Sometimes you can’t win. Last night was one of those times.

I had a doubleheader going. My blog talk radio show and Syracuse/Wake Forest. I got to do neither. Struck out two times.

I have to connect with the Blog Radio Broadcasting Station to do the show. I could not connect, as many times as I tried. No way the show could be broadcast.

Syracuse was playing Wake Forest. I wanted to watch the game. No way. ESPN was not broadcasting the game in Florida. Some other ACC game was being aired.

The inability to do the show bothered me. I had spent time all week getting ready and then yesterday fine tuning the material. Most of the topics will go in the waste basket. They will be too old to broadcast next week. Topics discussed are timely. A week later not.

My day time big event was visiting Tammy at Lee Nails for a manicure. Tammy is an Asian beauty.

Her story interesting. Tammy came to the United States at age 15. She is now 32. Married at some point. She and her husband own and operate Lee Nails. They are hard workers. They were able to buy their first home last year. Two lovely children. The American dream come true!

Lee Nails is located on Flagler in the Habana Shopping Center. The business primarily locals. Tammy says she does not think any tourists come to her. Flagler is off the beaten track for tourists. The business busy and highly successful.

I read about the Syracuse/Wake Forest game on the internet after it was over. Syracuse lost in overtime by one point. 75-74. Syracuse was a 10 point favorite.

With the loss, the door to the NCAA tournament was closed. A new one opened, however. The NIT. Playing in the NIT is like being a second class citizen.

Would you believe…..fog again this morning! Two days in a row. Three times in a week. What is going on?

The fog this morning is strange. When I came downstairs at 7, it was moderate. I could see far out on the ocean. A half hour later, I could barely see 200 feet out into the ocean. The fog had more than developed. It was significantly heavier.

I did some quick research on the internet re fogs before writing. Came away confused. I did not understand. What I got out of the mumbo jumbo is that “inversion” is involved. Whatever that is.

Unquestionably, I am a die hard Syracuse fan. My friend David a similar Ohio State fan. I forgot to congratulate David in yesterday’s blog re the victory. A great year for Ohio State! Enjoy it, David!

And you enjoy your day!

7 comments on “STRUCK OUT TWO TIMES

  1. Inversion _ warm air below cold air. Heat rises; Cold falls; water condenses = fog.

    Suggest you investigate doing the “show” as a podcast and uploading it to the distribution service. That might work better for you.

    NIT was co-founded by Alma Mater


  2. Temperature invasions are easy, and, quite common. Basically warmer air above cooler air which of course is generally not normal. Just pay attention to temp/dew point spread forecast. KEYW weather is readily available.

      • Ooops, sorry. I guess need to start proofreading, auto correct or whatever it called gets in the way I guess. I meant inversion.

        Temperature in warmer at the surface than at altitude. Standard lapse rate rate is 2ºC/3.5F per 1000ft. That means if one wants to become a member of the ‘Mile High Club’ then they will have to endure temperatures of about 20º cooler than at the surface. [smiley face]
        Warm air is less dense and therefore lighter than cold air.
        Temperature Inversion. There are several types, but, the most common is a fast moving warm front over running colder surface air. The warm air can’t work under the surface air so its forced to roll up over the colder surface air. Therefore the temperature is inverted. Freezing rain ? Thats a common thing resulting from an inversion.
        Fog. Fog is a cloud. A cloud is water vapor. Fog is just a low lying cloud. Depending on barometric pressure and temperature/ dew point spread, the base of cloud layers can be predicted as well as fog. The closer the spread, the lower the cloud bases and possibility of any one of the types of fog.

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