Anything you want to know first hand about Key West’s 1970’s forward talk to Steve Thompson. He and his charming wife Cindy discovered Key West then and know everything there is to know about Key West since then.

Steve and I chatted the other night at the Chart Room about 1970’s Key West. His memories exciting!

Steve has a sister Sam and a sister in law Linda. Sam lives in Seattle. Linda, Alaska and Orlando. Steve told me they have religiously been reading my blog for years. Love them! Hope someday to meet them!

Last evening was the night of the Big Caravana. Spanish for Big Caravan.

Key West and Cuba have always been married. All the way back before the U.S. and since. There is an inborn burning relationship.

There is unrest in Cuba again. The people are protesting. Big time. Whether it will turn into a shooting situation remains to be seen.

Whatever, Cubans living in America are already voicing their support for the homeland. “Libre!” is the cry!

There was a parade last night on Duval in support of the Cuban people. The parade had a strange beginning. A different one.

The parade began at 5 pm in Key Largo. Picked up more supporters in Marathon. Entered Old Town around 8 pm accompanied by a police escort.

People in the cars waving the Cuban flag and cheering support for their native country.

It is like those who fled Cuba because of the Castro brothers have been waiting for a correct time to express themselves big time. The time appears to have arrived.

There is another country where unrest has suddenly appeared. South Africa.

I have a special interest and concern for South Africa. My blog has had a large following over the years.

Typical of most unrest, the people are suffering from a lack of food, fuel, money and jobs.

The South African newspaper reported that the people “are on the brink of severe fuel and food shortages” Key supply routes  are being “severed due to social unrest.”

The social unrest involving goods and trucks being stopped by roving crowds, stripped of their cargo, and more often than not torched or dismantled for parts. The truck damage has resulted in billions of dollars lost, shelves of shops and shopping centers standing empty.

Riots have a political unrest basis. Began last week following former President Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment.

Looting has increased rapidly in one week. Once again, food a problem. The same evidenced by the fact that in a 2 day time frame, 9,360 loaves of bread were distributed.

Food is a problem in the U.S. as well. Not a scarcity, however. The problem rather is cost.

I frequently hear people complaining about the cost of groceries. I have been commenting for more than a year that the cost was rising on a “snakey ” basis. A few pennies here, a few pennies there. Now out of sight!

The Chart Room again last night. I’m getting out a bit more.

I was to meet Don and Chris.

Don and Chris are from the Syracuse area. Die hard Syracuse fans. I met them 15 years ago and we became immediate friends. Key West is their “beloved place.” They visit 3-4 times a year.

Oneida Lake sits near Syracuse. Two years ago, Don and Chris purchased a home on the lake. It has become their summer place. They have been here this week so family members could enjoy it.

Both travel big time for their respective jobs. Don is a Vice President of a South Korean company. He is frequently back and forth to South Korea.

Dan Reardon’s name came up. Dan and his wife another couple I have known for 15 years. Met them when they were on a 2 month winter vacation in Key West.

They live in Skaneateles. A Syracuse suburb also. Owned and operated a restaurnat for years in Skaneateles which they sold 2 years ago.

Don texted with Dan. We exchanged photos.

Dan and his wife good people. Always a good time when they visit.

My yesterday began earlier. A haircut with Lori. A lovely woman. She has been doing my hair for 20 plus years.

She and her husband finally got out to Tavern ‘n Town for dinner. The restaurant has not been reopened that long. Business still slow. Food prices are up. Way up! Typical of what is going on in the finer restaurants.

George was bartending.

When Tavern ‘ Town closed for the pandemic, George was let go. A family man, he was fortunate to get a bartending job at Irish Kevin’s. When Tavern ‘n Town reopened, they called George and in effect begged him to return. Every type business in Key West is desperate for help. He returned with a significant raise.

I have to get over to Tavern ‘n Town. I’ve missed George.

Later in the afternoon, a doctor visit. My esophagus doctor. Everything is wrong with me!

When I left, I got screwed up. His offices are in a series of pastel colored buildings. When I got off the elevator on the first floor, I zigged instead of zagging. I had to walk round the entire complex before finding my car.

I agree. I am losing it. Not the problem however. The pain in my right leg. Wow! I had to stop 3 times in spite of using the cane.

Key West weather is typical for this time of the year. Hot with heavy humidity. And this is only the beginning. The worst 2 months heat and humidity wise are August and September.

Several months ago, we were told we would be undergoing a “temporary” inflation. Be of no concern. It would go away.

Not so. The opposite is actually occurring. The rise in inflation in the last 4 months has been the hottest since the 1980’s.

Five percent inflation is bad, but palatable. Over 5, a problem.

Economists say if the rate of inflation continues as it has in the past 4 months, it will annualize at 8 percent.

I wake just before 5 each morning. Catch Way Too Early with Kasie Hunt on MSNBC. An outstanding journalist!

Sad news this morning. It was her last show. She is moving on. She could not mention where yet.

Fortunately, there will be another channel and time for her. And me.

Enjoy your day!


  1. BUT, the people of South Africa, like the people of India, are so much better off now without the English running things, wouldn’t you say?

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