American philosopher Forrest Gump bears responsibility for many profound statements. One applicable in today’s contrary environment is: “Stupid is as stupid does.”

I specifically refer to Trump’s consideration to leading a coup to take over the country following Biden’s election. Unknown to us, November and December were dangerous days.

General Mark Milley was especially concerned. He felt during those months a “night of the long knives” was possible. He sensed Nazi Germany at a time when Hitler was in the process of taking control.

The danger still exists. Listen to Trump’s rhetoric. Inflammatory!

Can he be made to see the light? No. The man is crazy. Lacks intelligence. It becomes more and more evident with each passing day.

American comedian Ron White created the phrase: “You can’t fix stupid.”

Benjamin Franklin spoke most tellingly when he said, “A Republic it is, if you can keep it.”

The streets of Havana ring out in protest. Some 60 odd yeas since Castro’s successful revolution, the Cuban people of today want freedom and a better life.

A revolution in the making.

Can it be successful? I doubt it.

Those demonstrating are lacking in essentials to wage a fighting revolution. They have no military force. Guns, if at all, few.

In addition, the people have little electric power, few medicines and no work.

None of which is contained in the previous two paragraphs gives indication that a revolution could be successful.

In the meantime, I am seeing small pieces of the protest on the streets of Key West. Persons walking towards or past you on a street. Quietly moaning “libre” as they pass. Last night on the Gulf side of the Atlantic an auto procession of about a dozen cars drove swiftly by yelling libre!

It was Happy Birthday time at the Chart Room last night. Cindy Thompson’s birthday was celebrated,

A group of locals present including Jean Thornton, Holly and Kevin, and Cindy’s husband Steve. The Chart Room was otherwise crowded with tourists.

I followed up the Chart Room with Marylin’s to hear Terri White sing.

An unusual year. July normally a dead month for visitors. Not this year. They are pouring non stop into Key West daily.

David Wolkowsky lived elegantly. As it should be. During my time with him, he had an open home penthouse atop the Kresge Building and a formal home on Flagler.

David is now dead some 2 years. His penthouse being rented by vacationers by the month. A most lovely place to do so.

Inflation has been on the rise in recent months. The highs becoming uncomfortable.

Strange things affect inflation. The most recent one contributing heavily to inflation’s rise are the sale of used cars. Would you believe!

Used car sales have contributed 1/3 of the increase.

Yesterday, I wrote concerning Tennessee’s handling of coronavirus vaccinations and all other vaccinations young people receive.

In 24 hours, an upgrade.

A doctor in Washington, D.C. can vaccinate children without parental consent. The ordinance permitting such was passed by the Washington, D.C. City Council 11/20/2020. Became law officially 1/21/2021.

The law permits physicians to provide all kinds of protections without advising the parents.

Washington’s actions in this regard are endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Today a haircut, doctor visit, and drinks with Don and Chris at the Chat Room tonight.

Enjoy your day!

16 comments on “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES

  1. Under Obama, Cuba began to change. He opened up a lot of things for them and they improved a lot. Entrepreneurial business sprang up everywhere, human rights improved and things were looking good. Trump promised to crack down on improvement in Cuba and the repressive and vindictive ‘overlord” Cuban expat community in Florida helped him get elected, after which he (Trump) removed all the progress we’d maid there. Now we’re back again to problems in Cuba and American’s wonder why?

    We are our own worst enemy.

    • It is likely Trump didn’t even understand what he was actually doing, beyond trying to erase all things Obama. Trump is that infantile.

      • Trump hated Obama and couldn’t think straight on that subject!

        oops, there’s that “hate” thing again that Republicans want to deny.

  2. Lou, you do know that Forrest Gump is a fictional movie character, not an American philosopher,right? Some days I worry about you.

    • Except of course for world renowned cigars, lots of sugarcane, outstanding rum, significant tourist appeal, world clazs music and musicians, and who knows what else.

      Oh yeah, the best medical facilities in the Caribbean.

      Wake up!

  3. “I feel like a vaccination in a weird way is just generally kind of going against nature. Maybe there’s just an ebb and flow to life where [some disease] is supposed to wipe out a certain amount of people and that’s just kind of the way evolution goes. Vaccines kind of stand in the way of that.”
    — Newsmax host Rob Schmitt

    • Interesting OPINION, from the intellectually challenged “NewsMac” show host, which Newsmax themselves have already distanced them selves from.

      Only a troll would post that sh*t here.

  4. Can you imagine NewsMax actually distancing themselves from garbage? That’s like the kettle calling itself black, isn’t it?

    It has to be REALLY bad for Newsmax to give it up. They are consistently considered to be the worst News service out there!

  5. Strange things affect inflation. The most recent one contributing heavily to inflation’s rise are the sale of used cars. Would you believe!

    Yes I do, “pre-owned” prices are what NEW car prices used to be.

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