A lot of James Bonds out there. People with licenses to kill. Pseudo doctors in a sense. Not really physicians. However know it alls when it comes to COVID-19 and vaccines.

They are anti-vaccine at every turn. Refuse to be vaccinated. Tell everyone not to be. Reasons therefore many. The vaccine not yet dependable. Tests for the vaccine inadequate. Part of a Democratic conspiracy. Etc.

Proof in the pudding? Covid-19 cases are up in all 50 states. In every area, it is the unvaccinated who are being attacked by the virus. In excess of 90 percent of new cases involve those not vaccinated. Some areas have reached the point of not being able to handle the new huge numbers arriving for hospital care.

Two California areas with diametrically opposed ideas how the surge is to be handled.

One the Los Angeles County Sheriff. A crazy man! Not just because he endangers himself. He forgets if he is wrong, he is endangering the people he swore to protect.

California COVID cases are surging. Governments have passed new local laws or guidance procedures. One involves the mask.

The Los Angeles Sheriff will not enforce the new mask mandate. He claims it is not “backed by science.”

Who made him so smart and who gave him the authority to refuse to enforce a law?

Another California area is making news with a new mask guidance. The San Francisco area.

The San Francisco bay area has reinstated mask requirements. Discharge or not hire in the first instance all workers who refuse to wear masks. Masks are required to be worn in all indoor areas, including homes and restaurants.

Lack of having been vaccinated a primary cause of the coronavirus resurgence. The other failing to wear a mask.

As a result of the two causes, medical professionals in some parts of the country predict “the worse is yet to be seen.”

This past week Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards reported: “Since February, 97 percent of cases and deaths related to COVID-19 are those who are not fully vaccinated.”

Many will die because of pure unadulterated stupidity.

The Arizona audit back in the public eye. CEO Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas says his company does not have enough time to finish its audit. The results are due soon. His cry is for more time. Many Arizona politicos support him.

Logan claims he requires more Senate subpoenas to obtain more records and survey tens of thousands of voters at home.

The Logan led audit was to take 60 days. Such was advised several months ago. An adjusted time schedule for completion is being requested.

The Arizona situation is being audited to death. There have been 3 “audits” already prior of Logan’s work. The three involved a hand count of a statistical sample of ballots which in the end matched the machine count and 2 post-election audits which found no manipulation of machines.

Those opposing any further time or money to complete what is considered by many to be a fraudulent and illegal audit, have spelled out that items pointed out by Logan are consistent and typical to auditing and not audit errors (in other words, Logan and his people do not know what they are doing), and the injection of an “alternate reality.” by Logan’s people. Alternate reality involves made up facts to arrive at a conclusion.

Simply stated, the audit is finding errors where none exist and many of the claimed improprieties are due to inexperience in auditing rather than actual wrongdoing.

Matt Gaetz, the boy wonder. He has already spent $1.95 million preparing his defense to sex with a minor charges for which he has not yet even been indicted.

He hired a “crisis management team” which thus far has cost nearly $1 million. The company has only 2-3 employees. He also has hired Roger Stone himself or a small company owned by Roger Stone for “strategic consulting.” Cost so far, $20,000.

I suspect Gaetz’s monies would have been wiser spent hiring the best team of lawyers he could find. If indicted, it will be a court room and the law he will require to be acquitted. Not the “people in the streets.”

Those who deny climate change are of the same mentality as those who deny the efficacy of the vaccine.

How can climate change be denied with all the crazy things happening: The catastrophic flooding in western Europe, drought in California, wildfires, frequent hurricanes, frequent cyclones, melting of glaciers in Antarctica, and deadly heat?

Today is the international day set aside to honor Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela Day was established years ago by the United Nations.

A theme is associated with the Day. This year: “The Rule of Law and Food for All.”

The theme is consistent with what I reported yesterday re legal and food problems in South Africa.

No question, a booming real estate market exists in south Florida. Especially in Key West. It has been described as “red-hot.” Property values and the cost of homes has sky rocketed.

The average selling price of a house today is $1 million more than a year ago.

My admonition. I have seen this happen before in the Keys. There is an old saying. What goes up, must come down. It will happen with the real estate market and sooner than most think.

Prostitutes, B-girls, and whore houses had a difficult time in the 1930’s, 1940’s and into the 1950’s in Key west. The U.S. Navy frowned on them and were constantly on the backs of local police authorities to do something about them. The Navy claimed the evil women “preyed on young sailors.”

Local police agencies cooperated at various times. “Various times” because most were customers of those being arrested.

Today’s sex for pay is found in the telephone book and massage parlors.

One of the famous houses of ill repute was Mom’s Tea Room. Alice Reid the proprietor of each. Three times Alice was shut down. Even did time as a result of one of the arrests.

Several years ago, I considered writing a book on the history of prostitution in Key West. Thought it might be a best seller. I could not find an excellent detailed one on book store shelves. Nor buried anywhere.

I got together with Diana Millikan and asked her to help with the research.

I am aware some of you dissect her for any number of reasons. Permit me to advise however, she is one of the best research persons I have come across in my lifetime.

Even Diana could not come up with much.

I pursued the Key West prostitution book no further.

Spent a comfortable time yesterday watching the British Open. Excellent golf! Today’s professional golfers are way better than those of yesteryear. They hit the ball farther. Sink longer putts.

Probably because of increased quality in clubs and balls, working out daily in physical fitness programs which the older players never did, and having full teams to assist them. An example is many have psychiatrists or psychologists. To help them keep their heads on straight as problems arise.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Do reason for a vaccine, this Covid thing is just a hoax, the president even said so. This whole thing is just something the deep state gooferment invented to keep us sheeple inline and quiet.

  2. Lou, with all due respect – I’ve watched you get totally blinded by Diana Millikan, none of us could understand what that was all about. No fool like+- and old fool?

  3. President Trump and his “warp speed” team developed the vaccines and started distribution. Joe took the handoff and then dropped the ball.

    • That’s total Bull Sh*t. Drug companies developed the vaccines, independent of Trump, Pfizer in particular declining to have anything to do with Trumps or his “warp speed” nonsense. Trump promised a vaccine before July while the experts and the drug companies said it would take a year, or at least not until the end of the year, at best. Trump then said there would be a vaccine by the end of the summer. That came and went so he changed his tune and promised by election day. Didn’t happen then either.

      But like the experts said, Pfizer, not part of Trumps cabal, said they were ready and Trump and his minions shouted conspirary to throw the election, now you are twisting all of that and trying to take credit for early delivery, while at the same time telling everybody NOT to get vaccinated, because the vaccine is unsafe and rushed through.

      John you are a troll who is twisting the facts, and you know it. You constantly post distortion and lies on this blog, just to start a fight – when the whole world knows better and can see right through your lies and bull sh*t.

      But thanks for posting and proving once again without a doubt that you Republican wacko’s just don’t know what you are talking about and don’t even care that you are making fools of yourselves.

      AND like Lou said, you have no sense of humor!

    • The TRUTH is (and was widely reported at the time – look it up) is that Biden’s transition team found no official distribution plan in place, what so ever. Like everything else, Trump blew this and his followers, like you John, now lie about that.

      And continue to lie about everything having to do with Covid, vaccines and Trumps involvement at every step. Ironically on something you all kept trying to say was a hoax, to begin with.

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