The best in college football last night!

Ohio State beat Oregon 42-20. I was surprised. I thought Oregon would win by a similar score. I felt Oregon’s quick offense would carry the day. Instead, it was Ohio State in every way. Especially its running game.

I enjoyed the game from the comfort of my bed.

Fog again this morning!

In all the years I have spent in Key West, fog has been rare. Once or twice a year perhaps. Today marked the second time in a week there has been fog in the morning.

Going to be a hot one today. Eighty degrees.

I had to hurry yesterday’s blog to get to the doctor. I was having chest pains. Had them all night. I was concerned. Got the blog out first. Probably stupid, but that is how humans behave sometimes.

Several tests were run on me. Heart ok. Going to do a stress test friday just in case.

Funny part of all this is that I have had no pain since I visited with my heart doctor.

Tuesday again! Means my blog talk radio show tonight. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine my time. Join me for a quick half hour of eye opening and interesting topics. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics tonight include a  Greece update, the Saudis condemning a man for building a snow man,  islands in danger of drowning, more young people being killed by guns rather than cars, an update on the NYPD slowdowns, a 9 year old arrested for stealing a pack of gum, US Department of Health execs flying first class to the tune of $31 million over a four year period, and more.

Sunday’s Paris march impressive! Obama did not go nor send someone big in his administration in his place. Right or wrong, who knows. Many European leaders are 1-3 hours from Paris. Obama’s trip longer. Note that the Presidents of Canada and Mexico did not attend either.

Personally, I think Obama should have gone. Had he been aware in advance that the march would be such a success, he probably would have gone. Regardless, the White House blew it.

Big party tonight at Mangrove Mama’s. Howard Livingston’s party for friends of Howard Livingston. Definitely will be a fun event.

Enjoy your day!



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