered Greek food tasted like the Italian food my grandmother prepared. I was tasting foods I had not since my youth. I learned from my Greek friends the reason why which I subsequently confirmed by research. A long time ago, Greece was the commercial center of the world. Boats went out of Greek ports to many places. Business ws excellent. At some point , the Greeks wanted to develop a successful trading business with Italy. They sent Greek citizens to Italy. The southern part and Sicily. The Greeks were only sent for a shot period of time. However, they liked the Italians, the weather, and many stayed. The Greeks brought with them their cooking of course. That cooking is very similar, if not the same as, the Italian preparations my grandmother brought from Italy to the U.S. The food identical. I went crazy in Greece eating their food which again was my food from my youth. Awesome!

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